GUYS!!! MEN!!! you should read this…. Too interesting… Unbelievable? believe it!!!

Here’s something everyone should know and read about….. I think it’s funny but true…

Men, men, men, sometimes we understand them and sometimes we don’t. Read on and you’ll find out why.
When you treat them really nicely they think you’re in love with them. When you don’t, they say you’re a snob!
When you wear something nice they think you’re trying to flirt with them, if not they think your out of date!
When you argue with them they’ll say you’re big headed, if you keep quiet they’ll say you’re stupid.
If you can be better than them they’ll be embarrassed, but if they’re better than you they think they’re the best!
If you don’t love them they’ll go after you, once you fall for them they try to leave you!
If you tell them your problems, they’ll say you are trouble, if you don’t tell they’ll say you don’t trust them.
When you are fussy with them, they say you’re like a nanny. But if they’re fussy with you it’s because they care.
If you break a promise they say you can’t be trusted. But if they break their promise they say it’s because they have to!
If you smoke they say you’re a wild woman, but if they smoke they say their gentlemen!
If you hurt them they say you’re cruel, but if they hurt us they say we’re sensitive and hard to please.

If you were to tell a man about the things that are written above, they will totally say that it is not true!!! But if you don’t they’ll say that you’re egoist!!!

Time for me to go home and pick up the kids buh bye


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