Sam’s First Move (Chapter 16)

“Hey Lyn!” I turned to see Ryan Running up the walkway from his outlet to the cafe. I had just finished setting up the Cafe and was on the way to Sandbar to open up. “I thought you are off today?” He was scratching his head as he walked beside me.

“I am” I said as i kept walking toward the bar. “Why?” Ryan was always asking me about what time I worked lately.

“There’s a football game today live on TV I know you love football let’s go and watch later after work?” It made me wonder why he is being like this. Is he asking me out? Darn I have too man boy problems already. I gave him curios look and kept walking.

“Chelsea is playing?” He said again. Before he could continue I stopped walking and turned to him. “Are you asking me out Ryan?” He grinned and kept scratching his head.

“umm actually Sam told me to ask you” I was really surprised why Sam didn’t ask me himself.

“really?” I asked as I continued walking. He followed me from behind and walked faster to catch up to me. “I’ll call him later okay Ryan” I said as I walked into the bar to unlock the chillers and check the stock. Ryan was sitting at the stool in front of the bar. “Do you want anything to drink? What time do you start work anyway?” I said turning on the hot water for the hot drinks.

“Actually I am finished and just about to leave. Yeah can you get me a teh tarik please. The way you always make it?” He was giving me that cheeky grin again. I didn’t waste time, as soon as the water boiled I made his drink and placed it on the bar in front of him. We were just talking when Berry arrived.

“sorry ma’am I’m late. The bus was so slow. Hi Ryan” She ran into the bar put her bag on the floor where we kept our bags took the broom and went ot the floor to start sweeping the sand. I just smiled and continued talking toRyan.

“I am going to send Sam a text now Ryan” I told him as i pressed the send button on my phone.

“Why can’t he just call me or something? I don’t eat people you know” Ryan actually knew that I was with Bill and he didn’t know I already broke up with him. He just smiled as he enjoyed the drink and soon he left.

Sharon arrived a few minutes after that running toward the bar because she was late. “Ma’am sorry the bus was slow” she put her bag down and ran toward Berry and helped her out with the tables.

“what is it with the busses?” I said as I cleared the sand from the sink and the floor in the bar. I walked to the back area for a smoke and automatically my mind drifted off back into time.

“How could you do this Lyn! Do you know how much I have spent for your fees and this is what you do?” My dad was furious. My discipline teacher actually called him and told him that he caught me smoking with my school uniform on at a shopping complex. I had my Head of Prefect Blazer on and this caused the school a lot of problems. Not only that he also reported that I had missed school for 3 months and only came during school parliamentary sittings because I was the Chief minister of the school Government. My Dad was working overseas at that time and he only came back once a year for a long holiday. But this time he was coming back in 2 days because the discipline teacher called him. “You are one troubled child Lyn. I wish you were never born” he hung up the call and I was left looking at the phone in dismay. Tears in my eyes I looked over at Gary who was sitting beside me on the sidwalk of the shopping mall where we hung out all the time.

“what’s wrong babe? Why are you crying?” I didn’t bother answering him. I just looked down resting my head on my arms and knees and cried my heart out. Gary was rubbing my back trying to comfort me. I didn’t feel like talking. I looked up wiped my tears and took a deep breath. “Let’s get out of here Gary boy!” I grabbed his hand and pulled him up. I could see the confusion in his face. I turned and walked away from him. “Be slow and you’ll get left behind” I said as I walked toward a bus just stopping at the bus stop in front of us.

“Hey Lyn! wait up!” I heard Gary run from behind. “where are we going?” i just keptwalking and stopped when he pulled at my bag.

“just follow and shut up okay.” i turned around and kept walking into the bus going to the beach. I heard him sigh as he followed me into the bus. I kept quiet all the way to the beach and got off on the 2nd stop where the stalls were. I walked straight to the corn and peanut stall with Gary tagging along behind me. After buying some boiled peanuts I walked over to the small huts at the park just opposite the stalls and took a seat. Gary was still running to catch up with me.

“slow down babe!” Gary was panting by the time he reached me. He sat next to me and took my backpack off my shoulders to put it on the table behind us. “what’s up? please tell me. I can’t stand looking at you like this babe.” He pulled me closer and put his arm over my shoulders and pulled my chin to make me look at him. I couldn’t talk. I just put my head on his shoulder and cried. “sshhh, tell me babe, what is it?” He gave me a hug and just held me like that. I didn’t want to talk and soon I had peanuts in my mouth and was looking at the beach watching the waves hit the sand over and over again.

“Lyn? are you okay?” Gary’s voice broke the silence “you haven’t said a word since we got here. you are getting me all worried.”

“i’m fine” i sighed putting more peanuts into my mouth. “Mr. Zainal reported me to my dad…” I paused “and now my dad wished I was never born.” I felt tears filling up my eyes again so i wiped them away and stuffed more peanuts into my mouth. “I think I’m suspended Gary boy.”

“Is your dad coming?” he asked me brushing my hair away from my eyes. I just nodded and kept eating the peanuts just looking at the beach. I reached into th plastic to find no more peanuts in the bag. I looked at Gary and smiled at him. I didn’t have to ask. “Okay wait here I’ll get more don’t go anywhere”

“Thanks babe you’re the best!” I said giving him a hug. It didn’t take long for him to come back with more peanuts. I was resting my head on the table and I saw him coming from a distance.

“Looks like it’s gonna rain babe.” he said placing the bag of peanuts on the table. I wasn’t listening as usual because I was more focused on the nuts. I kept stuffing more and more nuts into my mouth and just kept eating. Before we knew it the wind started blowing really hard and the rain came down really heavily. We were stuck in the hut and we were both soaking wet. My hair was all over the place and the peanuts were soaked too. I was freezing and kept close to Gary to keep warm.

It took about half an hour before the wind died down but the rain didn’t stop. I felt I was going to freeze to death then. I couldn’t bare the cold, if I was too cold I would get my asthma attacks. I was still okay but I was shiverring and I could see the concerned look on Gary’s face. He had seen me when I had my asthma attack and it isn’t easy to see someone sufferring I can tell you that.

“Babe you okay?” he was rubbing my arms and my back with his hands. “You are shiverring like crazy!” I just nodded and kept hugging him. I saw him grab his phone and soon he was talking to his driver. I always told him i prefer taking public transport but in this weather there was no other option. “Don’t forget to bring some towels and extra shirts.” I heard him say before hanging up. He took his sweater from his bag and handed it to me. “Here put this over yourself and take that wet shirt off” I did as I was told and I felt better having a dry sweater on instead of the wet shirt I had on just then.

His driver arrived 30 minutes later bringing some towels and umbrellas and plastic bags. Gary asked him to wait in the car while we got changed at the public toilets. I was still feeling cold after changing and I could hear my breath wheezing. “darn please don’t come” I said to myself as I walked out of the toilet. I saw Gary waiting for me with his umbrella and gave me one so we didn’t need to share an umbrella. I followed him from behind as we looked for his car and his driver.

We both sat at the back seat. I could see Gary checking on me from time to time. “You want to stay over at my place babe? Mom said she’s making steaming hot chicken soup.” The thought of staying home alone at a time like this wasn’t really what I wanted. I just nodded and didn’t say a word. I still had the towel wrapped around me and by the time we reached Gary’s house at the beach side the wheezing of my breathing caught Gary’s attention.

“Lyn? are you okay? I can hear you breathing.” he said as he opened his door to get out of his side of the car. I got out too and followed him from behind. His mom was at the door and she didn’t look surprised to see me there. “Hi Lyn, how are you?” She said taking our backpacks and putting them behind the door near the staircase leading up to the bedrooms.

“I’m fine aunty. Sorry for coming without informing. The weather was really bad just then” I said walking in after Gary. He was already sitting at the sofa watching TV. Gary’s mom told us she made us some hot chocolate and will be taking it to the living room for us. It was getting really hard for me to breath so I went to the bathroom. I locked the door behind me and put the toilet bowl cover down and sat down just trying to relax myself and stop myself from getting an asthma attack.

Soon I heard Gary knocking on the door. “Lyn? Babe is everything okay in there?” How does this guy know there was something wrong? “yup I’m fine babe will be out in a bit” I said trying to sound as okay as I could. I quickly flushed the toilet and washed my face making sure I had the cover back up before getting out.

I stepped out and surely there he was standing right outside the door just waiting for me to come out. “Everything okay babe?” I was shocked. I thought you went to watch TV” I said just giving him a nod to his answer. I sighed and walked ahead to the living room and sat myself down on the sofa.

“Guys I’m heading out to go buy stuff for dinner okay just make yourselves comfortable and don’t do anything silly okay.” Gary’s mom walked past toward the door and soon she was gone. I took a sip from the hot chocolate in front of me and watched the tv.

“i know you are not okay babe?” Gary’s was sitting right next to me and drinking his hot chocolate. He rubbed his hand up and down my back. “just tell me if you need anything okay.” I just nodded. I didn’t know what else to say. Suddenly I felt a cold thrill down my back. It was so cold I nearly dropped my mug. “Oh shit!” I didn’t realise i had said that and Gary who was sitting next to me jumped in shock too. I put my mug on the coffee table in front of me and touched the back of my neck. “OMG! I just felt something cold go down my back and it hurts like heck!” I turned to Gary who quickly looked down the back of my shirt. “Hey!” I pushed him away. “I didn’t ask you to look down my shirt Gary Boy!”

“Sorry I didn’t mean to. I was just checking coz you said it hurt! Are you okay.” I was already standing up and just pulling at the shirt so the thing could go down and out the bottom. But the pain didn’t go away. It hurt from the neck downward. I grabbed Gary’s hand and put it on the back of my neck. Gary pulled his hand away. “Damn your neck is cold like Ice.” He ran off to get some warm water and a cloth and put it on the back of my neck. It hurt so much that I was crying, I signalled Gary for my inhaler which was in my bag behind the door. He ran over to get it and was back really quick. I wasn’t supposed to use the inhaler anymore but I couldn’t help it because of the sudden shock. I felt the relief after inhaling the first puff. I had to put like 4 puffs before I was feeling okay, but the pain down my neck was so bad I couldn’t talk. Gary had run upstairs to take a thick blanket for me and he had wrapped me up like a cocoon. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“how could you laugh at a time like this Silly” Gary was giving me that annoyed look. One of his eyebrows were up and he had this frown on his face. I covered my face with the blanket and just laughed silently. I felt him pull the blanket off my face. “are you okay?” I just pulled the blanket back over my face and told him to leave me alone.

“Go away and drink your hot chocolate or watch TV or something!” I said enjoying the warmth of the blanket. The pain was still there but it was not as painful as when it just started.

The vibrating of my phone in my pocket startled me and I was still sitting at the back area staring at the beach. It was Bill he had been texting me all morning. I pressed the reject button and dialled Sam’s number.

“Hey, Ryan told me u wanted to watch the Match later on? What’s with the message passing dude? I don’t eat people okay.” I giggled waiting for him to answer.

“He really asked you?” he laughed and continued “i was just saying it to him but since he already told you, then why not?”

I don’t know why I agreed but yeah I was going to watch the match with Sam and his guys tonight.


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