The Return…. (Chapter 14)

It was already a week after Gary left. There was still no news from him. I was cutting a coconut order that evening when my phone suddenly started ringing. “wtf!” I nearly cut my finger off when the phone vibrated in my pocket. “It must be Gary” I thought to myself. I quickly put a straw and a spoon in the coconut and put it on the bar for Jen to take to the customer. I ran to the back area quickly took my phone out of my pocket and checked the caller ID. Unknown number but not from overseas. “who could this be?” I answered the call and to my surprise it was Bill.

“Where have you been? Why only call now?” I asked him after listening to him talk without saying a word. He said that something came up and he had to go back to his hometown because one of his friends had some issues over there. Bill was a guy with a lot of excuses. He would always put his friends first ahead of me. Everytime we planned something he would cancel it if something came up with his friends. I was still angry with him but I didn’t know if I still had any feelings for him as a boyfriend. After what he did? I didn’t know what to say anymore.

“So you decided to just disappear and not say anything to me? what do you expect me to think hey?” I ended the call and went back to work. He tried to call again but i just ignored his calls, put the phone in the cash register and locked it in there so i couldn’t hear the damn thing.

It wasn’t very busy so I decided to smoke at the back area just watching the beach where people were walking around, swimming, running around, taking photos, there were couples walking around holding hands… My thoughts suddenly went back to the times I had with Gary. “I miss you Gary boy, I hope you call me soon.” Gary had told me he might not be able to call me when he got there because he had a lot of things to take care of. I asked Tim and John the day before when they came over with Jane if Gary had contacted them and they too hadn’t heard from him yet.

I was startled by the sound of David’s voice coming from inside the bar. “what’s up Lyn? How’s your sister? you found her yet?” I just shook my head and looked out at the waves at the beach. “hey 6pm you don’t need to come over for briefing you guys do your own briefing here and text me on the updates of the briefing okay? Don’t think too much okay i have to go.” I looked at him walk back to the cafe as I myself walked back into the bar to check my phone.

At last Bill stopped calling. There were at least 20 missed calls. I didn’t care,he didn’t even care what happened to me when he left without a word. Suddenly my phone started ringing again and this time it was Sam. He had been sending me texts quite frequently these past 2 days. Berry always got excited if he sent me texts and I would always tell her that i would tell sam that she had the hots for him if she didn’t shut up. That always worked. I answered the call and he said they were going to come over to the bar later in the evening with Ryan and their friends. I told him that he can come over with his friends anytime as long as we were opened. I told him I couldn’t talk for long during working hours and we ended the call.

I could see Berry walking over from the food court. She had to come in late today because she had classes in the afternoon and of course I had to tell her that Sam just gave me a call. “What? Awww y didn’t he wait till I came? That is so unfair ma’am!” She had that unsatisfied look on her face. I laughed and walked out of the bar to signal to Jen that we were going to have briefing at the bar today. “Girls, David decided that we also have to have a Briefing over here as well even though we are just a small part of the cafe over there, he actually said we were operating on our own now! Give yourselves a pat on the shoulders!” I talked about the new management system and how I was in charge of everything at the Sand bar from now on and even though I do need to go back and forth to the cafe every now and then my main focus would be at the Sand bar. After 15 minutes we went for break. Sharon and Berry stayed at the Bar while I went with Jen to the food court.

To my surprise Bill was there. Great! now I have to face him and his lame excuses. “Ok go ahead Jen I will go with Bill you can go eat with the guys from the cafe.” I walked over to where he was sitting and sat down opposite him. “What do you want?” I glared at him just to show that I didn’t want him there. I would usually sit next to him if he came over but I didn’t feel like sitting next to him anymore. He was no longer my boyfriend. He is just another guy to me now.

“Don’t you miss me?” he said trying to grab my hand. I slapped his hand away “How dare you ask me that question Bill? What do you think I am? A doll that you can just leave behind and come back to anytime you please? Sorry but we are over!” I got up and walked towards the guys to join them for break. Before I could reach the guys he stepped in front of me and whispered in my ear “You better come with me or else!” He was grabbing my hand and pulling it toward him as he walked toward his car. I didn’t want  to cause any chaos at the food court so i just followed him.

“HEY! what was that all about?” I pulled my hand away when we got to his car. “Don’t you dare interrupt me when I am doing something Bill!” I was so angry at him that I didn’t care about the people who were walking around at the parking area. “Who the hell do you think you are telling me what to do when you just left without a word? And you come back expecting me to just fall into your arms again? Just get lost and don’t come back okay?!” I was on my tiptoe and facing him looking him right in the eye. “If you think I am scared of you, You are totally wrong Mister! You are messing with the wrong girl!” Before I knew it I saw his arm pull back and try to hit me. He had done this before but I was so used to it that I learnt to just stop his hand before it reached me.

As I lifted my arm to stop his arm from hitting me I felt something or was it someone pulling me from behind. “Hey! you don’t just simply hit girls bro! what is your problem?” I turned around to see Bob and his friends. He pulled me behind him so he could face Bill. “Just scram bro before we do anything to you! Go!”

“I am not done with you yet Lyn!”I heard Bill say as he walked to his car and drove off.

“Girl are you okay? Don’t tell me that is your boyfriend because if he is you better just dump him okay” He had his hands on my shoulders.

“I’m fine Guys. He WAS my boyfriend but not after today. I just dumped him that was why he was so mad.” I said watching Bill’s car drive off in a distance.

“Wanna join us for dinner? we were just heading off when we saw you guys here. You were pretty brave standing up against him like that? hahaha” He patted me on the head and smiled. “By the way have you found your sister yet? How’s your dad?” That question was what I didn’t want to hear from anyone right now.

“No Bob, I haven’t, I don’t know where to start looking. She just disappeared. My dad still can’t accept the fact she did that and he is still threatening to leave us” I paused as I heard his friends calling him from a distance. I told him i couldn’t join them because i was working and had to go back to work soon. I saw them get into Bob’s car and waved as he drove off. I walked back and joined the guys just in time too because they were just starting to eat. I ordered my usual wattan ho and lime drink.

After break we went back to work and just as i get to the sand bar I saw Ryan waving from the table. They already had already ordered and started drinking. I walked into the bar and got myself a glass of water. Berry was in the corner staring at Sam. I could see that twinkle in her eye. I walked over to where she stood and whispered in her ear “Berry you want me to tell him you like him?” She stood straight and walked toward the bar. I followed her from behind giggling. “I told you the floor is to check if the customers need anything and not to check out the customers” I looked at her and she nodded. “Look over there Berry someone wants to order” I pointed to Ryan’s Table. Berry hurried to the table after talking to Ryan she looked at me and called me over.

I walked over to the table and Ryan pulled my hand so he could whisper in my ear. “Hey we’re going to Shan’s tonight I know you’re getting off early. Join us.” I looked over to Sam who was sitting right next to Ryan who was fiddling with his phone at that time.

“Hey Lyn I am talking to you!” once again he pulled at my arm. I laughed. “I’ll think about it okay Ryan”. I knew Jane and the guys wont be coming tonight and I didn’t have anything else to do anyway plus it was my off day tomorrow, but I wasn’t in the mood for partying. “You guys want to order more drinks?” I tried to change the topic but then Sam started to talk.

“Please Lyn come and join us. It’ll be fun. You can bring your friends if you want. we wont eat you.” I was having second thoughts now. I need to take my mind off Gary for a while. Without thinking I walked over to the bar took a bucket of beer and walked back to the table. “Here guys this is on me and Okay I will join you guys but you have to send me back to the hostel I need to get dressed up before joining you.” I saw Ryan’s face light up as he smiled and gave Sam a high 5.

“okay, Sam will take you to the hostel later and we’ll wait for you both at Shan’s.” Ryan was smiling as he took another sip from the mug in front of him. I looked at the time and it was already half past eight. I decided it was time for me to visit David and the boys at the cafe. I signalled to Ryan and Sam that I needed to go and started walking to the Cafe slowly. Usually there would be people selling stuff on the side-walk. They would sell lights, toys and stuff that kids like to play with. The beach was full of people, and everywhere I turned there were kids running around.

“Hey Lyn!” I saw David waving at me from his table. He was sitting with his friends. “Have you decided who we gonna promote?” he said as i approached his table. O darn I forgot about that. I shook my head and signaled that I had to go over to the bar where Harry was and walked off.

“Hey buddy, can you pass me the reports for the sand bar. I need to get off early today so i want to finish it off.” Harry headed inside the office and came back with a few pieces of paper. “Maam I heard your boyfriend is back.” He looked at me with a smile.

“Wow! news travel fast” I said sighing as I read the papers and filled in the empty spots with the report details. “Yeah and FYI he is no longer my boyfriend.! I just dumped him” I looked at him with a smile. “well I have to go now. I think it’s going to be peak hours at sand bar soon. See you at the hostel later and happy working.”


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