The week off…

First of all I would like to apologize for not updating anything for the past few days. It’s not that I didn’t want to but a whole lot of things happened that I didn’t even get to touch my phone and update anything.

Baby Fever
First of all Adrian and Amsyar caught the fever and when I sent them over to the babysitter on Monday I didn’t expect them to be sick because they weren’t acting like they were sick and they were totally fine. Monday evening I got a text from the babysitter saying that both were having a fever and she didn’t want to look after them when they are sick. She was giving a whole lot of excuses so she didn’t need to look after them. She asked me to pick them up the next day after work. I was too tired to argue with her so I just said okay. My sister was working the morning shift so I had to ask help from someone else.

when we got there Adrian was awake by himself in front of the TV and the babysitter? She was sleeping. That was just great! If you found your kid in that situation what would you have thought? I really was happy to take them back and look after both by myself not minding to take off for the next few days for my beloved babies. I was not going to leave my kids like that NO WAY! so there I was asking someone else for help to get my kids and really I hate troubling other people. I needed to get my kids to the clinic A.S.A.P. I had to wait till my sister got back from work to take Adrian to the clinic. amsyar’s fever had gone down but Adrian just got worse. I called the office to inform that I couldn’t come if for work and left for the clinic. After that we just went home had dinner and that was it for that day.

My mom’s arrival
My mom arrived the next day and i didn’t get to go with my sister to get her at the airport because the kids were at home. Adrian got better so I went to work on the 10th but on the 11th I had just come in to work for like an hour and I had to go home because Adrian’s temperature had gone up again so there I was again going home off work. The next day I got a message from my Team Leader and she told me that I could take another day off to look after the kids. I was really grateful for that. The weekends came around and the kids got a bit better and then we sent them to the babysitter again on monday.

That was my week…
I am still updating on the next chapter for the story though so keep posted guys.


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