The meeting (Chapter 1)

I still remember that very afternoon in the year of 1999. Even though I don’t remember the exact date I can still see it clearly like it just happened yesterday. I was injured at the stand waiting for Mr. James to come back with the First aid Kit after falling from a 400m run.

“Hey having a bad day?” I heard a voice coming from the left hand side of the stand. There was this guy walking towards me with a towel placed over his shoulders wearing a Juniors High Team Shirt.

“yeah kind of injured a bit” I smiled at him as he came to sit next to me on the bench. “Just waiting for my teacher to come back with the First Aid Kit. What events are you doing?” I asked him spontaneously without even thinking.

“100m and 4x100m. Oh by the way the name is Gary, just call me Gary boy okay.” He placed his right hand in front of me for a hand shake.

I took his hand and without thinking I just copied him. “The name is Lyn, Just call me Girly Lyn” we started to laugh and automatically we connected there and we became best friends. We would meet up after class and during the interschool events. I would be so active and participate in all the events i could while he would just tag along.

Everytime I had fights with my boyfriend he would be the one to always cheer me up and make me feel better. He would always have problems with girls going after him, and would always say I was his Girl and for them to get as far away from him as possible. I would always laugh at him because he would always refuse to get into any relationship with any girl making me as an excuse not to.

well that was about to change in the year of 2004. Here is how it went…

I was doing my daily routine as manager on duty at the sandbar breathing in the warm sea breeze in the late evening just thinking of how my day was and all the trouble I went through today. It was my Off day but i still came to work knowing there would be nothing for me to do back at the hostel. I had too many things on my mind and being by myself at the hostel was not a good idea. So I left for the cafe just before dark and had dinner at the food court just across from the sand bar where I used to be a waitress before I was promoted to outlet manager. I checked my phone frequently hoping Bill would call or message, but it was just silence and nothing from him.

Usually I would walk from the cafe to the sandbar to check on the staff. I walked my way up the stairs to the bar and greeted the customers that were at the bar that evening. Most of them were the regulars so I had my share of hi’s and how are you’s from them as I head up to the counter. Sandbar was an all girls operated bar and most of the regulars came here because of the ladies. Well most of them. We would dress up in fancy pareos and sexy outfits and we just kept them coming back every evening for more. We were the entertainers, bar tenders and waitresses and also their friends. Nearly all our customers knew us by name. We were the top performing outlet compared to the cafe located at the other end of the beach which was the bigger and head outlet. I always felt proud of that even though we only had less than 15 tables to serve we still beat their sales every single day!

As I said my hi’s to one our regulars to head off to the bar where my girls were chatting away I heard a faint voice calling my name. I turned and there he was my not so close friend Ryan sitting in the corner end of the sandbar with his friends. He had that smile on his face that also made me smile even if I was down. I made my way over to his table and he asked me to join them for a few drinks. It was my off day anyway so I agreed and joined them for a couple of drinks and a few cigarettes. Ryan worked next door from the cafe and we had a chat every now and then so I guess it wasn’t wrong to hang with his friends for a while. He introduced me to his friends and well we just basically drank and talked and I didn’t realize it went on for a couple of hours.

The girls working that night were probably relieved that I was sitting down and drinking so I wouldn’t pay attention to whatever they were doing. I didn’t care because it was my off day anyway. As we were chatting and laughing away. A guy in front of me offered me his cigarettes. I looked at the box and it was Marlboro Reds. “no thanks” I said and told him I had my own. I tried to look at his face directly I mean “eye contact” but it was impossible. He was in the dark and all i could see was his smile as he offered me the cigarettes. Ryan kept bugging me and giving me hints that he wanted free drinks so i called one of the girls to give them a bucket under my bill.

After a while they decided that they had to go and I waved goodbye to Ryan and his friends. To my surprise one of his friends tapped my shoulders and the minute i turned around i see his phone in my face and he was asking for my number, The guy that offered me the cigarettes. Hmmm..Wow that was surprising. Well I always gave my number out to the customers so i thought it was the right thing to do. I gave him my number and watched him as he keyed in the numbers to his phone. He walked off and waved goodbye.
“Phiewph~~~” Glad that was over.

As I walked over to the bar the girls were whispering amongst themselves and giggling. I gave my curious face and asked them what the story was and what they were giggling about. They pointed at the group of guys that just left as I looked in the distance i saw that it was Ryan’s group. I gave them that does it look like I care stare and shrugged my shoulders.

Berry said “that guy that shone his phone into your face ma’am he was so cute. what is his name?”

“really?” I said trying to remember what he actually looked like.

“I think his name is Sam. How could you see his face in the dark?” I asked her.

“I was sitting right opposite him and I don’t even remember what he looked like.” I said giggling away as i walked myself into the bar to check the stock. I could still hear the girls giggling and talking about how cute Sam was and How great it was if they could get him as their boyfriend. don’t know why they would go head over heels for some guy they didn’t know and imagine him to be their guy. That is just so ridiculous. I giggled to myself and looked into the stock take wishing the day was over sooner so i can go back and sleep.

“well ladies get ready for closing and start counting the stock. I am going to the cafe to check on the guys, will be back in a jiffy.” I told them as i put the stock take file back on the bar counter and walked my way out of the bar into the darkness all the way to the cafe.

As I walked slowly feeling the sea breeze and breathing the warm salty sandy beach air thoughts started running through my head.

“hmmm…How calming” I sighed as I sat myself down on the sitting area beside the beach and watched the waves hitting the sand the sound of the waves really calmed my mind. I looked at my phone hoping there was a miss call or a message for Bill but yet again I was disappointed. It had been days or maybe weeks that I didn’t hear from Bill. He just disappeared without a word and I was going crazy wondering where he could be and why he just stopped calling me. I was sad and angry all at the same time. I remembered the last time we spoke, it was normal, nothing was wrong. The next day i called him his Phone was out of reach and he just disappeared. This wasn’t like him. I shook the thought away and got up.

I Walked towards the cafe where the customers were starting to pack up and go home. “Hey boys! hope u got good news for me today” I said as I walked over to the cafe counter and greeted the bar tenders and cashier on duty. A thumbs up sign from Harry was more than enough to tell me that everything went well that night. As I sat myself down on the bar stool in front of the bar counter I saw Harry placing a drink in front of me. I gave him the who is it from look. He just pointed to the middle of the floor area where i caught a glimpse of my friends just sitting there laughing away. I took my drink and walked over to them and sat myself in an empty seat. Jane gave me a hug and started asking me about Bill. “o please don’t mention him it makes me feel like the world is spinning when you talk about him.” I said as i sipped at the Long Island drink that she bought for me. “I just wish I knew where he was” sighing as i looked at my phone again.

“OK just forget she said that and let’s have some fun!” Gary who was just sitting opposite Jane placed his glass up in the cheers position. The others automatically hit their mugs and glasses against his and i joined too with a smile.I felt his hand stroke my hair as he said “don’t worry babe, everything will be OK. I am always here just remember that” I nodded and smiled back feeling relieved that I had so many friends that care about me and was there for me when I was feeling down.

I listened to the live band playing the last song Hotel California and didn’t realize that Jane had sent a request to the band for me to sing a song. I was expecting the band to pack for the night when I heard my name being called out to sing a request from a customer. I walked over to the band and read the request. “can’t take my eyes off you sing your heart out babe love Jane” I pointed a finger to Jane and saw her put that cheeky smile on her face as she poked her tongue out to tease me.

I always loved singing and it always takes the stress of my head and all the problems just disappear when i start singing. As I sang the song I felt relief and thanked Jane as I walked off the stage that night. “thanks babe you really know how to make me feel better.” I gave her a hug and headed off to the bar to tell the guys to start closing up the outlet and start counting their stocks as I head up to the sandbar. I waved a giant goodbye wave and gave Jane a call me sign before I headed off to Sandbar and saw her nod in agreement.

I don’t know whether I walked fast or I ran but the next thing I know I was at sandbar and the girls had already closed the outlet and was waiting for me to verify the stock information and the till out the cashier for the night.

By the time I was done they were already waiting for me right outside the food court. We walked to the cafe together and as I finished tilling out the cashier at the cafe and verify the stock over there the guys had finished cleaning the area and the place was empty. All I could see were the staff and the security guys walking their rounds. We would always walk home from work, so after giving them the appreciation for such a great night and how well they did for the night we decided to head for home.
Everyone was hungry and nothing was opened at that time except the 7-eleven on the way home so we decided to drop by and by some cup noodles, after eating we headed straight home. Once again I reached for my phone and checked for any messages or miscall from Bill. Still no luck. I put my phone away and joined the guys as we walked back to the hostel.


7 thoughts on “The meeting (Chapter 1)

  1. Your story included so many wonderful details and I guess that most girls know that pareos are wraparound skirts, but I had to look that up. I am not being critical, I just want to help, and I noticed in your sentence, “sea breeze in the late evening just thinking of how may day was and all the trouble”, that you should change the word “may” to “my”.


    1. yeah thanks i saw that error but i update my blog through my phone and i was thinking of editing it later on… thanks for pointing that out my bad 🙂


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