Memories oh memories…

Sometimes when I sit alone in my room, I always have these flashbacks of old memories… good ones and bad ones as well…

When I was a kid I loved to do everything…

There was a time when I was staying with my aunt in Inanam I think my age was 8 back then… we lived in the middle of some kind of valley, no electricity and we had really natural water, we actually had some kind of mangrove area at the back of the house… the funny thing is we had a toilet built near the mangrove area and it was at least 5 minutes walk to get there… I didn’t want to go over there especially at night… OMG… alot of things are in my mind even when i’m just walking over to the place…

1. snakes

2. lizards

3. monsters (what did you expect? I was just 8)

4. anything scary

more and more things came into my head as i got closer… in the end i walk back and asked my cousin to accompany me… but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO they don’t want to.. so i end up doing my thingy in front of the house stairs hahahahahah!!! that was not the bad part yet… my aunt came out and asked what i was doing.. and OMG!!!!!!!!!! u guessed what I got?? the beatings of course! That was so funny.. Back then I didn’t think it was funny… I was scared! what did you expect me to do? Blah blah blah…

That wasn’t so bad…

Every morning we had to climb or in other words hike up the valley to wait for the school bus and everytime my cousins would leave me behind… that time i was the smallest and I always got bullied… Everyday was hell for me and I would cry every single day… There was this one day it was raining really hard…. as usual we would have to run down the valley to the house… I fell half way and slid all the way down… imagine sliding down (in 2 minutes) all the way instead of walking down which will usually take around 15 minutes… the pain…

That wasn’t so bad… After reaching the bottom… My aunt thought I was playing around… Started hitting my bum real hard.. OMG… the dogs just watched and sat there.. maybe they had pity on me or something … if the dogs could talk.. they would have said “hey lady stop hitting the kid.. she fell!” LoL!!! my imagination….

When it rains the place gets flooded and that would automatically become a playground for me and my cousins… we would make it a swimming pool… diving in and out of the water like we were professional swimmers.. what we didn’t realize at that time was the TOILET!!!! remember the toilet was built at the back of the house… all the poo and pee… OMG! there was this one time we were swimming in the pool of water… and this floating poo was going over to my cousin and all she did was push the water and make it float to another direction!!! hahahahahah.. that was all we did.. we didn’t care about all that stuff… kids….

That wasn’t all… the place on top of the valley was a dumping place… so there was a lot of rubbish up there… we would always go up there in the weekends to see what we can find that was useful.. one day we found a box of toys… wowwwwwwwww… we went all crazy especially my cousin.. he started to swing this long pole around like crazy.. I also wanted to go crazy and ran toward him and without realizing the pole struck my head just like a baseball hitting the ball… BONG!!!! it hurt like crazy i started screaming like a baby!!!!!!!!… My cousin from crazy mode went to panic mode because his parents were just down the valley burning rubbish… i couldn’t stop screaming because my crying button just got pressed… hahahahahahaha… so you know what happened next.. Me and my cousin got into big big trouble and i mean extra large sized trouble hahahahaha….

There is another thing as well… we used to sleep under the bed because the house was soooo small but it didn’t matter because we had a lot of fun! we were just kids anyway and we were happy so nothing else matters….

Until my next post guys!!!!!!!


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