BOB HELP ME! (Chapter 18)

“you okay?” Sam’s voice was clear on the other line and he sounded sleepy. “I just arrived home and getting into the house. What’s up?”

I didn’t expect him to call me back so fast. “Let’s just text okay” I said not in the mood to talk. I was fiddling with the bed sheet and the corner of my pillow.

“okay, i need to get myself in the house first.” Sam answered and then hung up the call.

We texted about a lot of stuff and we only stopped texting at around 3am when I told him that he had work in the morning and he needed to rest.

Sam picked me up from the hostel just after lunch to go look for Grace and we met up with some of her friends there and asked her to text or call me urgently. Sam had reserved a place so we could have lunch together and we spent the rest of the afternoon together just hanging out. He sent me to work and then was off to meet Ryan and his boys.

It was a busy day and we were packing for the day and my phone started ringing. It was from an unknown overseas number. “omg Gary!” I quickly answered the call and it was Gary.

“Babe! how are you? I’m going crazy over here without you!” His voice was so clear and I felt so relieved to hear that voice again. I sat myself down at one of the benches nearby the bar at the cafe. “I don’t think I am able to come back that quick babe. So much to do” I heard him sigh.

“I miss you Gary BOy” I said my eyes started to fill up with tears. I was crying and I couldn’t talk. “come back here, I need you”

“please don’t cry babe, My hands are tied I can’t go back there.” He tried to comfort me.

We didn’t talk for long it was 6am there and he had to get to work. He promised to call me back soon. I got up and walked over to where the staff were gathered but they were no longer there. There was a text from Berry and they had already gone ahead without me. Great! now I had to walk home by myself. Jane, Tim and John hadn’t come by to the Cafe for some time now, have they forgotten about me? I quickly walked toward the main road hoping I could catch up with the guys. I was shocked to see Bill’s Car parked right in front of the Gate. He was waiting for me. He flashed his lights signalling for me to get in the car. I walked over to the driver’s side and signalled for him to wind the windows down.

“get in the car, I’ll send you back to the Hostel” he put the windows back up so I walked over to to the other side and got in the car.

“how did you know I was alone?” I asked him as he drove off.

“I was at the cafe the whole night Lyn, you didn’t notice me?” His face was serious and he didn’t smile at all. It was really busy and I didn’t even see him the whole night. “who were you talking too on the phone just then huh? your new boyfriend?”

I was getting annoyed but I tried to keep calm to make sure he would send me back to the hostel and not take me somewhere else. Bill had a temper problem and he would just yell scream hit me if he didn’t like what I said or did. “It was busy Bill, I think you did see me running around like crazy taking orders right?” I said trying to explain the reason why I didn’t notice he was even there. “And I was talking with Gary boy on the phone, my best friend. I thought I told you about him already.” He didn’t say a word and drove faster. I didn’t like this and started to text Bob. He lived nearby and I didn’t want to disturb Sam at this hour.

“Hey, my ex just picked me up from work sd he’s gonna send me back to the hostel but his temper is coming and I might need ur help. Will update you if i need help okay. Don’t call me.” I pressed the send button and took a deep breath. “I thought you’re sending me home Bill?” I said looking over at him after he missed the junction to the hostel. Still no answer I was really getting restless now. I didn’t care I was getting out of this car no matter what happened.

“Bill stop the car or I will jump out I don’t give a damn okay!” I screamed at him. Still no answer he just kept driving on toward town. He had locked the car from his side but I still could unlock it from my side of the car. I tried my luck again. “STOP THE CAR BILL! I’M GOING TO CALL THE COPS! STOP THE DAMN CAR!!!” I was screaming at the top of my lungs and I was terrified. His dad was a cop and I knew he wasn’t scared. I dialled the first number I could remember. It was Bob’s number he answered the call after 2 rings. “HELP!!!” that was the only thing I managed to say before Bill grabbed the phone off my hands.

“No one is gonna help you today Lyn!” He kept driving on. I didn’t care and I decided I had to take things into my own hands. I pulled hard at the lock and tried to open the door. If I was going to die today it would be better than being in the same car as Bill! A ghust of wind blew in as I opened the door grabbed my bag and my phone which was on the floor. I took a deep breath and jumped out of the moving car.

It was dark and I landed with a thump on the sidewalk and it was odd because there were no cars driving behind Bill’s Car. I had rolled a few times before I could regain control of myself. My head and arms were hurting and I don’t know how I got up but I ran in the opposite direction as fast as I could. I heard Bill’s brakes screech as I ran down the road. I know he couldn’t drive against traffic so I just kept running as fast as I could. I checked my phone and it was still on line with Bob. “Bob help!!!” I was talking and running at the same time.

“girl where are you? i am already driving out now.” He sounded really worried.

“I have no idea where I am everything is dark. I just jumped out of his car. He just wont stop driving.” I said pausing to look back just in case Bill was crazy enough to drive against traffic ” OMG Bob he is coming after me” I said panting really hard now. I crossed the road to the other side so he couldn’t run over me. I was crying and I didn’t recognize anything to find out where I was. “BOB!!” I screamed and kept running. then something caught my eye. I read out the first sign board I could see and Bob asked me to find somewhere to hide while he gets there. I couldn’t find anywere to hide so I hid behind a flower bush at the sidewalk right behind the bus stop. My heart thumping so hard it felt like it was going to jump out of my mouth. My arms and my head were hurting and I was feeling dizy. Bob was still on the line. “I’m nearly there girl just hang in there okay.” I was blacking out and I don’t know if I could hold it any longer. I can hear Bill’s voice calling out and soon I heard his car drive off. “He’s gone…” I said to bob who was still on the line I sighed and felt myself black out.

I got up to the vibrating and ringing of my phone. It was Bob. Before I could answer, the call ended and I heard footsteps coming. I held my breath and didn’t move. “Lyn?” It was Bob’s voice. “Girl it’s me. Where are you?”

I tried to get up but my body was aching too bad to move. “I’m here” I said as loudly as I can waving my arm in the air hoping he could see me. “Behind the bus stop” I added trying to get up again but it was still no use.

“O my God!” I heard Bob gasp in shock as he walked toward me. “Are you okay?” I felt my breaths getting shorter I couldn’t talk. I just shook my head and covered my face with my hands. “let’s take you to the nearest Clinic okay” He said helping me up. I couldn’t even get up he had to carry me into the car.

“How did you even get in the car with that idiot in the first place Lyn?” Bob was furious with what happened. “You should have known better.” I didn’t bother answering him because I knew I shouldn’t have went with him in the first place. My whole body was hurting and I had bandages all over my arms and knees and my head. The doctor rubbed on my cuts so hard cleaning it just then to avoid infection. My asthma was just starting and I had to use that breathing technic again to feel better. I was so tired I couldn’t focus on what Bob was actually saying. I held my head between my knees bending over. We were in the car heading back to the hostel. “Can we not go back to the hostel yet Bob?” I didn’t know what to do next.

“Sorry for raising my voice girl” Bob was looking over at me “Are you okay? you need anything?” He pulled over to the side of the road to check on me.

“no I feel like I got run over by a truck Bob.” I took a deep breath and closed my eyes leaning back on the seat. “Sorry for troubling you and thanks for helping.”

“Don’t mention it” he smiled “I’m just glad nothing worse happened. You want to go home now?”

I dug into my bag to get some cash and handed it to Bob. “I need to get something to eat” I said grinning at him. “starving…after that then we go home okay?” He nodded and drove off to the nearest opened stall to pack some food. I waited for him in the car while he packed the burger i asked for. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of Bill’s Car drive past and park just ahead of Bob’s Car. I slid myself down so he couldn’t see me and quickly sent a text to Bob.

“Bob, he’s here hurry up…”

I saw Bob turn toward me after reading the text and looked around to look for Bill’s Car. Once the burger was done he quickly walked over and got in the car. “He went over to join his friends at the table over there girl, don’t worry he didn’t see me.” He passed the plastic bag with the burger inside and drove off pushing my head down lower so no one could see me in his car. He drove the car to the 2nd beach and we parked there for a while.

“Oh My Gosh Bob” I said sighing with relief “How is it we are always at the same place at the same time?” I said opening the burger to take a bite. I wasn’t able to open the burger package my hands were hurting. “Gosh I hate it when this happens” I pushed the plastic bag back down and leaned back on the seat sighing and looking out the window. Bob grabbed the plastic bag and opened the burger for me.

“There” Bob handed me the burger “eat up tell me if you need help okay?” I started eating and then asked if he had a bottle of water in the car for me to drink. After that he sent me back to the Hostel and helped me all the way up to the room so I could rest.


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