Answers? (Chapter 2)

I woke up to the song of my ringtone, looked at the phone and before i could answer the call ended. The clock on the wall was showing 8am. Damn I wasn’t gonna wake up this early. Frustrated I check the phone to see who was calling and saw that my mom was the one who called and there were a few miss calls. I got up went to the bathroom and before i knew it there was a knock on the bedroom door.

“what is it?” I yelled from inside the bathroom annoyed. “It’s your mom maam she is downstairs!” I hear Harry’s sleepy voice calling in.

OMG! what was she doing here at this time. I opened the door to find Harry with his towel wrapped around his shoulders. I could tell that he just woke up too

“sorry bout my mom OK, tell her i will be right down”

He nodded and was on his way. I got dressed and went downstairs as quickly as i could. I saw my mom standing outside the driveway and she didn’t look so good. She looked mad. I quickly thought of what day it was and what i might have forgotten as I walked out the door and before I could think of anything she walked in the door and asked me a question I never expected.

“Where is your sister?! tell her i am here and I want to take her home!”

“hold on a minute there mom. what are you talking about? did I miss something here? Grace is not here and I don’t know where she is.” I was really confused why she would ask me this.

“I know you are helping her run away from home so tell her to come out RIGHT NOW!” she was getting really angry and impatient.

“mom i am telling you i don’t know where she is and she is not here You can  go upstairs to my room and check if you want and i have no idea what you are talking about so calm down and tell me what happened. ”

What my mom said next was the unexpected. My sister ran away from home, my mom said they woke up and she was no longer in her bed and she had taken her stuff with her. I was totally speechless. One after another the problems kept coming in.

My sister was the most obedient person in the family and this was just the most impossible thing!

“are you kidding me mom? please shut up!” that was exactly what came out of my mouth when I heard what my mom just told me. I was so surprised that i couldn’t  think straight. “i am so sorry mom but i am in shock! how did this happen, I mean why?”I looked at my mom in shock as she started to get herself together and start talking again.

“you have to find her” she started sobbing. “your dad said he will leave us if she isn’t back home soon.”

suddenly my head started to feel hot with anger and confusion. “Now dad wants to leave?” I felt like i was going to break down that moment and then. I was so speechless and didn’t know what to do. My boyfriend went missing, now my sister ran away from home and then my dad wants to leave. I was going out of my mind. I took a deep breath asked my mom to go home for the time being, and I will take care of it from here. i tried to be as assuring as I can and tried to keep my composure as I saw my mom and aunt drive off in the car.

when I thought there were enough things going through my mind my phone started ringing again and this time it was Bob, a guy I just met a week before Bill went missing. I didn’t feel like answering but i was feeling so confused and angry and everything you can feel at the same time that I answered the call and started blurting out everything to him.

“whoa, take a deep breath and slow down girl, get yourself together i will be right there in a minute OK just wait.”

I hung up the call and sat in the middle of the doorway to calm myself down. I didn’t notice all my staff had gathered in the living room looking at me and none of them were brave enough to come over to ask me anything. “How long have you guys been there?” I asked slowly.

“enough to hear everything.” Berry said as she ran upstairs and closed her room door scared that i might get angry.

OK great now all my staff knows my problem. damned! i hated that feeling of no control over anything at that moment. “just go guys, leave me alone OK.” I saw them go back to their rooms one by one and before long I heard Bob’s Car in the driveway.

I looked at bob and he looked at me both keeping silent for what i felt like hours which didn’t even reach a minute in real life. There was a concerned look on his face as he asked me if I was OK and if I wanted to go look for my sister or not. I just shook my head and didn’t answer anything. I tried to keep my tears inside like I always do but they just kept rolling down my face. I know at that instant Bob didn’t know what to do because he started pacing back and forth in front of me. He opened his car doors and asked me to take a seat. I closed my eyes took a deep breath and sighed as I sat myself on the passenger seat and started to recollect myself.

“I am so sorry for dragging you into this. I think I need some time for my self I just woke up and I get this new about my sister and dad and I think I need to get myself together first Bob.” I didn’t want him to stay there longer afraid that i was going to break down again.

“it’s OK I understand, anyway I got you some breakfast. Just give me a call if you need anything OK girl.” He gave me the packed breakfast and waved goodbye as he drove off in the distance.

I looked at my phone and scrolled through my contacts. stopped at Bill’s name and sighed “where are you bill? I need you right now…” I wasn’t in the mood to eat so I knocked on the boys’ door and asked if anyone wanted the packed breakfast that bob bought for me. Zack was the first to take it out of my hands and grinned as he looked into the container.

“Oh wow! it’s nasi lemak ayam lah! yumm!”

“bon appetite” i said as I walked back upstairs to my room. I closed the doors making sure it was locked before i slumped myself back into bed just looking at the spinning fan hanging from the ceiling. I tried to get the sense of what was going on at that moment. I can’t believe that this is happening to me. Why now? All the possible thoughts came into mind and before long i fell asleep.

I woke up to the loud banging on the door and David’s loud voice outside the door. “oh shit! what time is it?” I quickly reached out for my phone to see the time and it was 6.30pm! I was supposed to start working at 6pm!

“Lyn wake up! are you still alive? you are supposed to be at work!” David kept banging on the door. David was my BOSS! Gosh i have never been late before. This is so bad. How was I supposed to explain this. I couldn’t think straight. I didn’t care what happened next. I quickly opened the door “sorry i think I dozed off,” i said softly “i don’t feel so good David can i take the day off?”

The expression on his face changed from anger to concern. “Berry told me what happened this morning., are you ok? if you want to take the day off go ahead. You always come to work during your off day anyway right?”

I just shrugged and kept silent. There was nothing else i wanted to say. i just didn’t feel like talking to anyone.

“ok, i’ll be on my way then just call if you need anything ok.” I nodded and waved at him as he closed my door behind him. I switched the lights on and turned the air conditioning down. I am so not in control of the situation now. Usually I am in control no matter what came up. it was so awkward. I felt so stupid and useless. I didn’t know how to describe the feeling inside. I wanted to cry, scream, throw all the things at the wall, it was so indescribable. Then I felt my tummy growl. Oh great! i haven’t eaten anything yet! I don’t feel like eating but I was Hungry!

I don’t know why I kept checking my phone when I knew that Bill wasn’t going to call me anymore. I guess I just wanted to know where he was and why he just decided to disappear. I scrolled through my contacts wondering who to call. I needed someone to talk to. As I scrolled through the contacts I noticed there were a few unread  messages. I read through them one by one and there was a message from Bob. “Hey Girl. Hope you’re Ok. have you eaten yet? Just text or call if you need anything” How I wished that was Bill texting me, and not Bob.

Before I knew it i fell asleep again and I was only awakened by the ringing of my phone. It was Jane.

“Babe what’s up? why aren’t you at work? Gary and I have been texting you all night are you ok?”

“It’s a long story babe, we’ll talk about it when i see you guys ok? I don’t feel like talking about it now.” I really didn’t want to talk over the phone and being alone I hated that. I always do something stupid if i am stressed out so I would rather not think about it at that moment.

‘Ok babe if you say so. See you soon and don’t do anything stupid over there ok?

I ended the call and picked up a novel that I was reading but couldn’t seem to focus on reading the damned book. I tossed the book back on to the bed and covered my face with my hands and the tears started to come down my face again. I picked up the phone to read the other messages.

First message was from Berry

Berry :- Maam we are going to go to Cafe Rio to get some food you want anything?

me: Yeah just get me anything. starving tq XOXO

2ND message was from my mom

mom: hey don’t forget to update me on your sister ok. Dad is getting impatient tq mom

me: ok mom will update you a.s.a.p

3rd message was from Gary:

Gary: hey babe, where you at? you sick or something why aren’t you at work and why aren’t you answering my calls. Oh Jane was trying to call too. loves Gary boy.

the last message was from Jane

Jane: Babe where are you?

Jane: Why aren’t you answering?

Jane: are you ok?

i didn’t reply Gary and jane’s messages. minutes later I heard the girls and boys arrive from work so I went downstairs to see what they bought for me to eat. I didn’t feel like eating but I was thinking whatever just give it a try you might be hungry.

As I opened the door for them Berry startled me when she barged in with the other girls just running into me and looked so happy. I looked at Harry and he was holding his laugh in. “please guys not another issue i have had enough today” i said asking for an explanation from Berry. She pointed at the door and asked me to go outside.


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