The Accident (Chapter 10)

“u know u nearly killed me just then? my body is aching like heck babe” he said trying to control his breath as he spoke.

“o gosh i am so sorry, i didn’t mean to, i’m sorry. where does it hurt babe?” i said looking him in the eye. He didn’t respond to my question and just pulled me toward him to sit closer.

“nah it’s ok babe i’ll manage okay just stay still, come over and just hold me. I need to get myself together.” I could feel his heart beating really fast and he was breathing hard.

‘babe let’s not sit on the floor okay it’s kinda not comfy” i tried pulling him up so we could go over to the sofa.

“sorry babe just too tired to get up” he was playing around with me i know that. he was putting on that cheeky grin. “nah just kidding ok” He got up and walked over to the sofa letting out a big sigh as he sat himself down. “what you still doing there babe come over here and sit next to me” he called me over. I walked over slowly and sat myself next to him. “really babe, i am so sorry” i cuddled closer to him and pulled his arm around me. “i don’t know what got into me.” I sighed checking his arms to see if there were any bruises from when i punched him. “Come on take that shirt off I want to check if i did any damage”

He laughed and tried to divert my attention by kissing me. “Hey stop it silly,” i glared at him telling him to take off his shirt.”okay, chill” he said grabbing the bottom part of his shirt to take it off. There were red marks all over his chest and arms.

“o my god” i ran my fingers accros his chest over the red marks “does it hurt?” i looked over at his arms and ran my fingers on the red marks as well.

“i’m fine babe dont worry” he grabbed my hand and put it on his chest “can you feel that?” he lunged forward to kiss me pulling me close his hand still holding mine against his chest. “if u just ran out that door i don’t know how i was going to catch up to you babe i was so scared. you’re stronger than i thought. no wonder you won athlete of the year all the time hahaha” he stared at the ceiling with a smile on his face. I laid my head on his chest and dozed off.

My alarm was ringing and i had my hands over my ears. I remembered that I was supposed to go for a meeting today. I got up off the sofa and looked around but Gary was nowhere to be seen. The house was silent. No signs of anyone around. I checked the time on my phone and it was still 6am. I looked out the sliding doors of the house leading to the balcony where the sun was just rising. what a beautiful view. I ran up to the bedroom to grab a towel went to the bathroom to get a shower. After getting dressed I went downstairs to check if Gary was back. But there was still no sign of him. I picked up my phone to call him.

“Babe where are you?” I said as he picked up the phone. the back ground was really noisy and i could hear a lot of cars and horning noises, and there were people arguing in the background. “hey babe sorry I just got into an accident here I’ll be back shortly okay.” Before I could say anything he hung up the call. I sent him a text to remind him that I had a meeting today and to get back before 9am so we can get to HQ on time. There was no reply. I waited anxiously and 10 minutes became 20 minutes then 30 then 1 hour. I was really worried by now.

I paced back and forth in the living room area. It was already 8am now and i had an hour left before i have to leave for the meeting. Suddenly I heard a car pullover by the front of the house. I looked out to see Gary just getting out from the driver’s seat. His car was wrecked. I mean it had dents on the drivers side of the car his windshield was broken and the headlights were broken too. I opened the door and waited at the door waiting for him to get out and ran toward him when I saw him wave for me to come and help him.

“O my god babe what happened? Are you okay?” I helped him out of the car. he had bandaids covering his left arm and he had cuts on his forhead.

“i’m fine babe just a few cuts” he said as he got out of the car. I held my arm around his waist supporting him as we walked in through the door. “I think that guy that rammed my car from the opposite was asleep. I couldn’t avoid his car babe”

“what were you doing out so early anyway? and why didn’t you wake me up just then?” I glared at him helping him sit on the sofa. “now look what happened.” I kneeled down in front of him . “are you sure you’re okay babe?” I felt like i was going to cry looking at his condition.

“hey, don’t you start crying ok” he pulled my head toward him and hugged me “I’m fine. I’m still here right?” I put my arms around his waist to hug him tight. “shhhh chill okay. I am fine baby girl. i bought some food we have to get ready so you wont be late for your meeting okay”

I just nodded got up took the food in the bag that he had brought with him earlier and got to the kitchen to grab some plates. when everything was ready I went over to him to help him get over to the table so we can eat. “it’s ok babe i can walk by myself”

I stopped him put my arms around his waist and said. “hey i just want to walk together with you. is that wrong?” he shook his head and smilled.

“are you sure you can drive babe?” i was worried he wasn’t able to drive coz of his injury.

“yeah babe no probs, i have to send the car to the workshop anyway. lets go?”

I waved goodbye as he drove off to send his car to the workshop to fix it. The staff at the fastfood outled had their eyes glued on me from the minute i got off the car. “any problem guys?”

before they could answer I saw David walking toward me “hey what happened to your friend? boyfriend? Accident?”

“yeah just this morning before sending me off and he is my boyfriend ok.” I told him while walking toward the area where the meeting was to be held.

“sorry i lost count of your boyfriends girl. you have so many” he said with a laugh

“whatever david let’s get on with the reports so you understand them before the meeting starts” I said with a serious tone. I was alway serious about my work and I didn’t play around during working hours like David always does. He was always missing when The director came over for visits, I do the reports for both the outlets which he was supposed to do that is why i needed to explain the reports to him before every meeting so he knew what to say during his presentation.

Then a message came in from an unknown number. It was from Sam that guy with Ryan the other day. Gosh I nearly forgot about him. “maam” I heard Berry’s voice as she jumped from behind to grab my shoulders.

“hey. your boyfriend sent me a text berry.” I said to her as she hopped in front of me with a smile on her face.

“which one maam? the one that shone his phone in your face?” she said getting excited. “what did he say?”

“yup that was him and his name is Sam okay hahaha.” i laughed as she tried to look into my phone to view the message. “here read it for yourself.” i put the phone right in front of her face so she could read it.

“o my god” she put both her hands in front of her mouth jumping with excitement. “He likes you maam” she waved her finger at me signalling a no no. “what you gonna do with Mr. Bill and Mr. Gary maam?”

“hey don’t jump to conclusions ok. I don’t even know the guy yet.” i hit her on the shoulder laughing. “you are so funny okay. you want me to tell him you like him berry?”

“no maam don’t i’m shy” she said blushing. soon both of us were laughing so hard we didn’t notice David calling us from the other side of the hall.

“hey girls hurry up! meeting starting soon.” David called out at us waving his arms up and down.

i walked toward him laughing Berry skipping along with me close by my side.

After the meeting I sat down at the cafeteria area for lunch with Berry and David. Gary had texted me earlier saying he was gonna take more time at the workshop and will see me later. After telling him I would follow David back to the Hostel he said he will come and see me later at work when he sees John Tim and Jane. We had a very big lunch of course on David’s Bill, he was very happy with the results we got from both the outlets.

“Wow, the sales shot up right after you took over both the outlets Lyn. Congratulations!” He said as giving me a pat on my shoulder. The stock is good, no more shortage and Management is really happy about this.”

“yeah thanks David. You’ll get all the credit for that so this lunch you are buying me is “NOT” enough ok” I said to him emphasizing the not so he would maybe consider giving me a raise or some other type of acknowlegdement for what i did.

he smiled “okay i get where you’re coming from. I’ll think of something alright.”

“hey babe are you feeling alright? How is the car going” I decided to give Gary a call after i arrved at te hostel.

“hmmm i’m just a bit sore. i guess i just miss u babe. i wish u r here.” there was something about his voice that sounds so comforting. I would always be happy if He called. I loved listening to him laugh and I loved arguing with him the most coz we would think of the silliest things to argue about.

I took a nap after talking to him on the phone and got up justa an hour before i start work.  knowing I had to walk to work today I was feeling so lazy to get up. I dragged myself to shower and get ready for work. By the time I got to work it was nearly 4pm. Both outlets were opened. I saw David walking back from the Sandbar with a big smile on his face. “hey you’re early Boss.”


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