At last I get to post this Desperate for attention post! Generally everyone wants attention… we all know that but have ever come across people who are desperate for attention? Like really desperate!!

Friends… we never know when they will back stab us… maybe as we speak now they will be talking shit behind our backs… in front of you they act all nice and stuff…. turn a bit and they talk shit! Ever experience that?? I have…. a LoT…. these are the type of people who desperately need attention from everyone… no matter who it is… They can get along with anyone and anything… hahahahaha very funny! You know why they can do this? hmmmm They will agree to anything that anyone says and talk bad about someone behind their back when anyone talks about them!!! 
This is the way I imagined it to be… one senario…

A is the best student in class, B is desperate for attention and C is A‘s enemy… here we go…
A and B were having a conversation in the college canteen one day about their grades…
A: Hey I’m getting all the top grades in class and C is so jealous that she told everyone that I cheated on the exams… isn’t that crappy! utter jealousy i should say…
B: I know she told me the same thing… she said you always cheated and that’s why you are getting all the good grades better than anyone else in the class… 
They talked about that all through recess….
That afternoon in the same class, B happens to be seated next to C in class and spotted that C was reading a book on “How to get A’s in your exams!”.
B: Hey! what’s up? still trying your best to beat A huh?
C: no not really… Just doing the best I can to improve myself.. just to give me a bit of satisfaction. It’s actually a waste of time trying to beat someone with a lot of brains… when i just am not fit enough to do that…
B started to talk about what she and A did at lunch and you guessed what happened… a fight broke out in class between A and C… and who’s fault was it? B tried to stop the fight and in the end she took credit for saving them from hurting themselves… a lot of attention right hahahahahha…
that’s just one senario.. I don’t want to talk more about this… we can think for ourselves…
wink wink wink

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