Another busy day.. (Chapter 7)

I picked up the plates and placed them in the sink after clearing up the table. I drank a glass of water before heading to the sink to start washing the dishes. I felt my heart jump when Gary suddenly hugged me from behind and started to nibble on my ears.

“Gary stop it” I told him “can’t you see i’m trying to clean up here.” i sprayed water on him and continued washing. He turned off the tap grabbed my by the waist and carried me over his shoulder. kicking like a wild monkey i tried to get off him but i was too smal, Gary was around 5ft 9. There was no way i could kick my way out of this one. “babe please put me down i’m getting dizzy” I felt him stop as he quickly put me down and sat me on his bed.

“R u ok baby? I’m sorry” he gave me a massage on my head. “feeling better?” he kneeled down between my legs at the bedside.

“how dare u!” I glared at him. “u know i hate it when people interupt what i’m doing” i started nagging. He just looked at me and smiled. “what are u smiling about? It’s not funny” I told him trying to get up from his bed.

“no you don’t” he got up before i could do anything and he ran his thumb across my bottom lip he started to kiss me wildly dropping kisses down my neckline pushing me down. i was helpess lost in his kisses i closed my eyes and put my arms around his neck kissing him in return. “errrmmm you’re not going anywhere babe” he whispered into my ears nibbling at my earlobes his hands going under my shirt on the back trying to undo my bra. “i want you so bad babe…” he threw my bra aside, took off my shirt and started kissing the top of my breasts just missing the tips of my nipples. I arched my back to give him more access to my breasts grabbed his hand and put it on the breast for him do his wonders. He licked the tips of my nipples and sucked at them biting at them softly one by one before kissing me. “errrm, baby don’t stop” i whispered breathing hard as his hand went under my pants to carress my most sensitive part. I grabbed at his shirt and pulled it off exposing his chest i lifted myself to a sitting position using his broad shoulders as support. He climbed onto the bed pushing me back as his kisses dropped down lower and lower till he was kising my abdomens constantly teasing at my belly button. I felt him pull my panties off . he looked up at my face as i ran my fingers through his hair and kissed him as i slip my hand into his pants and rubbed against his hardened below in an up and down motion unzipping his pants wit my other hand. “i heard him moan “Oh God baby please” he said as he started kissing me again. Impatient he stood up and took off his pants threw them to the side and slowly put his warm body over mine. “i can’t stand it anymore baby” he was whisperring and breathing hard as he kissed my breast carressing it with each kiss. i felt his hands push my legs apart as he pushed himself into me. i felt myself moan shaking my head from side to side my hips swaying with every push he made “errrmmm faster babe” i put my fingers through his hair feeling every move he made “don’t stop gary boy” That went on for a few minutes till we both came and by the time it was over we were breathing hard holding each other like there was no tomorrow. “errmmm just hold me like that babe” i said putting his arms around me, i felt cold “do you have a blanket? i’m freezing babe.” i saw him grab a blanket from the bottom of the bed where our feet were. “u want me to turn the air-conditioner down baby?” he asked. i didn’t know whether i answered or not i dozed off as i felt his warm body close to mine again.

“hey babe time to get up.” i felt him kiss me on the forehead. “get ready for work sweetheart”

I stretched and pulled the blanket over my head “errrmm what time is it gary boy?”

“half past 2 babe, hurry up before i get myself into the covers with you again.” he said as he pulled the blankets back down to look at my face. i giggled and sat up. “ok babe, enough already” i gave him a kiss on the lips as i got up to grab a towel and headed for the bathroom “don’t u dare follow me” i warned him before leaving the room. i locked the bathroom door and showered just thinking about my life and now that i had gary as my boyfriend and no longer bill.

I picked up my clothes from Gary’s bed and looked around but he was nowhere to be seen. i put my clothes on and started tying up my hair. i walked outside to find noone in the living room. There was a note on the table.

“went out to get us snacks. brb loves Gary boy”

i smilled as i went over to finish the washing up just then finding everything all cleared up and 2 cups of coffee still hot waited on the table. “wow i got to get used to this” i said to myself as i sat down at the sofa to turn on the tv. i walked over to the kitchen to get a glass of water and looked through the notes that the guys stuck on the fridge.

“cooked for you guys food is in the green container just warm it up and don’t forget to clean up. Gary boy”

before i could start reading the next one i heard Gary coming in. He put the plastic he held in his hand on the table in front of the tv. “u want me to get a plate for that babe?”

“no u sit your butt in the sofa and wait ok” he said pulling me down as he walked over to the kitchen to grab a plate. “Today i do the serving” he gave me a wink “for my princess baby girl lyn”

i shrugged and sat down on the sofa. i did feel like a princess, i always felt that way when i was with gary. Wherever we went he would make sure i felt comfortable and he could detect instantly if anything was wrong.

“i missed u babe” i said hugging him as he sat himself next to me on the sofa. “i dunno what i’d do if u really left to go to help your dad.”

“errmmm, i know baby girl.” he said pulling me close. “my dad is getting old babe, he can’t do it on his own anymore.” He sighed “i wish i can just bring you there with me but it’s not that simple” His dad wasn’t very fond of me with my rough attitude and my crowd of guy friends. He refers to me as the girl with a lot of guy friends. I never had more than 2 girl friends that are close to me, maybe because i hate gossiping and i don’t like shopping. Most of my friends were guys coz i find them more comfortable to hang out with. They don’t gossip and they don’t go on shopping sprees for hours!

“what happens if you leave Babe?” i asked him as i took a bite of the banana fritter i took from the plate on the coffee table. “who’s gonna look after me when you’re gone. i’m gonna miss you like crazy!” I tried to hold my tears in.

“i’ll think of something babe” he kissed my forehead and hugged me even tighter “hmmm why do u feel so warm? do u feel ok?”

i didn’t feel sick at that moment so i just said i was ok. “lets eat up i need to get to work or David will kill me” I looked through my phone and surely Gary must have been checking my phone again. There were messages from Bob and also from Jane.

“Can you pleas tell me i got messages when you check my phone babe” i told him in a straight tone “i might miss an important message.”

“ok babe, btw who is that bob guy? u never talked about him before?” he asked in a very annoyed tone.

“oh my gee!! ur jealous aren’t you?” i said giggling looking him in the eyes. “aawwww u r so sweet u know that. he’s just a customer at the bar i accidentally told him about grace coz he called right after my mom came to the hostel that day looking for her. Don worry babe ur my one and only ok.” i gave him a kiss on the lips and hugged him.

I waved Gary off as he drove off after sending me to work. I walked into the cafe office and took the keys to open up the sand bar area. Harry was already sitting in the bar getting his juice and coconut bar ready. “hey buddy. Ready for a busy day?” i asked him as i put my bags in the office and headed out to the floor area to check on the cleanliness. “Ready as ever maam” he said with a grin”

ok i’m off to the other side to help the girls open up make sure everything is ready by the time i get back ok?” i said walking away.

I walked slowly toward sandbar taking glances at the beach on the left hand side there was a crowd of people walking around. Families with children running round. I missed being a kid, it was just full of playtime and nothing to worry about. Play, eat, sleep that is all that i used to know and all i wanted was to be an adult to be free to do anything without asking permission from my parents. I didn’t understand one thing back then. The problems when you are an adult. The bills to be paid, salary to be earned, friendship problems, family problems, boyfriend problems etc.

“ma’am” I heard Berry call out my name and turned toward the food court to see her running toward me smiling. “it’s good to see you back. We missed you.” she took the keys from my hand and ran off to the bar to unlock the chillers. I walked over to the floor area and started sweeping the sand off the floor so we can arrange the tables. Soon Berry joined me to sweep the floor to make it quicker. we had to open up the bar before 4pm. After sweeping the floor we carried the steel tables and chairs and arranged them. Customers had already queued up and waiting for us to finish setting up the tables and it wasn’t even 4pm yet.

“where are the other girls berry? we got a crowd here waiting.” i asked berry as i finished setting up the tables.

“Sharon is sick and Jen is on the way ma’am.” she said as she took her order pad from the drawer under the cash register.

“are you kidding me? with this crowd?” I said in an annoyed tone “do you know that you have to handle this yourself? Harry is by himself at the cafe and there is a crowd there too!” I was starting to nag now “you guys better get your act together if you want to keep working.”

I picked up my phone and started to dial Jen’s number to ask her where she was. She said she was 5 minutes away so i sent a text to Harry to tell him I was gonna stay at sandbar for another 10 minutes to help Berry out. I went into the bar and the orders started to pour in. We don’t take alcohol orders in the afternoon unless our regular customers start to come in so it was the hot and ice drinks that you usually order in the regular restaurants like Milo, Teh Tarik, Coffee, Neslo and all that. The thing i dreaded most was the coconut orders. You have to cut a fresh coconut from scratch
to make an opening on the top so a straw can fit in it and the customers can drink and then eat the coconut flesh after they drink it. I didn’t realize the time go by until my phone rang and Harry was telling me he had a crowd and he couldn’t handle the crowd by himself. I looked at the time and it was already half an hour and Jen wasn’t even here yet. I picked up the phone to call Zack to come in early for Over time because I know if there is a crowd at the cafe we need more than 2 people over there with the table count of more than 30 tables during the afternoons and it was the public holiday now. I texted Harry to tell him that Zack was coming and to hold on for a bit. “I am going over to the cafe now Berry. Please tell Jen I want to see her if she comes in.”

I ran off toward the cafe and surely there was a big crowd alright and they were all crowded at the coconut stand. I saw Harry cutting coconuts like crazy. another crowd was waiting at the teh tarik stand so i ran over there and asked for their orders. After making like 60 teh tariks and few other drinks i finally see Zack coming in. He ran to the bar area to clock in and ran toward me. “it was like this yesterday too maam you can go and take 5 I’ll take it from here” he smiled taking over the stand. I ran to the Juice bar and before i could do anything else another crowd surrounded the bar. well here we go again, i thought to myself. By the time the crowd had cleared up it was 6.30 pm break time for the afternoon shifters. All the night shifters had already clocked in and briefing was supposed to be at 6pm.

After the briefing session. I sent everyone to their stations and those on break went off to the food court. I headed over to the sandbar to check on Berry just in case Jen didn’t show up. Surely that was the case, Jen wasn’t there and Berry was doing all the things on her own. I felt like I was gonna blow up. I called one of the boys at the cafe to come over and help Berry at the sand bar and waited for him to arrive before i headed off to take my break.

I checked my phone and there were so many missed calls. Gary had been calling me and there were texts from him as well. He was waiting for me at the parking lot just outside the food court. “sorry babe it was hell just now too many people” i told him as i walked toward the parking lot.
“yeah i know, i was watching you from the seafood restaurant babe. you must be tired. Hurry up i missed you”

I spotted his car just a few metres away from the food court. Waved at him as I walked towards the car and went in. The minute i closed the doors he drove off. “where are we going babe? i only have an hour u know.” I reminded him so he was aware.
“going to eat something special” he said with a grin as he reached out for my hand. “I really missed you babe” he said kissing my hand and putting it on his lap as he grabbed the gear to change it.


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