Flashbacks… (Chapter 13)

“Babe please take care of yourself when I am over there okay?” Gary took his bag out from under the bed and started packing his clothes. I just continued to smoke and ignored everything he said. Shot glass in one hand and cigarette in the other, I looked out the bedroom window watching the waves hit the sand. The reflection of the moon was so clear in the water. My mind drifted back to one of the prom nights during college.

I had just broken up with a guy that I was together with for 2 years just to find out he was going out with another girl 2 days before prom night. I had no date so Gary volunteered to go with me since he didn’t have a date too. I was all dressed up and we agreed to meet up at the hotel. I still remembered that look on his face when he saw me that night.

“hey babe why are u looking at me that way?” i was waving my hands in his face and he didn’t budge an inch “hey earth calling Mr. Gary Boy!!!” I had to slap him in the face before he came to his senses.

“sorry babe u just look awesome tonight” it was the first time for him to see me all dressed up like this. “bad luck for Mr. Lawrence i got u for a date tonight haha”.

we laughed it out and danced like any other couple would in a prom and i didn’t think anything out of that night at all. It was the last song of the night and it was that song from celine dion “i love you” Gary just pulled me to the dance floor and we just danced to that song. I always felt comfortable in his arms and i just let him hold me that night just to forget what my ex did to me. I cried and he comforted me like he always did.

“Earth calling Lyn! hello? ” I saw his hands waving in my face. “hey are you even listening?” Gary was already done packing.

“to tell you the truth, gary boy i have no idea what you were saying” i threw my cigarette out the window and sighed. “what time is your flight?” without waiting for an answer or listening at all to whatever gary was saying i took my shot glass and drank everything in it, put it on the table and grabbed the tequila bottle pouring another shot into the glass.

“errmmm this tastes awesome” i drank the shot poured another shot and drank again slamming the glass onto the table. I shut my eyes, my head was spinning but it felt good.

before i could pour another shot Gary took the bottle out of my hand. “slow down there babe! you have been drinking non stop since i started packing” He put his hand in front of my face. “how many fingers do you see?”

“stop it gary boy!” I slapped his hand away “I am not in the mood to play around! now give me that bottle!!!”

“Come and get it if you can. I don’t think you can even walk straight in that condition!” He was actually nagging now. Wow! I’ve never seen him like this before. “How am I supposed to go over there if i know this is how you are going to act!”

“I don’t care! just give me that ! I never wanted you to go anyway! so just shut up and don’t try to become my dad ok!” I stood up and started walking toward him to get the bottle back but the minute i stood up everything just spun out of control. I couldn’t see anything properly everything was just double of everything and I just fell over like a log. I didn’t remember what happened next. When I opened my eyes I was laying on the sofa with a wet towel over my head. I tried to get up but everything was spinning. I held my head in pain. Gary was talking but I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

“you awake already?” I heard him walk from across the room. “Here have some water to drink” He sat down beside me and gave me a glass of water. I could smell the lemon in the water. I drank a bit and immediately i felt like i wanted to puke. I ran to the bathroom locked the door and everything just poured back out. A few seconds later I heard Gary knocking on the door asking if I was ok and for me to open the door.

“Babe open the door!” He kept banging on the door and asking me to open it. I just ignored and kept sitting nearby the toilet bowl, leaning my head against the bathtub i just closed my eyes. “Babe I am seriously going to break down the door if you don’t say something Lyn! Talk to me!”

I forced myself to talk “I’m fine babe. Don’t break down the door okay.” I heard him sigh but he still kept knocking.

“Can you get up and open the door please?” His voice more relaxed this time. I flushed the toilet and washed my face at the sink before walking over to the door. I saw him standing there but I walked past him my eyes still focused on the tequilla bottle on the table I didn’t even bother to look at gary. He tried to pull my hand back but i just pushed it away and walked to the sofa and sat myself down putting the pillow over my head and started sobbing.

“Lyn…please don’t do this babe” he slowly sat down beside me on the sofa. “take a deep breath, I am still here. I don’t have much more time to spend with you. please…” His voice trailed off in silence.

I pulled the pillow away from my face and looked at his face. I threw the pillow to the side giving him a hug. “shhh It’s ok, I know how you feel. I feel the same way too. Just try to get yourself together. You’re making me all worried.” He pushed my shoulder away looking at me right in the eye. I couldn’t look him in the eye I just looked down. “babe listen I am only going there to help my dad ok. once everything is okay I will come back for you. I promise”

“promise?” i asked him just to make sure looking him right in the eyes.

“o my gosh u mean everything to me Lyn I don’t know what or how i am going to make it there without u. But u mark my words I WILL come back for you and it’s a promise” he wiped my tears away and cupped my face in both of his hands before leaning over for a kiss. I just closed my eyes and my arms automatically circled around his neck returning his kiss.

He pulled away from the kiss and walked over to the radio to turn it on. The song “i love you” by celine dion was on air… he signaled for me to come over. I got up and walked towards him. “remember this song?” he asked as he placed his arms around my waist. I nodded and just started dancing with him. “This is our song babe” he paused running his fingers through my hair as we danced along with the song “just think of me every time you hear this song ok.”

I closed my eyes as we danced through the whole song. We were just holding each other like there was no tomorrow because there was no tomorrow. Gary was leaving for good I knew that and i doubt he was ever coming back. Even though he promised he was going to come back I had a bad feeling that he was never coming back.

“Do you still remember what happened at that prom babe?” his voice suddenly broke the silence. His voice was soft almost a whisper but I heard him. “You were upset because of that Lawrence dude?” The song came to an end and he pulled my chin up for me to look at him. “I was going to tell you right then and there how I felt about you but I was worried you would tell me off…” He paused keeping his eyes on mine he just stared into my eyes which made me nervous. “I love you Lyn and I am not going to wait another minute to tell you that” There were tears in his eyes. He pulled both my hands up from his sides to kiss them.

“Gary boy please don’t make me cry.” I pulled my hands away and sat myself down on the sofa just behind me. “Lets do something fun tonight?” I didn’t want to stay here feeling sorry for ourselves. There was more to do than just cry the whole night. “why don’t we just have fun babe i hate being sad” I pulled him toward me so he could sit next to me. I wiped the tears from his cheeks and gave him a kiss. I made sure it was a long deep kiss. I didn’t want to stop there but my phone rang.

“Babe let’s go to R&B tonight and dance the night off before Gary Boy goes on the plane tomorrow!” It was Jane. I heard John and Tim’s voices in the background. “R&B it is babe. see you guys in a bit.”

I ended the call and pulled Gary to his feet. “come on babe get ready let’s go out and have some fun okay?” I pulled him toward me to give him a tight hug before going up the stairs. He ran up behind me and swept me off my feet. “Let’s go in there together” he was raising his eyebrows while looking over to the bathroom and giving me that cheeky look he always had when he wanted something.

“oh no you don’t Gary boy” I shook my head smiling at him begging him not to bring me in there. “oh yes I do” he laughed and walked toward the bathroom just focusing his eyes on mine and closed the door behind us.

We drove off to R&B that night, Jane and the guys were waiting for us outside.”what took you guys so long huh?” Tim was pushing John’s shoulders againts his and raising his eyebrows in a teasing manner.

Gary walked over to Tim to whisper in his ear. Tim started laughing and slapped Gary on the shoulders “Ok bro i get it! Chill!” Gary put his arms over Tim and John’s shoulders gave me a wink and signalled us to go inside.

I walked with Jane and we followed them in. There was a hell of a crowd that night. “You guys have been MIA babe where did you guys go?” Jane was screaming in my ear as we headed inside. “It’s like you guys went on a honeymoon or something!” She laughed as she held my hand and pulled me toward an empty table where the guys were already sitting.

The lights were blinking and the neon lights were making me dizzy. I sat down and waited for the guys to order before signalling to Gary to help me order my drink. He walked over and sat in the chair next to me and put his arm around my waist. “You want to get a bottle or just a glass? we can share.” He screamed into my ear. I didn’t know what to get so i leaned over to Jane and asked her the same question. She signaled a bottle. I looked over to the guys and they just shrugged their shoulders. “Then bottle it is” I said to Gary and just in time as well because the waiter just happened to step in front of the table where we were sitting.

we danced and drank the night away and by the time we were done everyone was wasted including Jane. We walked over to the nearest mamak place and had a hot coffee before heading back.

“what time is your flight again Gary boy?” Jane asked before heading off that night.

“Umm 1pm, make sure you guys come okay!” Gary gave that please come look.

“Then 1pm it is we’ll be there 2 hours before” Jane said as she headed back to her car and drove off. John and Tim had left earlier and Jane said that she would ask them to come too.

That night I drove back to the beach house slowly. both of us were still tipsy from the drinks and i told him if he wanted me to drive i could take over the wheel. “okay babe i never seen u drive before. Why not?”

Sorry guys there is still a continuation on this chapter but i couldn’t think of what to write… I think I updated too much today. I’ll continue on Monday I promise…



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