How did you know? (Chapter 17)

“Goal!!!” I stood up in delight and clapped as Chelsea scored another goal. I turned around and Sam was also up he looked at me and we gave each other a high 5. “Sorry I am like this when I watch a match, even when I am alone.” I grinned and looked around us. The majority of the people at the restaurant were all Man U fans. “oopsss.” I said covering my mouth with my hand, shrugged and sat back down on my seat.

I took a sip from my drink and sat down as we continued to watch the match which was in the last half. My phone rang and it was Bob on the line. “Hey girl you free next week my boys and I were thinking of going over to the bar and doing a birthday party for my friend here. Hope you can join us” I marked the date in my important dates on my phone and told Bob that I would text him for any updates.

“who’s that” Sam asked as I hung up the call after talking to Bob for a few minutes.

“just a customer at the bar, he wants to book the place for his friend’s birthday next week. I have check the dates so need to give him a call back later to update.” I smiled and kept watching the game when my phone rang again and this time it was my dad. “uh oh” my heart skipped a beat. “what now?” I didn’t know whether to answer or not. I haven’t found Grace yet and I was scared. I looked over to Sam and he gave me a shrug.

“Just answer it. what’s wrong?” He stood up and went toward the counter i guess to buy cigarrettes. I quickly answered the call. “yes dad, what’s up?” I wasn’t expecting a good answer and the question that I dreaded suddenly came around.

“hey lyn, everything is up except your sister. Have you found her yet. I am getting sick of waiting you know?” I bit my lip and kept quiet waiting for what he was going to say next. “Why are you quiet? I know you haven’t even started looking yet. Just mark my words young lady. If you don’t find your sister soon you wont be seing your dad anymore and you have to take my place in looking after your mom, aunt and siblings if i leave okay.” He hung up the call and again I was left looking at the phone in dismay. i felt my eyes swell up with tears. I tried to hold the tears back and lit up a cigarette trying to focus on the game. I saw Ryan looking at me from across the table. I felt him kick my leg and asked me what’s wrong. I just shook my head and continued smoking. I didn’t realise Sam was watching me the whole time.

“What happened? who was that?” Sam’s question was what i didn’t want to answer. I suddenly felt like crying and I needed to get out of there before they saw the other side of me “sorry guys i have to go.” I stood up and walked toward the nearest bus stop. Before I could reach the bus stop I felt someone pull my arm back.

“hey Girl, what’s wrong, you don’t just walk away on people like that okay?” I was already crying and I didn’t feel like talking so I looked down and just sat myself down at the sidewalk like I always did when I didn’t know what to do. I felt Sam sit down beside me. “You want to tell me about it?” he said pushing my shoulder with his. “you want to go somewhere else I can go and get the car and we can get out of here okay.” I just nodded I saw him get up and walk off and after a minute I saw his car driving up in front of me. I stood up and went into his car. I looked out the window on my side of the car and focused on the view outside trying to avoid any conversation with Sam. He drove on toward the beach and stopped at the parking lot where Gary always took me. He handed me his cigarrette box and a lighter. I immediately took one stick and lit it looking out toward the beach.

“I know what’s going on.” I heard Sam talk after a few minutes of silence. “I can help you look for her you know.” I was shocked. How did he know? I looked at him in shock and sat up. “don’t ask me how i know okay, i just know.” He smiled and lit his cigarette. I don’t know why but Sam was a guy you can get attracted to quite quickly and yeah I was actually getting attracted to him. I was trying to avoid though because I still had Gary on my mind. “you want to tell me about it Lyn?” I was getting uncomfortable but since no one was around I thought I could start by telling him what happened just then. I told him what my dad told me and I needed to find my sister as soon as possible.

“why don’t we start tomorrow?” he said suddenly. “Just go to where she works and ask her friends to tell her to call you. she knows your number right?” I never thought of that. I was actually smiling now and I was feeling better. I sighed as I leaned myself back on the seat and threw my cigarette out the window.

“Anyway” I paused, I really wanted to know how he found out my sister ran away from home. “How did you know about my sister Sam?” I asked him looking him right in the eye. He was fiddling with his phone. He looked up at me and smiled giving me a shrug.

“I could see it in your eyes I guess.” He said giggling. “your face shows a whole lot of emotions even if you don’t talk you know.” He added smiling at me.

“no Sam, seriously” I was not buying that answer “How did you know? do you know people I know?” I was getting more confused every minute.

“okay, remember that night when we went to Shan’s and you were leaning on my shoulder for support? you were talking about your sister and your dad and this guy named Gary boy or something” He smiled at me and added “I knew you didn’t mean to say all that but the music was not loud that time and I kinda heard everything that you said.” My face suddenly felt hot with embarrassment and I never realised that I talked about my problems when I was drunk.

“OMG! really?” I covered my face in embarrassment and laughed. “sorry I didn’t mean to drag you into my mess okay Sam. I never thought I would talk about that stuff when I’m drunk.” I looked down fiddling with my hands and I really was getting restless when suddenly I felt Sam pull my chin up to look at him.

“hey chin up okay? we will find your sister” he smiled at me and patted me on the head “you don’t need to be embarrassed about anything okay and stop blushing” he said laughing. OMG he was really making me blush like heck and I couldn’t help but laugh and looked away from him scared he would see me blush even more. I checked the time on my Phone and it was already 1am and I was getting hungry. “i’m kinda hungry Sam can we go get something to eat” I said as I put the phone back into my pocket. Before he could answer his phone rang.

“she’s fine okay she’s with me and we are heading to Cafe Rio to get something to eat you wanna join?” It was Ryan he was updating us on who won the match and asking Sam about me. “that was ryan being a worry wart” he said hanging up the call. “he worries about everyone except himself” he started to drive off to Cafe rio and surely there was ryan waiting for us already starting to eat what he ordered.

He waved at us with a smile as he continued eating. The roads were busy tonight and yeah as usual Sam held my hand while we crossed the road. I hit him on the shoulder “I am not a kid anymore okay i can cross the road without you holding my hand.” He laughed as he walked toward Ryan and sat himself next to Ryan calling the waiter over for the menu.

I didn’t know what to order so I asked Ryan and Sam to order for me. “let’s just order something for the both of us okay” Sam said looking through the menu and pointed to something i never had before. I just nodded and waited for the order to come. “Lyn please don’t walk away from us like that next time. You had me worried just then” Ryan was talking with his mouthful as he chewed on his food and took a sip from his drink. He swallowed his food and started talking again “You know there are no buses at this hour right?” I didn’t realize that until today because my friends used to look after me like I was a baby and if I ran off they would always come after me and made sure I was Okay.

I was laughing at him because he was talking and chewing at the same time. “I am serious okay Lyn don’t ever do that again.” he said pointing his finger at me. Sam was just laughing beside him and shaking his head. “Okay Ryan I wont do that again” I said smiling pushing his pointer away. The food and drinks arrived shortly after that and after we ate Sam asked me if I needed anything else before we went back. Nobody asked me that before, except for Gary that is. I just shook my head and said I was good. We headed home that night and Sam said he was going to pick me up tomorrow afternoon to look for Grace at her workplace. At least now I know that someone was going to help me find Grace.

I stared at the ceiling in my room at the hostel with the freddy knife in my hand just looking at it and pushing the blade in and out. The urge to cut myself was so strong that I threw the knife toward the wall and pulled the covers over my head. Gary’s voice suddenly came back into my mind “Don’t you dare think about it Lyn! put that knife away babe!” Tears started rolling down my face. “When are you going to call me Gary boy? I really miss you” I missed everything about him his smile, his laugh, his voice, his hugs and his jokes. I was going crazy just thinking about him. I wonder what he is doing right now? I reached out for my phone and without thinking I texted sam.

“hey what u doing? Kinda in dillema right now u free to text?”

Before I knew it my phone rang.


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