Throwback time… back in time…

“I work 24/7… practically work in my sleep too…worst than you… SUCK IT UP…”

Where do you see comments like this?? Twitter? Friendster? Peoplestring? Myspace? Tagged? Wherever you see this kind of statement it comes from a whole lot of types of people. My first impression of this statement actually differs to what it actually turned out to be. I thought only people who had a proper job and a whole lot of life commitments would say or post something like this… but boy was I wrong!
Going back to my previous post about how i was pissed off at a lot of things. This statement kinda added a whole lot of “piss” in my brains! hahahahah LoL very funny. Let me just repeat what i said on my previous post. Oooo ya by the way… grammar…. it is worse… not worst… huhuhu…
Yesterday was another tiring day. It was quite good that my brother was home too when i went home. He was talking about jobless people, how they say they do more work than people with jobs and asking them not to complain because they have tons more work than us… OMG I can tell you those type of people can just wait till it is time for them to start working and feel how it is really like to work….

Let me just start with when I was Studying in College and working at the same time, I studied full time which was Monday-friday 8am-5pm, and worked full time everyday 6pm-3am every single day… I actually enjoyed it and I had other part time jobs in between that too…. I didn’t complain and I had 15-20assignments to complete ever single week...

If you studied tourism You would know what I mean. This is just tourism… I always wonder what people in engineering and accounting had to do… they must have had double! Sometimes I even slept in class. Funny thing! I wasn’t sleepy at work but when I was in class… I just couldn’t keep my eyes open! Lucky I did a distinction grade in college… ~Phew!~ I never asked anyone else to help me do my assignments and I still made it…
I used to work in this Cafe called BB Cafe in KK back then.. and studied in ATI (Asian Tourism Institute) I did the study and work thing for quite some time till I finished my studies in ATI… then I got used to the fact of working and studying that I did 2 jobs at the same time. Work at a FOREX office from 8am-5pm and do night shift at the cafe from 6pm-3am…. I would have 2 off days a week… 1 off from the Cafe and 1 from the office…. so I would be so greatful to at least have some rest in between… Even my friends thought I was crazy! hahahaha… some even thought I took drugs! WTF?! I am not that stupid… seriously… ! I never thought I did too much work and I would perform at this boutique hotel called JESSLETON HOTEL once a week if i had time and still I get paid for it. At least I earned my own money and I can say “I work 24/7… practically work in my sleep too…worst than you… SUCK IT UP” if you don’t earn your own money please, please don’t ever say this coz you are gonna end up sucking up at your own words…. that there is just the beginning of something harder in your life my friend….
I have been working nearly more than 10 years now and I never told anyone I worked 24/7 and practically worked in my sleep… hahahahah… I have a whole lot of deadlines I have to catch up to and a whole lot of things to pay for on my own…. I don’t go and ask money from My parents anymore because I don’t need to…. Not like those people who are still studying and say they got a billion things to do but actually that is just the beginning of something harder in life but they wont know it till they actually face the real fact.
Come on guys… correct me if I’m wrong here… I was once a student and I did think I did a lot of work when I was a student. I didn’t know what was coming till I started working and facing the real world and “BANG!” reality hit me like a baseball bat. OUCH! It wasn’t as easy as I thought… No more “dad i need money to buy this…”  more like… “OMG, how am I supposed to eat tomorrow… NO MORE MONEY! Damn! I shouldn’t have bought that shirt… I could have bought Food!” and more of “not another bill! when is salary coming?” It was really annoying at first but come on… everyone needs to face this one day… and believe me you are going to freak out to have more and more responsibilities as your days go by. The more you earn… The more you want to spend… and the less you save… till one day… you reach 30years old and say… I worked for more than 10 years… but where did all my salary go?? I didn’t save a cent!!!… Ever thought of that before?? That didn’t actually happen to me.. I just hear that from some of my dad’s friends… my uncles and even some of my friends as well…
The moral of the story is… Think before you speak! You don’t know when reality will strike you! hahahahaha…..Don’t get me wrong… This is just my opinion….anyway everyone is free to say what they want…. it’s just that…. don’t say it at the wrong time… and to the wrong people… it’s not only reality that will hit you… you might even get a smackaroo in your face… (BLACK EYE) 🙂

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