YOU NEED TO PUT COLOR IN YOUR LIFE! really? yesss Really!

Sometimes you don’t realize that some point in your life you will become such a boring person that eventually nobody is interested to be your friend and would be happy if they have nothing to do with you. Most people go on with their lives doing their own things, some do interesting things that are “really” interesting, and some just do what they think is “interesting”.

Well let me see, I was once a very outgoing person doing all sorts of weird things that normal people would do. I loved to take selfies, constantly post on my fb and instagram accounts. I do have twitter and we-chat and all other sorts of social accounts but I don’t really post on those. I had so many friends most of them I really don’t know personally. I do have close friends but they had disappeared over time and we just lost contact.

I used to love hanging out with my friends and know about how their lives went, and vice versa. I don’t know when i lost interest but It just happened. I got married and everything was focused on My husband and then eventually my kids. Usually I would be either on the phone with them or hanging out with them but eventually I missed their calls and didn’t reply their text and soon we didn’t talk anymore. I wish I had answered their calls and replied their text, I just didn’t think that it would have an effect later in my life.

I was reading this article on how people will be attracted to be part of your life if they found you to be an interesting person. I don’t really think I am interesting and maybe that is the reason why I don’t have a lot of friends. Maybe “last time” I was, because everywhere I went everyone seemed to know me even though I didn’t know them all. I used to love baking, singing, swimming, jogging and a whole lot of other things. I have stopped doing most of those activities ever since I got married. I need to start doing those activities again so I don’t become Dull.

One of the things that I want to do right now is to buy myself a new guitar. It has been ages since I played a guitar and I miss it so much! I miss singing too even though I do it everyday funny hey? I was looking online to check on the guitar prices and i think i can get one soon. I used to play the piano before this but my piano is at home and i mean HOME TOWN which is like a two and a half hours plane ride. Boo hoo… such a baby right? hahaha….

I wrote a few songs back when I was single and tried to when i got married but never had a chance. Maybe I was really busy with the kids and all the house chores, and now i am really busy with my work and my part time business and etc. “NO EXCUSES FOR ME NOW” i have to start doing the things I like again and do some time management. O my gosh procrastination is my favorite word of the day! I am always delaying things. Dishes? Writing? Housechores? you name it. I have to get my act together right?

Well till my next post. I don’t know know what i am actually rambling about anymore.

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13 thoughts on “YOU NEED TO PUT COLOR IN YOUR LIFE! really? yesss Really!

      1. It’s funny, the music I listen to and the music I play are two different things. I love all kinds of music (including black metal ;)), but I enjoy playing soft blues and some folk and reggae. Strictly rhythm for now, as I’m getting used to the chords again, and hope to build on that over time.

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    1. if you want to listen you can just go to youtube my user id is soulzsgirl… the song is half malay and half english… title of the song is Fikir lah dulu or Pikir la dulu… i kind of forgot hahaha

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  1. If your hubby likes to dance, you might think about learning to ballroom dance. Great way to make friends and great exercise too. Just a thought.


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