Bet you everyone has been through some things in life that you would never forget. Especially being the laughing stock…
Well let me share a few:

1. This happenned 2 years back when I was still working at a bakery…

My alarm clock was ringing at 4.30am. My shift started at 6am. Unfortunately…I didn’t hear the alarm. Well I did but that was in my dreams and was trying to find the bloody thing so I could switch it off! Hmmm… of course my brother woke up. he took the phone and pointed the thing at my face, woke me up and….. OMG!!! my reactions when i’m half asleep! I took the phone pressed the answer button and like answering a phone call i said hello! HAHAHAHAHA!
It took me a while to realise that both of my brothers were awake and laughing their butts off!!

2. There was this other time, quite similar to the incident above, but this time, MY BROTHER’S alarm was ringing! He had a flip phone and so did I… Well that didn’t sound quite right… hahaha… Okay back to the story… So what happened was.. He woke up and wanted to see what my reaction was if he woke me up with his alarm….

He woke me up, and flipped his phone open in front of my face! Coincidentally my phone was right beside me and BOOM!!! there I was again with my awful habit… I took my phone Flipped it open and wala! i put it in front of his face too! It’s like…LOOK HERE I GOT A FLIP PHONE AND IT SHINES BRIGHTER THAN YOURS!!!

LOL!! and you guessed… I was the laughing stock again!!!

3. Well this last one happenned just recently in my new house….

One day my sister came home from work and I was fast asleep in my room dreaming my way to some paradise resort hehehe… She woke me up just to ask for her water bottle!!!! What a pain!!! Well by reading the short stories up there you might have guessed what happenned next….
my sister: Hey! wake up!! Have you seen my water bottle?
me : hmmmm…. Welcome to (company name) Reyna speaking how can i help you?
my sister: (jaws wide opened) What the??
me: (realizing that I just said something silly and was annoyed to hell with what happenned started to scream at my sister…) YOU IDIOT!!! Why’d you have to wake me up in the middle of the night just for your stupid bottle!! use your eyes and find it yourself!!!!

Well… there were still alot to tell but if i did type them all out i think it will fill up my whole blog!! hahaha.. If you do have any stories you want to share just leave comments and let me know… I might be able to publish it in my little blog.. who knows?? heheheh Thanks for reading and please comment!!!


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