Super Laziness OVERLOAD!!!!

I don’t know why my brain doesn’t seem to be working. I can’t seem to think of anything to add on to chapter 13. Maybe because I only have 1 off day this week because of the shift change. O yeah I kind of forgot to set my brain to the new shift. I was originally working the 1am-10am shift and now I am working the 9pm-6am shift… and I only had 1 off day last week which was Sunday… My kids are at home and luckily my sister was kind enough to be a babysitter. I don’t know how i would have the kids with me for only one day and then send them back the next day. I can imagine how upset Adrian would be.

I think I need some time to think of what to write next in the story. Let me just update what we did on Sunday. We actually went to pick up the kids at the babysitters really late because my sister was working the morning shift which meant that she got off work at 4.30pm. We got at the babysitters place at 5pm something. The kids just woke up from their nap and didn’t bathe yet. My sister and I were hungry, so we decided we would eat out for the night. I was sleeping the whole day so i got nothing done. No cooking, no baking, no house cleaning. Laziness alert much!!!! Oh gosh total laziness overload!!! EEerrrkkk!

We went home first to give the kids a bath and then we headed out to Paradigm Mall just nearby, and decided we would go to “THE CHICKEN RICE SHOP”. Hahahaha maybe I can do a bit of a review of the food there too. Parking at paradigm was never easy. We had to go around like more than 5 times until we got a parking spot and by the time we got out of the car the kids were restless. Amsyar was throwing a tantrum and Adrian just wanted to go out of the car. When we got to “THE CHICKEN RICE SHOP” there were already Menu’s on the table so the 2 boys got hold of the menus and started pointing to everything that was on the Menu.

We got a meal for the kids and 1 meal each for me and my sister.

This is what we ordered:
1x kids meal
Rice balls and roast chicken meal
Included a few rice balls
some fried dumplings and a small part of roasted chicken.
It also included 1 glass of soya bean

2x roasted chicken and rice

Side orders:
Kerabu mangga
pai tee

I liked everything but the Kailan. Totally not enough sauce. My sister said it looked like i was eating trees. Hahahahaha… yeah it really did feel like i was eating trees and a lot of them too. I ended up ordering extra rice because Amsyar was a big eater and so was I (Guilty).

We actually finished everything except the Kailan. I am not going to order that ever again. If any of you are planning to go and have lunch or dinner at chicken rice shop please don’t order Kailan! Not recommended! Everything else was good.

After dinner we went to Popular because my sister said she wanted to buy stationery. Refills for her markers or pens or something for her outlet. She worked at Starbucks Coffee as a person in charge so she had to do a lot of stuff too. She didn’t find what she was looking for but we just walked into a sale here! So we decided to buy something for the kids. We went to the toddlers section and let the kids wonder around there and yes they picked what they wanted of course!

After that we went home and it didn’t take long for the kids to fall asleep, tired from the travelling i guess, but overall it was a fun night anyway.

Till the next post guys!
thanks for reading please leave a comment!


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