sHiT Happens

The weirdest things happen to you unexpectedly. Especially when you think you have everything under control. Really?? YESSSS REALLY.

Today I sent the kids back to the babysitters as usual. My sister drove us there and we went home without the kids. Everything went on as usual and the kids well, they cried as badly as they always do when i send them there. I felt really bad leaving them there but i had to do it. I have no choice.

I am already practicall broke and it’s just midmonth so my Touch and Go had nothing left in it. We had to avoid the toll area roads so the route took longer. LOL! This is what me and my sister would always do if we were broke. We both knew the cost was the same it is just that we can’t pay cash on some of the tolls and yeah we just had nothing in the Touch and GO card.

I was feeling a little hyped up so I decided to leave some people a voice note. I was literally asking people if they were using that number. I sent the message to my brothers and my dad and my mom and my aunty! hahahahah. I hadn’t done this in a long time. I guess I was getting my vibe back after being so serious and in the dark for some time now.

My mom called back and we had a quick conversation which I put on loudspeaker because my phone was not working. Out of all the days it had to happen today. well we had a fun conversation with my mom and we joked around on the call like we usually do. The way I speak with my mom on the phone, no one believed that I was actually speaking to my mom. They always think that i am lying and i was speaking to someone else. Hahahah let them think what they want right?

We arrived home at around half past 2pm and even though the house was in a mess because of the kids. We were too lazy to clean up as usual. We lounged at the sofa and watched TV until my sister left for work. Then I was all alone again at home with no one to talk to but myself.

I got freshened up and by 8pm I was ready to go out to work. I usually left the house at 10pm and I watched TV just chilling and waiting for 10pm to come by. Suddenly I get a text from my colleague Sasha.

Sasha:Where’s the meeting room

I replied the message still confused

Me: what meeting room?

OMG! i forgot i was supposed to be at the meeting at 10pm. And yeah I was still at home! Damn! I walked out the door and decided to go out that very minute. it was 10pm already. Just after 2 minutes walking I realized I forgot my employee access card. Darn! Now I have to walk back home and get it. Screw walking to the LRT. I decided to take Uber. Another 16 bucks. I was broke. So I borrowed some money from my bro chris.

I was supposed to call the office to say I was late but again bad luck. I had no credit in my phone to call anyone. Tough luck. I didn’t have to wait long for the uber to come along. I was on my way. ETA was 10.30pm boy was I late! Along the way messages came in through my Whatsapp but i ignored hoping there were no other things that i forgot today. The Uber driver was so quiet so it was utter silence from the house all the way to work which made me more nervous hahaha.

The minute I arrived at the lobby i opened my whatsapp messages and sasha sd that i didn’t have to go and i can attend the next session. another damn! I shouldn’t have taken uber hahahah 16 bux down the drain. LoL! well whatever. I sat down at the bench downstairs and told sasha i was going to wait for her to come down after the meeting.

Well that was my Shit Happens day! I hope you had a good day today. Mine is just about to begin. My Shift is starting at 1am and ending at 10pm. I will try update more on the story as I go along. Please leave a comment and thanks for reading.


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