The Sleepover (Chapter 4)

“Hey babe wake up we’re here” Gary said softly tapping my shoulders. I tried to get up and get out from my side of the car but I nearly fell over when I tried to stand up.

“whoa hold on there wait till i get there first babe!” Gary walked over to my side to help me out.

“i dunno gary boy.” i said to him “I am shaking all over” I started to giggle and then laugh, and soon Gary was laughing as well. we both looked at each other and i know we both didn’t know what was funny but we laughed anyway. “sorry. just give me a second ok. and stop laughing. you don’t even know what’s funny ok.” I said as i leaned back and took a breath before trying to get up again. Before I could get up I heard Gary scream out to Jane

“hey Janey Girl, do you have a wheelchair or something. She can’t get up”

“Oh stop it stupid!” i said to him giggling. I knew Jane didn’t have a wheelchair and he was just trying to make a joke out of it. I pushed myself up and tried to walk over to the front door.

“what? a wheelchair? hahahhaha” Jane walked up to the front door. I could see john and Tim inside sipping a cup of coffee watching TV.

“hey guys, sorry for all the trouble. this was all Gary’s fault.” i said as I walked in slowly. “if he didn’t come to pick me up at the hostel last nite I wouldn’t be here like this” I glared at him as he walked in the front door.

“what? i was worried ok.” He poked his tongue out and walked past me to sit with the guys on the sofa.

We all giggled and laughed at what happened as I listened John and Tim tell their story of what happened. “did I really do that? OMG don’t exaggerate ok. Shut up!” I said annoyed with the fact that John and tim were right and everything they said is exactly what happened. Everyone laughed and continued watching TV.

“you should have seen old Gary Boy’s face when you blacked out there babe haha” Tim sd giggling as he put chips in his mouth.

“damn you Tim” I saw Gary Hit tim on the back of his head. “you don’t need to tell her everything!”

“ok enough guys.” Jane came out of the kitchen with a bowl of soup. “stop arguing and go get your bowl of soup.” she sd as she placed the bowl on the table. “this one is for you missy. Go ahead and eat up”

“thanks” i said as i got up and walked over to the dining table. The soup was delicious. “hey this is yumm” i told her as i kept sipping at the soup. “you should be a chef or something”

The boys headed to the kitchen to get their share and as everyone sat down at the table Jane reminded them that everyone had to go to work in the morning and it was already 5am. “you guys can stay here if you want but i don’t have guy work clothes for you guys to wear to work” she poked her tongue out and continued enjoying the soup.

Gary stood up stretched and sat himself on the sofa to light another cigarette “well I’ll take the day off for today you can take the car guys but make sure you guys come home on time ok.” He told John and Tim.

I saw John and Tim giggle and nod as they too lit their cigarettes. “well we’d better be going guys. we need to get ready for work. and yeah Gary boy we will tell Stan you’re taking the day off.” Tim lead the way to the door as John trailed behind him.

Yeah you are right these 3 guys work together and they have the same boss, live in the same apartment and yet they still can go out and hang out everyday together. like Get a life and a Girlfriend please. Me and Jane are not the only girls on earth o.k. I don’t know how many times we have stressed this out to them over and over again but they just ignored us and sd we were their only friends. Yeah right. One day they will find someone and me and jane both knew that. I lit myself a cigarrette and closed my eyes as i thought back on all the events that happened today.

“long day huh?” i opened my eyes and saw Gary standing in front of me holding a glass of water he held it out in front of me “want some?” i shook my head and continued to smoke as Gary walked over to the sofa and laid himself down. “I’ll be over here if you need me ok babe” he sd as he closed his eyes.

I walked into Jane’s room and she was ready for work. “I have a lot of things going on today babe. I’ll talk to you later ok. make yourself at home and call me if you need me. Off course your Gary boy over there is always available” she sd giggling away. I hit her on the shoulders as she walked past me. I laid on the bed staring at the ceiling fan like i always do at the hostel and before long I fell asleep.

i woke up to the smell of food. Is it lunch time already? I got up walked outside and Gary was there at the dining table eating “sorry babe i was hungry” he smiled and continued eating “want some?” he said calling me over “come sit next to me ok.

“is it lunch time already?” I asked as i walk toward him and pulled a chair to sit next to him.

“yeah it’s late lunch babe. 2pm to be exact” he said as he put a spoonfull of fried rice into my mouth.

“mmm.. yumm where did you buy that?” I asked him. He always spoon fed me every time we go out to eat and everyone always mistaken us as gf bf. But that was not the case. We always shared a plate to save money. lol.

“excuse me? I cooked ok.” He ate another spoonfull “my car is with Tim and John and i am not walking to the shops just to buy food when i can cook it myself” he said proudly.

“bravo.” i said clapping my hands laughing “u know how to cook.”

“just shut up and eat ok” he said as stuffed another spoonful into my mouth. I asked him where my phone was and he pointed to TV cabinet where it was charging.

“did anyone call?” I asked him walking toward the phone to check. He just answered a no and continued eating.

“stop fidling with your phone, come back here and eat” he said as he stuffed another spoonful into his mouth.

“ok daddy” i teased as i walked over and poked my tongue at him and sat down just in time for him to stuff another spoonfull of rice into my mouth.

I went through the messages on my phone and found new messages i haven’t read yet and it was marked as read. I looked up at Gary and glared at him. I didn’t have to say anything and he knew what i was going to ask him. He laughed out and put his hand on my head. “chill i wasn’t checking your phone ok. I was curious. no harm done” I punched him on the shoulder closest to me and pointed at the plate in front of me. “aawww. here you go baby girl” putting the spoon in front of my face. I pinched him on the side, took the spoon off his hand put it in my mouth and poked my tongue out at him. We continued eating and watched TV. After hours of arguing about which channel to watch and who’s turn it was to pick the channel Jane came home.

“Get ready both of you let’s go out for dinner. I need to come back home early and get some rest I need to go outstation tomorrow and Gary boy you are going to look after my house when i’m away ok. I’ll be in the car so hurry”

Me and Gary looked at each other and started giggling. “i’m good to go” i said to him as I walked toward the front door. Gary ran in front of me and walked out the door first. “last one to the car is a rotten egg and locks the doors and turns off the TV!”

I didn’t bother racing with him coz I know I would just lose so I turned the TV off took the keys and locked the doors behind me. ” I am not going to call you Gary boy anymore OK” I said to Gary as I opened the door and sat myself in the passenger seat next to Jane. “From now on you are Mr Cheeky boy! Period.” I heard him giggle from the back seat and ignored him.

“Cut it out you two, Gary boy call John and Tim ask if they want to join.” Jane said as she sped down the road.

“upperstar? seriously?” I said as she pulled the car over in front of uppestar. “i am literally broke now one of you is gonna have to pay for me or just send me home. what’s with all the expensive places you guys?” i said as i unbuckled the seatbelt and opened the door to get out.

“my pleasure baby girl” Gary put his arms over my shoulder to walk me to the table. This was just the way me and Gary was. Maybe Bill saw us somewhere and got jealous that is why he just decided to walk out of my life? if this was the reason he can just leave. I thought in my mind as we sat at the table that Jane booked for us that night. I knew Gary before i met him. He can’t tell me to stop seeing my best friend seriously i think that is just dumb.

I looked through the menu but i seriously didn’t know what to eat. I passed the menu to Jane “There pick me out something to eat i really don’t know what to choose.”

Before Jane could pick up the menu Gary took it from her. “no I’ll choose ok, for both of you and dinner is on me.” grinning as he looked at the menu.

“you are one cheeky boy gary” I heard Jane say before my phone rang. The music was so loud there I had to take the call outside. I stepped outside and answered the call from my mom.

“any news yet?” she said worried.

“na ah mom, nothing. I’ll go out first thing after work to find her ok. how’s dad taking it?” I asked her hoping that my dad didn’t throw another one of his tantrums.

“he didn’t say anything yet. hasn’t spoken since the day your sister left. I’m scared.” she replied. I can hear the concern in her voice.

“don’t worry mom I’ll find her ok.just make sure dad doesn’t leave ok.”

we talked for another 5 minutes before I hung up and by the time i got to the table John and Tim had arrived. They waved at me as I walked myself towards them. I waved back and gave them the biggest smile i could and started giggling. Immediately everyone including Jane started to giggle and laugh. every time I start giggling everyone would giggle too i don’t know why but maybe i sounded funny. I told Jane my mom called and things were still under control and I would have to start looking for grace in the morning and I would talk about it when we get home later.

Soon the food arrived and i didn’t bother to comment on the food since someone else was paying for my meal that night. Gary got me and Jane the Lamb Chop and him and the guys some kind of pizza extra large that is. He also got chicken wings and he said there was going to be dessert coming as well.

After dinner Me & Jane went back home. Gary and the guys too. Me and Jane talked in the car about the plans on finding my sister how to keep my dad from leaving. She was going off really early tomorrow and will be gone for the week. Gary was going to come over after work to pick me up and send me to the hostel so i can start work early too. I got alot to catch up with. I asked Jane if she could send me off to the bus stop tomorrow before she left so i can go and look for grace. the earlier the better Jane just sd it was fine. I looked into the dark sky as we sped along the highway back to Jane’s house.


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