Denial (Chapter 6)

“are you ok Gary boy” i rubbed my hands up and  down his back.

“wait, am i hearing things? he said in shock “am i dreaming? slap or pinch me or something.” He took my hand and slapped his face. Before he had the chance to slap for the second time i pulled my hand away.

“you heard me Gary boy, you’re not dreaming.” i pulled him down to sit down on the sofa, sitting myself down in his lap facing him. I looked into his eyes searching for that warmth that was always there. i kissed him on the right cheek and whispered in his ear “i think i’m finally falling for you babe” I could feel his heart beat go faster and faster and i felt mine doing the same. I kissed him on the lips teasing him before going into a deeper kiss. I heard him moan a bit then i pulled away

“u believe me now?” i asked him. He was still closing his eyes and still expected for more. I slapped him on the shoulder. “hey quit it!”

“i still can’t believe this Lyn, are u for real?” He cupped my face in his large hands. I just nodded and he kissed me again n again and then hugged me. I could see tears in his eyes again. “it’s kinda late for this to happen right” his voice suddenly broke the silence. what’s the use if we’re gonna be far away from each other anyway”

“I didn’t say you had to so anything about it” i said with a sigh. “i just wanted you to know how i felt” I took my phone to check the time and to my surprise it wasn’t even 5am yet. He took the phone off my hand placed it on the table and pulled me up to stand in front of him. Again he put my arms around his shoulders i just stared into his eyes and he did the same. There was this desire in his eyes it made me feel nervous looking in his eyes so i looked away and laid my head on his chest enjoying the warmth of his body.

“This is like magical u know babe” he said pulling me closer. “i waited for so long to hear those words from you. give me a second” he pulled away grabbed the bottle that he placed on the pool table earlier took 2 shot glasses and sat down on the sofa.

“is that tequilla gary boy?” i said sitting down next to him.

“yup your favourite right?” he said grinning as he poured the tequilla in both the shot glasses and gave me one. “to us” he put his glass in a cheers position i smiled and hit his glass with mine and drank the shot.

“you are missing the salt n lemon there babe” i said shaking my head giggling.

“yeah i didn’t see this coming baby girl u r just so full of surprises. That is y I am so crazy about you”  he said winking.

“oh shut up!” i said “i thought you gave up on me already but i’m glad you didn’t” I took a cigarette and lit it while he poured another shot into the glasses.

“are you trying to get me drunk babe?” i asked him looking into my glass and shaking it around playfully. we both knew that i only get drunk quickly when we had tequilla. “you trying to be naughty hey gary boy?” i drank my shot and put the glass on the table and looked at him.

“well you can say that if you want baby girl” he shruged his shoulders and pulled me closer to give me a kiss. “errmmm damn i just can’t get enough of you babe”  he said pulling away from a kiss to pour another shot of tequila. “i feel like this is a dream.” he held my hand in his and kissed it looked up and said “please tell me this is real.” he looked down my hand still in his hands.

I didn’t feel like answering that. I was still confused with what I was doing.

“i’m cold babe” i pulled his arm around me and cuddled against him “pour me another shot” i was feeling a bit tipsy and i was tired. “promise me that you wont leave me here please Gary boy, just tell your dad you can’t go like you always did last time.” I said as i drank the shot he just poured.

“i just wish i can baby girl” he whispered in my ear as we got into another deep kiss. This time it got deeper i felt myself moan as he kissed my neck and my chest his arms rubbing my back in a circular motion. i put my fingers through his hair on the back of his head. “please baby i don’t think i can take this anymore” he said breathing hard. I pulled his hand and placed it on my breast and let him massage it and let out a soft moan as i cupped his face in my hands. I pushed myself up so i could sit on top of his lap facing him to kiss him on the forehead. I felt his hand go under my shirt and into my bra his other hand trying to unlock the back end. I pulled his shirt off and threw it to the side. I helped him with the bra and soon that was thrown to the side as well. he slowly pulled my shirt off and pulled closer. i felt his bare skin against mine. I was breathing harder now. “stop babe” i said putting my head down to take a breath. “i mean don’t stop, i mean whatever” i said cuddling against him.

“are u ok babe” he asked me holding me tightly. i just nodded and looked up into his eyes. “you are one cheeky boy” i ran my finger accross his lips and kissed him again. “really babe i’m freezing” i felt myself shiver. I was still tipsy from the tequila and his kisses. He pulled me into another wet kiss. i let out a soft moan as i felt his hand made its way into the back of my pants stroking in a circular motion. i felt him under me getting harder as i rubbed my hands back and forth against it faster and faster. i rocked my hips in a circular motion making him moan repeatedly saing my name.

finally it happened. i felt him go into me as my breathing got heavier and faster. I felt my heart skip a beat and the next minute we were just holding each other and just feeling every minute of it.

we finally got dressed when my tummy startled to rumble in hunger. We tried findings something to eat at the pantry but there was nothing there. No one had been there in months so there were no food supply. Gary’s mom used to live here before she passed away and she used to stock up on the food all the time and we used to have parties here every now and then.

we decided to go out to the nearest mamak stall which was 30 minutes drive from the beach house. As we reached the front door I hugged Gary one last time I didn’t feel like letting him go out there.

“hey, we’re just going to go eat ok baby girl. what’s wrong” he said pulling my face up to look him in the eyes.

“nothing babe just wanted to give you a hug that’s all” i giggled opened the door and walked toward the car. I heard him laugh as he locked the door behind him. But inside i knew i was just scared that his dad was going to tell him to leave tomorrow and i will never see him again.

“so today will be my last day at work babe, maybe we can start looking for grace after i finished work?” He started the conversation as we drove away from the beach house.

“what time do you finish work? I have to start working at 4pm today. I have a lot to catch up on.” I said leaning on his shoulders playing with his fingers.

“well I’ll just not go to work then. no harm done it’s my last day anyway.” He gave a smile and continued driving. I told him he didn’t have to do that. We can always go tomorrow and I can go by myself today. “no way babe. You are not going anywhere without me. Not after what happened tonight u understand me.” he said that softly pulling my hand to kiss it. “you are my responsibility now. if anything happens to you i will never forgive myself.”

“stop spoiling me ok babe. I am not a baby anymore.” i pinched his cheek “i can take care of myself ok.”

“okay, babe just wanted to make sure you were always ok.” he smiled as he drove on. i checked my phone to see the time and yeah it was already 6am. Jane was probably awake by now wondering where i was. I could see the sun rising as we drove past the beach on left hand side of the road.

after a hearty breakfast we talked about nothing and everything. Gary had planned the day out and he decided he wasn’t going to work. I called Jane and told her what happened and she told me to drop the house keys at her office later on. Of course she was overjoyed to hear the news about me and Gary. “OMG so you guys are official now? Darn when did that happen? it’s like magic babe. Nevermind i’ll talk to you later i have tonnes of things to do now ok.. love ya bye”

“I really don’t get it Gary boy, I just didn’t know why i didn’t have this feeling till like a week ago.” I sipped at my drink stirring it around and around till i got dizzy looking at it. “with all the things happening and everyone just leaving me when i needed them.” I looked at him and sighed “but you, were there for me from the beginning and for years even after I kept pushing you away, you were always there. what do you see in me?”

“I dunno babe, you’re one of a kind. you are just you, you don’t pretend to be anyone else. If you don’t like it you just say no. there’s no other way around it. and i like that in a person. I hate hypocrites. I can be myself when i’m with you. we can act all crazy and it doesn’t matter.”

We left for Jane’s office after trying our luck looking around where Grace worked to see if she was anywhere to be seen. No sign of Grace anywhere so we went over to Jane’s office.  After dropping the keys off we went back to View point where Grace worked again to try our luck. The mall usually opened at around 9am but the outlets don’t open till 10am so we went to the hostel so I could get dressed in some more decent clothes. After getting dressed up we went to Gary’s place for him to get dressed. John and Tim had already left the house when we got there. so we had the whole place to ourselves.

We left his place at quarter past 9 so that we had enough time to reach View point before the outlets opened.Still Grace was nowhere to be seen. I called my mom and told her i wasn’t able to find her at the work place and maybe she was off but I will try again tomorrow. There was nothing else i could do. I didn’t even know where she was. By the time we reached Gary’s place it was nearly lunch time. we packed some lunch so we could eat at his house and take a nap before he sent me to work later on.


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