The Night Out (Chapter 15)

We were on the way to Shan’s in Sam’s car. It felt awkward being in the car with someone else other than Gary and it was silent the whole way to Shan’s. I didn’t want to start a conversation and even if Sam said something I would just answer with a yes or a no or just a word. Sam pulled over into a parking spot just opposite Shan’s and I could see Ryan and his friends waiting outside smoking their cigarettes and talking.

“Let’s go Lyn?” I looked at Sam as he bent down on my side of the car with the door opened. “Oo sorry,” I said as I stepped out of the car “kind of day dreaming” I gave him a grin and followed him. He held my hand as we crossed the busy road heading to Shan’s. I pulled my hand away as we reached the group. As soon as Ryan saw us he signalled for us to go in. I wanted to bring Jane along but she was busy with something today and said that John and Tim would be over there so they can keep an eye if something happened.

I searched the area to see if John or Tim were there but they were nowhere to be seen. I texted John to check. “Sorry babe something came up can’t come over. Tim is not in town”

Great! now I am here with this group of guys and noone to help me out if something went wrong. I had to be more cautious now. I thought to myself. They ordered a few jugs of beer. I guess most of them were already tipsy since they were already drinking at Sandbar just then. I just sat there feeling really weird but it had been a while since I went out with other people other than Jane, Gary, John and Tim.

I had a few mugs of beer before I was into the music and the guys were just talking amongst themselves and laughing at their lame jokes. I smoked a cigarette and looked over to the Djay stand where I could see Jeremy mixing the songs and playing the tunes for the night. He was a friend of mine from school, he waved at me from far and I waved back. I ordered a glass of JD on the rocks from the bar and went back to the table where the guys were. After that glass the music got better I think Jeremy still remembers the music that I liked. He smiled at me from a distance and I gave him the thumbs up sign in return.

The music was so good I had to get up and dance. I walked over to the center of the dance floor where there was a crowd of people dancing. I started dancing and I didn’t notice Sam was dancing behind me. I turned around and found myself facing him. I decided to just go on dancing and put my arms around his neck just over his shoulders and danced. Usually when Jane and I went out we would just dance with anyone so this is what I was doing. There were too many people on the dance floor and we were being pushed together. Soon we were so close I can see his chin in my face. It was a very akward position. I don’t know why but my heart was racing I looked up and Sam was just looking down into my eyes. He shrugged his shoulders and started pushing the people away with his arm. It was no use everyone was too busy dancing. I gave him the it’s ok signal and we continued dancing and the crowd only cleared a bit after that song.

“Sorry about just now. I didn’t mean to get that close.” Sam whispered into my ear as we walked back toward the table. I didn’t bother to answer. It wasn’t his fault anyway. I asked the waiter for another mug and poured a can of beer into it. I never used a mug that i left on the table just in case someone put something in it. I do party alot but I am always careful no matter how drunk I was. I took a cigarette and looked for my lighter but couldn’t find it. I took Sam’s and started smoking. I was getting really tipsy from all the drinks and I couldn’t stand straight. I felt Sam pull me in front of where he was sitting to keep me from falling over. “whoa! are you ok?” I put my hands in front of my face trying to regain control and trying to keep standing straight but I couldn’t. I circled my arms around his neck and leaned on him for support. He was around about the same height as Gary boy so In a sitting position I could just rest my head on his shoulder if I was standing and that was what I did.

The next song was one of my favourite songs so I wasn’t going to sit on this one. “Sam can we just dance here please I love this song.” I screamed into Sam’s ear. I just saw him nod put his arms around my waist and stood up. “girl are you sure ur okay?” he screamed into my ear.

“uh no” I screamed laughing.

He just smiled and shook his head and said “Just make sure you don’t fall over k”

I just nodded and closed my eyes dancing to the song and hanging on to him on his waist. After the song he sat back down on the stool. I turned around and faced the table with my back to him and leaned onto him for support. I was really tipsy and really I couldn’t stand up properly. I checked my phone and it was still early just a bit past midnight and I am already this drunk? OMG i need to get out of here before things get out of control. I reached out for my mug for another drink but Sam pulled my hand away. I turned around to look at him. “that’s enough Lyn” He had his arm around my waist and my hand in the other. I smiled at him and told him it was the last drink and I grabbed the mug and drank everything in it. I faced him and leaned my head on his shoulder for support. My head was spinning and I didn’t know how long my legs could support myself I felt my knees buckle and felt myself falling but Sam was quick enough to keep me standing.  “that’s it. no more drinks for u girl.” he brushed my hair away from my eyes and pulled me close to keep me from falling.

After a while I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I leaned on the sink for support looking at my face in the mirror. “Damn girl you look like shit!” I washed my face and walked out. Sam was waiting outside and he walked with me following me from behind. “You want to go?” He asked me when we reached the table. I looked at the time and it was nearly 2am. I was hungry and my head was still spinning so I just nodded and signalled for him to go outside.

I waved at Jeremy on my way out and waited for Sam outside. There were a few guys outside and the minute I stepped out of the door all their eyes were on me. Maybe I should have waited for Sam. As I turned around to get back inside one of them stepped in front of me “hey beautiful… going somewhere?” I didn’t bother answering. I stepped away and kept walking towards the door. The guy pulled my hand back so hard I stopped and he made me turn around to face him. “not so fast…” he brushed my hair away from my face but i slapped his hand away “ooo u r one rough girl” he said grinning. I was starting to panic where is Sam?

“Get your hands of her! she’s with me!” Sam pushed the guy away and pulled me toward him. “are you okay?” I just nodded and held on to him for dear life. We walked back to his car and he opened the door for me as o got inside. “You sure your okay? He didn’t do anything to you right?” I couldn’t answer my heart was still racing. I leaned back and closed my eyes as I felt him drive off. “Ryan and the guys are meeting us up at the Cafe Rio u okay with that?” I was starving so I just nodded.

Like before, the ride to Cafe Rio was silent. I had kept my eyes closed the whole way and my mind was drifting again. Gary was back in my mind. I think I just missed him too much. I sighed and opened my eyes just to find us still stuck in traffic.

“what? at this time of night?” I said looking out the window.

“I guess there’s an accident in front somewhere” Sam said fiddling with the radio “i thought you were sleeping.”

His phone started ringing and he was speaking to Ryan who was also stuck in traffic. I think they were going to change plans. “we’re going to another place Lyn, Ryan says we’re going to eat somewhere else.” I just nodded and closed my eyes again. I reached into my bag for my cigarettes and lit one. “where are we going sam?” I was curious to know because Cafe Rio was usually where everbody went. I didn’t know anywhere else but maybe a mamak stall. “I’m not sure what the place is called but it’s just around the corner there just after the traffic light.”

“Where are you from Sam? you mean you don’t really know the places here?” I asked him out of curiosity. It seemed that Sam was away for the past few years to study and he just got back a few weeks back just a few days before we met at Sandbar. There were too many changes where we lived so it wasn’t a surprise that he didn’t really know the name of the places. “I know my way around but sometimes I need to refresh my memory so i can remember” that was what he said as we turned after the traffic light.

I never went to this place before but it looked quite good and there were a lot of people here too. “hey I’ve never been here before.” I said as he pulled over in front of the place. It was called Dunkin’s Place. I was starving and I couldn’t wait to go and order. We headed to an empty table to wait for the others and I grabbed the menu and started to order. “damn i am starving” I said as I looked over the items available on the menu to order.

By the time Ryan and his friends arrived I had finished eating and me and Sam were just finished with our pool game. I would rather play pool than start a conversation with him now. I actually felt more comfortable that way. I was really tired by now and I asked Ryan if it was okay for me to go home. Ryan just looked over to Sam “hey why are you asking him Ryan? I thought I asked you right?” I slapped him on the shoulder and looked over at Sam who was just about to stand up and pay for the meal. He had his car keys in his hand.

I was still a bit tipsy from the drinks we had earlier and nearly fell over again while walking down the steps toward Sam’s car. “be careful clumsy” I heard Sam giggle as he grabbed my arm to keep me from falling. I just smiled and opened the door to get inside the car.


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