Time to Pick up the Kids

Yessss! it’s Sunday and I get to see the Kids again. Well after I finish work first. I only see the kids like once a week and for 2 days only. It took quite some time go get used to this. Last time I used to send them to the babysitter everyday and pick them up after work. Well my babysitter moved out further and I don’t have the transport to come and pick them up everyday so I had to make the hardest decision in my life to leave them with her for a week and pick them up only during my off days.

Imagine letting other people take care of your kids when you go out working. It makes you feel like a bad mom right? Well I always read in forums about mom and dads leaving their kids at the babysitter for a week and not give a damn about what happened to them and sometimes even only pick them up like one day in a week. They wouldn’t even ask how the kids are when they are with the babysitter. Most of the babysitters would always say “how could they leave their child with someone else? I wouldn’t have the heart to do that to my own kid!” well you are not in that person’s situation and you wouldn’t even know what kind of things they are facing so how can you judge right? Sometimes we don’t want to do that, we HAVE to do it.

Let me tell you this. I work night shift and I mean night. starting at 1am and ending at 10am. Imagine having to wake up in the middle of the night to send your kids to the babysitters which is an hours drive away and have the babysitter awake when you get there. I don’t have a car and there is no public transport during that time which means I need to take a cab which costs a fortune here in KL. Even if you take uber or Grab it will still cost a fortune. then having to pick them up after work again and sending them on a daily basis. Even the babysitter will not want to wake up in the middle of the night to wait for your kids which might already be sleeping when you want to go to work. Am i making any sense here? Even my babysitter said it would be better if i pick them up once a week during my off days to save the expenses and also avoid having to wake the kids up in the middle of the night just to send them to her.

Well sometimes i get emotional reading all those comments that other people put thinking that they are always right about their opinion without thinking of what the parents are going through. Maybe they never worked or never worked a night shift before. Or maybe their husband was always around to pick up the kids after work, when I don’t. Never mind about them maybe one day they will have that happen to them and then maybe they will realize what it feels like.

I can’t wait to get out of the office to go and pick them up later i still have an hour to go before my shift end though. I might update some more later when i go and pick them up so tootles… see you in the next post.


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