It’s Time to rest Lyn (Chapter 19)

I got up hearing the sound of knocking on my door. “coming!” I said trying to get up putting my sweater on. I was freezing. I checked the time on my phone and it was already lunch time. I opened the door to see David there.

“Holy Dumbells! What happened to you?” He said in shock walking into the room to sit on my bed. I just walked over to sit next to him.

“Just an accident last night. Everyone left me behind so I had to walk back alone” I paused fiddling with my phone. “what’s up? Anything you want me to do?”

He got up from the bed and walked towards the door. “Yeah actually I just came up to check if you already made up your mind about the promotion.” He winked and started to walk out “Tell me once you get better okay. How many days you gonna take MC?”

I walked over to my bag and handed him the MC from the clinic last night “Whatever it says on the Med cert boss” I said looking right at him. He sighed and said I could take the whole week off so I could get better then walked off closing the door behind him.

There were a few missed calls on my phone from Bill, Sam, Bob and Jane. I didn’t bother to call back because I really felt tired and needed to get some more sleep. I slumped myself back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Then the call I was waiting for. Grace finally called me “Hey sorry about the chaos I created” She said when I answered the call.

“you should be. Dad is furious he is threatening to leave us!” I said trying to keep myself calm. “Everyone thought I helped you run away from home. What got into you?” I added sitting up so I could talk better.

“Can we talk later? I’ll text you my address later and we can meet up okay?” She hung up the call and I knew if I called her she wouldn’t answer so I just put my phone back on the bed and stared at the ceiling again. I guess staring at the ceiling was my favorite thing to do now that I have so many things to think about nowadays. I forgot that I had promised Sam to meet up today and my phone was ringing again.

“Hey Lyn. I’m downstairs u ready yet?” I looked out my window and I saw his car parked downstairs.

“Sam something happened last night and I don’t think I can go out. Kinda injured can you come up to my room?” I said sighing. He hung up the call and soon I heard a knock on the door. I took a deep breath before opening the door expecting the same reaction that I got from David just then.

“please don’t ask me questions okay” I said as I opened the door.

“My goodness!” He said in shock “Are you okay?” He grabbed a chair from behind my door and sat down. I walked over to my bed and sat down too.

I nodded and sighed “Long story” I paused for a few seconds “I jumped out of someone’s car last night. Don’t ask me anything yet okay I don’t feel like talking about it. I am so sore right now Sam”

Sam still had the shocked look on his face. “You really jumped out of a moving car? That’s like stunt man thing girl! You are lucky you’re still alive.” he said sighing. “you had anything to eat yet? I can go buy you some food and we can just hang out here for the rest of the afternoon.”

I just nodded and told him he could get me anything and it was fine. He left and was back again really quickly. “you taken your meds yet Lyn?” He said handing me the packed food. I shook my head puting the food on the make up table just in front of me.

“I’m just going down to get us some plates” i told him as I walked toward the door.

“No that’s fine Lyn we can eat out of the packaging” he said stopping me “you need to get some rest okay?” i shrugged and sat back down on the bed and handed him the plastic bag with the 2 packages inside. He handed me one and we started eating straight away. I didn’t feel like eating and as usual I would just play around with the food with the chopstick. He noticed I was doing that “Here open up I know you don’t want to eat but you have to” I pushed the spoon away and put some food in my mouth. I didn’t want anyone else to spoonfeed me other than Gary.

“Okay Sam I will eat” I said smiling at him. I swallowed the food without chewing and told Sam Grace had called and I was waiting for her to text me her address so we can meet up with her later on.

“I know I’m not supposed to ask but I just want to know who did this to you Lyn?” He finally said after a few minutes of silence.

“My ex did it Sam. He said he was going to send me home last night coz everyone left me behind at the cafe.” I said pausing and looking at Sam who was still waiting for me to explain more on what happened last night. “He was pissed off because I didn’t notice he was at the cafe so he was just driving off and I didn’t know where he was taking me, so I jumped out of the car” I stopped talking and waited for his response.

“Why didn’t you call me Lyn?” He said shaking his head sighing “I could have come and sent you home, and why did you still get in the car knowing his temper was something he couldn’t control?” he said sighing.

I didn’t bother answering I was too tired. I just sighed and looked down on the floor. “sorry i don’t feel like talking about that Sam” I said fiddling with my phone. I wish Gary would call me so I could tell him everything. I sighed and looked over at Sam who was also fiddling with his phone.

“Hey take your meds where did you put them?” Sam asked me suddenly after putting his phone into his pocket. I pointed to the bag behind him. He grabbed the bag and handed it to me. I took the bottles out of the bag one by one and checked the labels following the instructions on each label.

“there you happy now?” I looked at Sam who was smiling at me shaking his head.

“you are like a baby you know that Lyn?” He sd laughing. “I am going to make sure you take your meds from now on till you are better okay. I’ll call you if I have to.” His phone suddenly rang and I knew he was talking to Ryan because whenever Ryan called they would call each other this name that I don’t even know how to pronounce. Sam told Ryan what happened and Ryan said he wanted to meet up somewhere later on. I heard him say 5pm then hung up the call.

“I have to get going Lyn” he said placing his phone back into his pocket. “what’s your ex’s name anyway?” he said standing up and putting the chair back behind the door. “And what car does he drive?”

“Why you askin me this Sam?” I asked him with a confused look on my face.

“Just curious” he said walking out the door. “Hurry up tell me i have to go”

“It’s Bill and he drives a pajero, a gold colour one” I said still wondering why he wanted to know so much.

“Okay got to go Lyn will call you later okay. see ya” he waved and was off. I watched him drive off and decided to take a nap.

Before I could doze of my phone rang again. It was Bob. “Hey how you doing? taken your meds yet” I couldn’t help but laugh when he said that. “What’s so funny girl?” He said confused why i was laughing.

“Sorry, I have been hearing the same thing for like nearly 2 hours when everyone calls me…” I said to him gigling “yeah I’m fine bob and yes i have taken my meds. Where are you?”

“I’m downstairs got you something to eat here coming up in a second” I looked out my window and there he was. I just ate something with Sam and now Bob is here with more food. I opened my door before he got upstairs and he came in with a big smile on his face.

“so how r u feeling today?” He put the food on the table and the packaging from Sam’s food was still on the table. “looks like you got visitors before me there haha” He said opening up the food. “luckily i got us snacks instead of lunch hey”

“Yeah I’m kinda full now. Just need to get these bandages changed” I told him reading the instructions on the other meds on the table.

“here let me help you with that” He took the meds from my hands and started reading.”You want me to help with the dressing?” He started to take the new bandages out of the bag.

“na ah!” I shook my head and took it off his hands. “I’ll do that later Dr. Bob” I said giggling putting the bandage under my pillow.

He smiled at me and started to munch on the snacks he bought. “want some?” he handed me the box. I took the banana fritter and started eating it.

“Guess what Bob?” I said chewing on the banana fritter “My sister finally called me” I sighed and swallowed whatever was left in my mouth. “She is going to text me her address and hopefully I can meet her by tonight”

Bob smiled and pinched my nose “You are one bubbly person you know that Lyn. It’s so fun just hanging out with you” He placed the box back on the table and handed me a drink he bought. We were interrupted by the noise of horning downstairs. we both looked at each other. “It’s him” I recocginzed the sound of that horn it was from Bill’s Car I was just about to look out my window when Bob stopped me. “let me go down to take a look, please lock your door. If anything happens don’t ever come down okay”

He walked out and closed the door behind him. I heard him talking with Zack, Harry and Rico, they were heading off to work already. I looked at the time and it was 3pm. There were missed calls from Bill. I had blocked his number so I didn’t get notifications if he called in. My heart started to beat faster as I heard Bill scream out my name. “Lyn I know you are up there!” he kept pressing his horn.

“She’s not here Boss.” I heard Harry’s voice “She didn’t come home since yesterday. You want to pass a message?”

“I know she’s here” he said again “Lyn! get your butt down here!”

This time I heard Zack’s Voice “Boss don’t u understand what he said? she didn’t come home since last night” Zack also had a temper problem and he would always pick up fights with people. “If it’s something important we can pass the message to her”

I heard Bill turn off his engine getting out of the car. OMG please don’t go up here. I was praying really hard he wouldn’t go up to the room. Bob please do something. I quickly hid in the corner beside my bed where there was just enough space for me to fit in. My heart was beating so hard I couldn’t hear anything but my heart. I heard another car pull over in the driveway. “please let that be david” i said to myself.

“Hey what’s going on here” I gave a sigh of relief hearing David’s voice and I know if Bill was alone with more than 2 guys around he wasn’t brave enough to do anything stupid. “Anything I can help you with there bro” He said to Bill “you are Lyn’s Boyfriend right? She’s not here she didn’t come home. I’ll tell her you dropped by okay.” I heard Bill get in the car and drive off. Zack Harry and David were talking downstairs and I heard Bob’s voice as well. He told David what happened last night and always to keep an eye on me just in case Bill came and caused any trouble at the cafe.

I felt my breaths get shorter and it was harder for me to breathe. Soon the boys were knocking on my door. Gosh I locked the door! I tried getting up but It was so hard to get up. I wasn’t able to breathe properly and I just couldn’t move anymore. I felt myself black out and the last thing I heard were the guys calling in for me to open the door.


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