40 Degrees? (Chapter 8)

We were heading to Upperstar. “you really like that place hey babe” I said to Gary grinning at him as he drove down the highway. Suddenly I felt my head aching as if it wanted to explode. I kept my focus on the road and to what Gary was saying but i couldn’t really hear with the ringing in my ears. I was feeling cold again. I tried to shake it off and was feeling bit better when Gary suddenly put his hand behind my neck and gave me a massage.

“damn babe you are so warm.” i heard him say in shock. “i think you are catching a fever there. u feeling ok?” He pulled over on the side and started feeling my head and my neck with his other hand.
“I’m fine babe” i said trying to put up a smile. My head was throbbing but i didn’t want Gary to start being a worry wart. I suddenly lost my appetite and when we got to upperstar i just ordered a drink.

“Are you sure u don’t want anything to eat babe?” Gary was sensing something wrong with me and I knew it. “Maybe I’ll pack something to eat later. I just don’t feel like eating now. Just order me something babe i don’t know what to eat.”

Gary looked at me in a way telling me that he knows that i wasn’t feeling well but I kept telling I was fine and he didn’t need to worry. After eating he sent me off to work and he left again to join Jane and the guys at caferio, they were going to watch a movie and then come over to the cafe later for their usual routine cafe meet up.

I headed to the sandbar and asked Berry and Rico to go for her break. I told Rico he could head back to the cafe once he is done with break and to send Zack over to help at Sand bar instead. It was not the peak hour yet at the sand bar it will be by 9pm so there was still time for me and Berry to rest. I took a chair and sat behind the bar area where we usually took our smoking breaks to get a breather. My head was throbbing really hard and My body was aching like my bones were going to fall off. I was freezing so I told Berry i was heading to the cafe to get a sweater from the office and will be right back.

I was shivering by the time i got to the cafe and David was there with his friends. He called me over to the table and introduced me to his friends. “Guys this is my one and only manager on floor when i am away, Her name is Lyn” He said proudly I shook their hands one by one.

“wow your hand is warm girl. Have you got the fever or something” one of them asked me.

“yeah i guess but it’s just a fever will be okay soon.” I said shrugging it off.

“Such a dedicated staff you have there David you should be grateful” one of his friends said “My staff would take MC just for any reason you know you should give her a raise” he added looking at David then laughing.

“I can’t get her to take a rest at home you know. she is one workaholic.” David said patting me on the back “she even comes to work on her off days. Do you believe that?” he added.

I leaned over and whispered to him asking if he had a sweater in the office that I could borrow coz i was freezing. He said he had one in his car. He handed me the keys to his car and after telling his friends that i needed to get something i walked over to his car to get the sweater. As I walked back from the car I spotted a familiar car parked at the parking lot nearby the cafe area. It was Bill’s car he must be here. I must be imagining things I walked back to the cafe and took one more glance at the car just to make sure i saw it correctly. It was parked there. I didn’t bother, i had Gary now Bill can go and die.

I told David I was going to help Berry at the Sandbar and Jen didn’t show up for work he just nodded and waved me off. I walked to the sandbar just thinking what Bill was doing here and who he was with. I can’t help it he was my boyfriend like 2 days ago before I ended up with Gary that is. I reached the sandbar and saw Jen talking with Berry.

I asked Jen to step to the back area where the customers can’t see us to talk to her. “Do you know what time it is?” I asked her with a straight tone. “what happened to your 5 minutes? Do you still want to work here or are you just plain playing around? Did you know how much trouble we went through just because you didn’t show up Jen?” She just kept quiet and looked down. “This is the 3rd time you’d done this Jen? tell me what you want me to do? if you have a problem tell me I can adjust the schedule so others can take your place.” I tried to get her to talk but she just kept quiet. “ok fine if you don’t want to say anything. I give you till the end of the working day to come to me and tell me if you have any problems that i can help you with. if I hear nothing from you and you turn up to work late one more time i have no choice but to dismiss you. you got that Jen?” I told her. “it’s your choice you can get back to work now.”

By now my headache was killing me and i couldn’t even open my eyes properly. all the joints in my body was aching and I was freezing. I saw Zack walking over. I guess his break was over. “ma’am u look like you got run over by a hurricane!” he said in shock “are you ok?” I told him I was fine and I laughed at his statement and told him i was going to sit down at the customer area to drink some hot coffee get warmed up. He nodded went over to the bar to make me a glass of hot coffee.

By the time I sat down Berry was walking over with my drink. she put it on the table and went over to take an order from a table of customers who had just shown up. I looked at the time and it was nearly 9pm. i quickly took a sip from the coffee and looked around to see if i could spot bill anywhere but he was nowhere to be seen. The coffee was no help. It was worse than ever. I couldn’t even get up from where i was sitting. I had to force myself up. This isn’t good. I texted David if I could rest in the office for a while maybe do some paperwork so i could still be here to close up later on. i waited for him to reply and headed over to the cafe.

It was 10pm and Harry came through the door telling me Jane and the guys were looking for me. I told him that I had a bit more to do and will be out soon.  I checked my phone and there were missed calls and messages from both Gary and Jane. I replied both of the messages with the same text and put my head on the table to rest.

I must have dozed off coz David came in and woke me up. “hey u sure u don’t want to go back n take a rest? u look like a wreck. I’ll do closing today” he said opening up the safe to take out some change money for the cashier.

“ok boss thanks. I’ll be out once I’m done with this report ok.” I said looking at the log book in front of me still opened since the time Harry came in. “are my friends still outside? i asked him as he headed out the door.

“yeah they’re just sitting outside there on the right” he walked out and I was left looking at the half done report. I finished the report and shut the logbook. My head was throbbing like mad and i really couldn’t take it anymore. I tried to get up but i just couldn’t force myself anymore my joints were aching. “aarrghh come on Lyn just get up don’t be a sissy” i sd to myself as i pushed myself to get up one last time. I managed to push my self up tried to walk over to the door when it suddenly barged open. It was Harry again. I nearly fell over. with a shocked look on his face he pointed to Gary who was already standing at the counter waving at me grinning. I waved back at him and told him I would be right over but i wasn’t able to walk anymore.

“Harry can you ask him to come over again please” I said to Harry as he got out from the office. I saw Harry talk to him then they both walked over to the counter where I was standing. “thanks buddy” i tapped Harry on the shoulder and turned to Gary.

“what’s wrong babe? you look like shit. what happened?” He was looking me right in the eye and leaning over toward me.

“I want to go home babe I can’t stand it anymore my head feels like it’s gonna explode” I said holding my head in my hands leaning onto the bar for support.

“ok babe let’s get you to the car ok. Can you walk?’ He said walking over to my side. I just nodded and walked with him to the car. I saw Jane following from behind. “she’s got the fever babe we have to go” I heard Gary telling jane as he got into the driver’s seat. before he could say anything I started talking “please babe don’t get mad at me coz i know it’s my fault for not listening to you and being stubborn for coming to work and all. I just feel like my head is gonna blow up ok. please don’t get mad at me.” I held my head in my hands as he drove off into the night not saying a word. I guess he was mad. I didn’t care where he was taking me I just wanted to lay down and sleep.

“I’m more worried than mad ok? just take it easy there we need to lower that temperature of yours before your head really blows up” he said as he pulled over at the nearest 7-eleven to buy something. he came back into the car with a bag of ice wrapped his towel around it pushed my seat backward so i was in a laying position and put it on my head. “there hold it like that till we get home ok.” I just did what he said and didn’t say a word. it eased the throbbing a bit but my body was aching so bad i couldn’t move.

I just felt the car pull over and stop for a minute and then drive off again and then stop again. Gary got out of the car and then came back carried me and placed me on what i can feel as the sofa. “where are we babe?’ I asked in confusion. “shhh just rest ok, everything’s gonna be okay. I’ll take care of you he said softly”

I was shivering and my body was aching so bad I curled myself into a ball to keep myself warm. “come on we have to get you inside the bedroom. it’s warmer there” i heard Gary say as he carried me into the room. “there you go babe and here are some blankets to keep you warm.” I heard him sigh “omg how could i have let this happen to you baby” he got into the blanket with me to hug me. “gosh u are so warm no i mean hot” he said as he got out of the blankets to the bathroom. he brought in wet towels and started to wipe my face and neck and then my back and then he left the towel on my head. “how u feeling now babe, better?” he jumped into the blankets again laying down beside me. i felt the warmth of his body and cuddled against him to keep warm as i dozed off.


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    1. yeah i noticed that 😊 thanks for pointing that out. I actually blog from my phone so I kind o type it and post as i go so i don’t get to edit my writing as much as i would like too. But once i finish the story i will go over it again and edit 😊😊

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