The Anniversary (Chapter 11)

“Hey Lyn before you go over to the sandbar come here for a sec.” He asked me to hand over a few of the reports that I always do after I set up at sandbar and after our breaks later in the evening. We discussed on the changes that were going to be made with the management and we had to bring one of our bartenders up for promotion. I was to choose one of the guys at the cafe. That is not an easy task. I asked for some time to think about it.

After a quick conversation with David I walked over to the Sandbar . He sd he was actually doing me a favor by opening up both outlets. I got to Sandbar and everything was set up. Even the cafe was set up at the cafe side just then, the fruits for the juice bar, the teh tarik stand, coconut stand, the cocktail bar, well they wereall set up and ready to go. I was surprised.”what’s up with boss maam?” Berry asked me as we cleared the sand out of the bar. There was a storm last night and the sand always fills the bar at the chiller area. “he looked like he won the jackpot or something” berry was lifting the draft beer can so i could sweep the sand out from under the chiller.

“I guess he is just happy.” shrugging my shoulders I bent down to take a mug out if the chiller. I filled it up with ice and started to chew on the ice cubes one by one. Berry shook her head in disgust. It was a relief after having to walk from the hostel all the way to the outlet which is like 20minutes.

“how could u eat ice like that maam” she continued to set up the drinks into the chiller “like total brainfreeze much” she shiverred just saying that to me.

“Takes me off my stress Berry” I took a freddy knife from my bag and tore another ice bag to put the ice in the cooler where we kept extra chilled beer just in case the chillers were full. I loved knives every time I had a knife in my hand I would have this feeling of cutting myself and make myself bleed. I looked at the freddy knife in my hand. If only I could just use it and cut a bit on my arm… nah… i have been trying so hard to stop that habit. I can’t just cut again. I pushed the blade in and out …

“Lyn! Don’t you dare think about it! put that knife away babe!” I dropped the knife in shock and turned around. Gary was sitting right behind me at the bar. I looked at the time, 5pm are you kidding me? Don’t you ever get tired Gary boy? I said to myself. He was wearing a hooded jacket a small bandaid on his forehead. He wore the hood over his head and He had his glasses on. “come over here…” he signalled me to come over with his fingers. Me and Berry looked at each other. Berry held her hand over her mouth giggling.

I sighed and leaned over the bar toward him looking him straight in the eye whispering “please don’t do this during my working hours mr Gary boy, you know i don’t like playing around during working hours right?” i pinched his nose gave him a wink bent down and picked up the freddy knife placing it back into my bag. Out of the corner of my eye i could see him biting his lower lip like he always does when he didn’t like what I was doing. I decided to make him his favorite drink to ease him up. I made him his nescafe tarik and placed it in front if him so he could drink it.

I had to look after the bar till break coz Berry was alone. Jen had gone back to her hometown so David had adjusted the roster so there were enough people to cover each shift. I didn’t want Gary to be mad at me so i walked out of the bar and sat next to him when the crowd died down at 6pm. It was time for me to do the briefing at the cafe. “I’m heading to the cafe, briefing session, u wanna come?” I asked him holding his hand in one hand and pushing his hair away from his eyes with the other hand. I climbed up the side of the stool he was sitting on and whispered in his ears “you look sexy with those glasses on. I’ll be back okay sexy” i kissed him on the cheek before hopping down and walked my way to the Cafe.

From a distance I saw David had already started the briefing. There is something up with him today. It was like something had knocked some sense into him. I ran up to the group to join the briefing. David talked about the meeting we had and there were going to be changes in the management soon. He assigned everyone to their working stations and we went off for break.

I walked my way back to the sandbar with some of the guys coz they were on their way to the foodcourt for their break. My phone message notification started ringing so i checked my phone and let the guys go ahead while i walked to check on the girls at the bar. It was a text from Gary “waiting in the car”.

“ouch! He’s mad at me” i said to myself as i headed into the bar to get my bag. I took the knife out and threw it into the cashier drawer and headed out for break. I had a feeling this wasn’t gonna be a good night.

I took a deep breath as i opened the door and entered his car. I gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek. “hey sexy, what’s with the silence?” no answer. He started the engines and drove off. He drove to the other side of the beach and pulled over at the car park. He turned the engines off and lit a cigarette. I took a cigarette from his box and lit it too. I couldn’t stand the silence.

“babe? Is everything okay?” i threw my cigarette out his car window and turned toward him. “i’m sorry about just now…” i paused looked down at his hands while i played with his fingers. “i was just opening that ice bag. I didn’t even think about cutting myself okay”

“yeah rite!” he pulled his hand away to get his phone and fiddled with his phone. “i saw that look in your eye babe, that look everytime you have a knife in your hand… Pure evil” he put his phone down and sighed.

I didn’t know what to say. I tried so hard to prove to him and Jane that i can control myself and it had been ‘months’ since i cut myself. I turned toward him “babe… If you brought me over here just to tell me off i am just going to walk over to the foodcourt there and get something to eat coz i am starving. I only have 45minutes left to eat.” i tried to open the door but it was locked from Gary’s side. “Unlock the door Gary boy.” i felt tears coming and i wanted to get out of there. “Now! I mean it!”

I felt him hug me from behind and kiss me on the shoulder. “i’m sorry baby girl…” he pulled my face toward him “i’m just worried about u…i’ll go crazy if anything happened to you” He kissed me on the lips and my forehead before reaching into the back of his car and pulling up a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates. “surprise…i guess u forgot today was the day we met 5yrs ago babe”

OMG i totally forgot. No wonder he was sensitive. “awww u r so sweet” i gave him a hug. I ran my finger along his lips pulled his glasses off and kissed him. “you are the most…thoughtful…romantic guy…i have ever met…” i paused between the kiss to talk “i am just so in love with you right now” I pulled away from the kiss and cuddled close to him leaning my head on his shoulder. I turned to him and grinned “i’m hungry gary boy”

“I already bought food babe.” Again he reached to the back of the car to take the food.

“ermmm yumm chicken wing…what else you got back there?” i asked him as he put the chcken wing in my mouth. “You got doraemon or somethin behind there? and please let me feed myself babe, i’m not a baby anymore okay?” I took a chicken wing and bit into it. I closed my eyes and chewed on just enjoying every bite as i swallowed. I didn’t realize Gary was watching me. He was smiling. “what?” i didn’t care I was too hungry.

“i love it when you do that babe” Gary gave me a pat on head and got a chicken wing for himself to eat. “eat up ok i have to send u back to work.”

We ate as fast as we could and when we finished we just sat there looking at each other. I put Gary’s glasses back on. He hasn’t worn those glasses for a long time. “you need to wear these more babe, sexy glasses.” i teased him and finally gave him a final kiss which lasted a while. We finally pulled away from the kiss giggling at how funny it was that we had the same thought at the same time.

“we’re just made for each other i guess baby girl” he said as he drove back to the cafe. little did I know that this was going to be our last few nights together. i waved goodbye as he drove off into the night. Jane and the guys were not coming over tonight so I guess He will only come to pick me up later after work. Or maybe I would have to walk with the guys if he was too tired. I was okay with either way.

That night went by so slowly. There were not many customers and that just added more waiting time and by the time it was an hour before closing time everyone was so tired of doing nothing that Berry decided she wanted to pull a stunt so wild that a crowd of people crowded in front of the bar just to take a look at her.

She actually put the music on really loud, jumped on the bar and started dancing. She eventually pulled a few of the people from the crowd to come and dance with her on the bar. Eventually people started ordering and more people came to see her dance. I didn’t bother telling her to stop. I just got myself busy and just took the orders and prepared them for the customers.

I think the crowd caught David’s attention because soon I saw him walk toward us from a distance. The tables were full and people were still crowding in. I pulled at Berry’s legs to get her down from the bar before David saw her, But it was too late.

David stood at the front of the bar with his arms crossed in front of him. Berry froze in fear and didn’t move. I looked over to David and he called me to the back area.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” I don’t know whether he sounded annoyed or he was actually liking what Berry was doing on that bar. I signalled Berry to get off the bar. “no just let her stay there” I actually saw a smile coming from his serious face. I signalled Berry to keep going giving her a thumbs up sign.

“why didn’t i think of this? unbelievable.” He slapped me in the shoulder laughing “you girls are so unpredictable! keep this up and you guys will get another promotion. I want you to give me the sale reports and today you guys are open for an extra hour.”

Great! another miracle from the girls. I was actually happy we could open an extra hour since the customers still kept ordering. It actually didn’t end there. Suddenly Bill’s friends showed up. They had gathered in the corner end of the Sandbar and waved at me to come over to take the order. I looked at my Phone and we had another 15minutes before closing time. These guys always ordered cocktails and for cocktails we had to get them from the cafe area which was already closed.

I walked over to the table worried about what to say to them. “Hey Lyn cocktails still available?” i shook my head signalling that the main cafe outlet was closed. “well lets have hot drinks then. After agreeing to have teh tarik they specifically requested me to make each glass and of course i knew how each of them wanted their drinks to be since I always used to hang with them.

I asked Berry to send the drinks over after making them. My Phone was ringing so I went to the back area to answer. It was Gary. He was talking so fast I couldn’t understand him. “hey gary boy slow down. take a deep breath. I can’t understand you.”


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