Poetry I wrote

  1. Yesterday & Tomorrow

Went by too quickly…
So many memories left behind
So many tears and laughter

aren’t able to describe
Such events in life
The unexpected…
The Impossible and uninvited…

Deep down inside
Only you knew
Feelings that can never be told
The pain unbearable, unforgettable

you go on with life
The life you thought was over
Filled with darkness and regrets
Endless sorrow, befriended by loneliness

That feeling of unsatisfaction

A new life awaits…
That dear little heart
Beats with hope
And desire…

Is still to come…
New roads yet to be taken
Where it leads to, no one knows…

2. My Baby & Me

Through rain or shine
Darkness and light
Happiness and sorrow
We were there for each other

We laugh, we cry
We smile, we frown
Comfort each other
Through bad times

We hug, we kiss
We fight and make up
When we’re together
The world is ours

As we walk hand in hand
We both knew…
Our hearts, our souls
Forever it will be ours…

I will always thank the Almighty
For uniting me with my baby
He is so incomparable
The love he gave irreplaceable

No matter what comes along
No matter how bad things get
I still believe that
We are inseparable…

I believe in him
And he believes in me
Because that’s the way it’s gonna be
For My baby and me…


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