Breaking Down? Really?


HELP! I don’t know why everything has gone totally wrong today, And i mean “TOTALLY WRONG” with a capital T and W. Aarrrrgghghghhgh! Can I like cuss here hahahaha! O my gosh I feel like screaming and just throwing everything everywhere! Come on girl breathe!!! I am literally avoiding to take a deep breaths right now and I mean like just no!

I am not even going to bother editing any of the things that I write now. I am just writing this as it comes into my head. How could you do everything wrong in a day. Well not everything but like 80% wrong!!!

I missed a meeting session (I already missed one a few days back) then I delayed my break and then the lifts decide to break down and I was late coming back from my break. I even had an arguement with him because of not replying my message! How bad can it get?

please I need a break!!! Oh dear things are really getting out of hand here. I usually never write things like this. I aplogize in advance to all of you guys reading this right now. But i think everyone has been through this type of situation one way or another right?? Am I making any sense or am i just rambling everything out because of dissatisfaction. hahaha…

My heart is beating so fast and I can’t do my work right. I don’t know how many mistakes I did today at work but I really know that I am not myself today, yesterday or the day before. other than baking cup cakes that is! hahaha…

I think it’s just a bad day. Maybe when I read this post again later today I might think “what the hell did she write in here?” well might as well let everything out. I feel like a mess right now and I really don’t know how to handle it. “~Phiewph~” someone please give me a big slap like NOW!!!

*cries cries cries*
*sob sob sob*
FIY i am just writing it out coz it so embarrasing to cry in front of my work computer. Everyone will see and start asking and I will cry more if they start asking.

Breathe breathe breathe…

I am going to go take a break now…

c u on the next post hopefully i will be feeling better then.



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