Live Life to the fullest

Life is a never ending road full of bad people, good people, weird people, poor people, rich people, crazy people, down to earth people, sometimes we just have to learn to live with all that has been given to us.

I always believe things happen for a reason. Fight’s break out for a reason. People die for a reason. Couples? they break up for a reason, and we keep quiet for a reason. Sometimes the reason is good, and sometimes the reason is to keep from anyone to become really dumb and jerky or just to keep anything from breaking lose.

Some people like to express anger through speaking out and saying it out loud, some people like to post things on the internet so everyone reads it and knows that they are angry, more like narcissist i guess. But some people like to ignore things and keep it just the way it is.

In this life we meet a lot of different people, whether we like it or not we just have to accept the fact that not everyone will like us and not everyone will hate us. We have friends to keep us company and we have enemies to keep us entertained hahahahaha! more like stress…

We can’t really trust our friends because they are the people who know most about us. We tell them our secrets and they might even tell other people those secrets… we never know.

My dad always told me this: DON’T DO UNTO OTHERS, WHAT YOU DON’T WANT OTHERS TO DO UNTO YOU!!. I used to think that was very funny and I thought karma was funny too… but now it all makes sense to me…

There’s a lot of things we don’t realize till it’s too late…
Life is too short so appreciate it…
We might not be able to see tomorrow so live today to the fullest!
Tell everyone how you feel about them, whether you like them or not… you never know… u might never get the chance to tell them how you feel…


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