Bill? Please! (Chapter 12)

The called ended abruptly and when I tried to call him back there was no response. Before I could try calling him back again my phone rang. It was Jane. “Babe get over to the parking lot NOW! don’t ask anything Just get here NOW!! move it” She hung up the call.

I sent a text to David to send someone to help Berry before running off to the Parking LOT. Jane was waiting for me in her car. “What’s up?” I was confused with everything. “where are the guys?” There were so many questions running through my head right now.

“Babe please tell me that this has nothing to do with Gary. Please” A sudden surge of panic ran through my veins as thoughts of negative things came into my mind.

“Okay chill let’s go to the cafe so you can tell David that you have to go because this is super urgent” Jane started to drive toward the cafe.

I ran to David and told him I had an emergency and I had to get going at that moment. Without him approving anything I left. I ran back to the car got in and my phone rang again. It was Gary again.

“what’s going on babe you are scaring me!” I said as I answered the call my heart pounding so hard that my head felt every beat of my heart as i spoke. I couldn’t make out what he was saying probably bad reception. I hung up the call and turned to Jane.

“what the hell is going on here!” I was going to go mad with confusion. “babe quit telling me to chill and just say it!” I said getting really impatient as the seconds ticked. Jane just drove on and took a deep breath before she started to speak.

“It’s Gary boy. He…” she paused. I was going to scream but i just kept taking deep breaths to keep myself from getting mad.

“he is what??” i grabbed at her arm and started shaking it. “Come on Jane start talking. You guys are scaring me!”

“He got attacked just then by this Gang when we were at Cafe Rio. I’m sorry babe, John and Tim didn’t tag along today it was just us.”

My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my mouth.”WHAT?! what gang? why? OMG!” I felt my breaths getting shorter and it was hard to breathe all of a sudden. “How is he? is he okay? Where is he Jane!!” I was shaken. This is just too much. Who would want attack him? My heart was racing I was getting dizzy from thinking. “Jane answer me!”

“Babe I don’t know why they attacked him okay. They took him away and he’s been trying to call me and you ever since. I followed them and called the police and now he’s at the police station.”

“Is he hurt babe?” I felt better knowing that he was at the police station but I couldn’t help but worry.

“a bit” she said as she drove on down the road. “just bruised that’s all.” So many things wondered through my mind that very moment and I felt myself blacking out but i shook it off. We drove past cafe Rio and Jane pointed out to a group of guys sitting at one of the tables. “they were with the guys that attacked Gary Just now.”

I looked over to the group and saw Bill’s brother. “Damn that guy! it’s Bill! That’s his brother there! STOP THE CAR JANE!” I felt like jumping out of the car and just going there to whack the guy! I heard jane lock the door and she stepped on the accelerator and drove off.

“NO! we have to get to Gary boy. He needs you right now babe! They can wait” Jane knew what i would have done if i got out of that car and that would have caused more trouble. The police station was just a few blocks away and we needed to get to Gary quickly. As we reached the gates of the police station we saw Gary waving at us from his car. He was standing outside waiting for us to get there.

Before Jane could stop the car and park properly I had already unlocked the door and opened it and was stepping out of the car. “Jane press the brakes for goodness sake” I was too worried to care about how anybody felt right now. All I wanted to do was get to Gary and check on him.

I ran toward him as fast as I could. “OMG babe are you okay? What did they do to you?” I pulled him and hugged him tight. I was crying, I was losing it!

“Sshhh, babe it’s okay i’m fine right?” He pushed my shoulder back and lifted my chin up to look at him. “I’m fine, thanks for coming here.” He pushed my hair away from my eyes and wiped the tears away. He pulled me back to hug me my head in his hand and the other hand just rubbing my back.

“umm Guys I have to get going okay” Jane said patting us both on the shoulders. “I have to work tomorrow.”

I pulled away from Gary and gave her a hug “thanks babe for this. Sorry about me going cranky on you just then”

“nah its fine babe i understand. u guys take care okay.” she waved goodbye and drove off into the night.

I turned around to face Gary again. He was touching his face where there was a bruise. “he grinned, what a day babe. First the accident and now this.” He took my hands and pulled me over closer to him. “I guess it’s just a bad day. let’s go and get you back to work okay.”

I pulled my hand away. “no I don’t want to go back to work babe. look at you.” I said checking on the bruise on his face. “I can’t leave you like this let’s just go back to the beach house okay” I really didn’t feel like going to work. My tears started coming back down. I remembered the group of guys that were sitting there at Cafe Rio. “O my god babe, I am so sorry this happened.” I couldn’t hold the tears back anymore. “what did you do to make them do this to you?” I sat myself on his car hood and put both my hand in front of my face. I felt Gary stroke my hair.

“Babe let’s get into the car okay.” We both got into the car. It was silence the whole way to the beach house. I looked outside and that image of the group at Cafe Rio kept appearing in my mind. One of these days i will go and talk to that kid, I hope Bill has nothing to do with this. If he did I will do something about it. I was biting my bottom lip holding my anger in I didn’t realize that I was biting too hard My Lips started to bleed. The next thing i know we were at the beach house.

“Babe stop biting on your lips too hard. You’re bleeding. let me see that” Gary pulled my chin up to see my lips. “chill okay?” he pulled me closer and kissed my lips. I put my arms around his neck to return the kiss pulling him closer. “errmmm. okay babe let me take a look at that bruise there” I pulled away to get some water and a towel to put on his bruise.

“They beat you up pretty bad hey babe” I wiped his face with the warm cloth and pressed on the bruise with the wet cloth.

“ouch! Yeah and they were going to stab me too, luckily Jane called the police on time” Gary pulled away from the towel.

“sorry babe just a little bit more and we’re done” I put the towel away to cuddle close to him on the sofa. “you must be tired hey” I put my hand under his shirt and ran my hand across his chest back and forth. “errmm yeah babe, too many things happened today babe.” He grabbed my hand took it out from under his shirt and kissed it. “but if you’re here i don’t feel it babe. you just make all the troubles disappear.”

“babe you need to rest okay, too many things happened today” I kissed his fore head and pulled the blanket over us as i laid down beside him on the bed that night.

“what if i don’t want to rest?” He grinned at me giving me that mischievous look. “what if i said i wanted you so bad i didn’t care about anything else in the world” his eyes focusing on mine he pulled me by the waist with both hands to pull me close. “hmmm babe, i love the smell of your hair it turns me on” he whispered in my ear and kissed my neck trailing down toward my shoulder. I didn’t bother to say anything. I just let him do whatever he wanted and followed his every move.

He did everything slowly tonight, he took his time. Every move, every stroke, every kiss, every touch, every push. leaving me moaning and asking for more. It was a night that i would never ever forget. By the time it was over we were both gasping for air just holding each other tight. He was still dropping kisses down my neck. He nibbled on my ears whispering “i’m not done yet baby girl”

“oh gosh babe let me catch my breath first” I opened my eyes looking him straight in the eye. There was this warmth in his eyes and it was full of desire. He smiled at me “just kidding okay. I just want to kiss you on and on and never stop babe”

I sighed and just moaned with every kiss he made. “babe can u do me a favor” he was whispering into my ear again.

“of course babe what is it?” i sat up and faced him waiting for him to ask me.

he reached behind to his back area “i’m kinda in pain right down my back here” with a smile he continued “please…”

I asked him to turn around so i could massage his lower back. “i told you to rest right? but noooo u had to please urslef first.” i said as i pushed into his back with my knuckle.

“Arrgghh. Damn that feels so good babe” he moaned with pleasure as i worked down his lower back and the sides where his hips were. “its been some time you didn’t give me a massage right?” he asked giggling.

i still remembered that last time i gave him a massage he tried to kiss me so i told him i would never massage him again. That was last year. “haha yeah babe you were being naughty so no way” I sighed before continuing “i am glad u never quit though. Didn’t you get sick of trying?”

“hmm i guess i was at some point but i just couldn’t stop… I guess” he reached back pulled my arms away and turned to face me cupping my face in his hands. “i fell for you the minute i saw you that day at inter school sports tournament babe. I thought that if i didn’t go and talk to you i would go crazy” he took one if my hands “and it made me more crazy watching you with those guys, and worst when they hurt you. I felt useless coz i couldn’t tell u how i felt but finally i told u and yeah u didn’t feel the same way i did” he giggled a bit and continued “i felt everything ended but hey i picked myself up and as my late mom always told me, if u love her you have to learn to let her go and that is what i did… I never expected u to actually fall for me too” he pulled me closer “but I’m so happy that u finally did, really these past few days with you babe were the happiest days of my life. Thank you for letting me love you and take care of u” i was so touched by his words tears just rolled down my cheeks.

“o my gosh Gary boy… so touching” I said. I started to giggle I couldn’t help myself. My intention was to tease him and release the stress of the moment. I was really getting stressed up because he was going to be leaving soon.

“I am serious okay babe.” he was getting annoyed because I was giggling when he was being romantic. He always got annoyed when i did that.

“I’m just trying not to think of the fact that you are going soon” I pulled in to cuddle against him again closing my eyes. He pulled the blanket over and soon I dozed off.


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