No one is going to help you today (Chapter 20)

I opened my eyes and the lights were so bright I had to cover my eyes with my hands. I could hear Bob’s and David’s voice. “Is he gone?” I said trying to get up. There was a sharp pain on my left arm. “Ouch!”

“Hey, you’re finally awake” Bob hurried over to my bed side and helped me to sit up. “You had us all worried there girl”

“I’m fine” I said still holding my left arm in pain. “What if he comes again guys? I’m scared.” I said looking at both David and Bob hoping for an answer.

“You can stay over at my place for the night Lyn” Bob was the first one to answer “My mom and sisters are there so you don’t have to worry”

“If anyone comes by looking for you I’ll just say you went back to your parents place okay” David added on. I just nodded and started packing my stuff.

“Here let me help” bob helped me carry my backpack and helped me down the stairs and just before we reached the front door, I stopped bob. “Bill has this thing about stalking people he might be out there somewhere waiting for us to drive out…” I said pausing

“Great! How did you get together with this guy anyway?” He dialled a number and spoke to one of his friends then hung up. “We are going to wait for my boys to come over okay.” he took a chair from the dining table downstairs and told me to sit. “You are going to be in the same car as the boys ok Lyn. I will drive by myself with your stuff and we are going to meet up somewhere and change cars okay.

“I have a better Idea” I said checking my contact numbers list “just ask your guys to tell us if they see his car parked anywhere I could just call his dad and tell him what happened” I said looking for Bill’s dad’s number in my contact list.

“He’s nowhere to be seen Lyn let’s go” Bob unlocked his car and helped me in. He quickly drove off making sure I stayed down as low as I could so no one could see me in the car. I felt like I was a captive running for my life.

We arrived at his house pretty quickly. “stay in the car till I ask you to come out okay” I just nodded and kept laying low while he parked his car and opened the door to his house. He grabbed my bags out of his car and placed it inside. I recieved a text and read it.

“Stay in the car. I saw his car drive by I am just going to close the gate and door for a while. Will be back to get you okay.”

I held my breath and kept laying as low as I could closing my eyes and trying to keep myself calm. I don’t want my asthma to ruin everything. I heard a car pull over in front of Bob’s house. He opened the door and opened the gate to let his friends in.

“Lyn standby ok. 3 of my boys are going to open the car and help u in the house just follow them in keep covered ok”

I read the text from Bob and did as I was told. I didn’t bother to look left right or behind when the boys came by and opened the door. I got out quickly and followed them into the house. I sat down on the sofa and looked around. I heard Bob’s Sisters coming down the stairs as Bob walked into the house. “Thanks Guys” he said thanking his friends for the help “u okay girl?” he walked over to sit next to me” I just nodded.

“hey bobby we going out with mom tonight she’s meeting us out for dinner we will pack u both something to eat k.” They didn’t look surprised to see me there. “you must be Lyn” She put her hand out for a handshake  I took her hand “I’m Betty and she is Brenda just make yourself at home” she headed out toward the door “hurry up Brenda!”

I smiled at Bob “Bobby?” and giggled “that is so cute” I pinched him on the cheeks and saw him blush. His friends started laughing. “ok Bob we better get going now” his friends headed out the door too and soon we were left alone in the house.

My left arm was still hurting and I lifted my arm to check the bandages. “wow! Your arm Lyn, it’s bleeding!” he hurried over and checked my arm. “we have to change the bandages Lyn” he said pausing to get my bag. “Here…” he handed me tha bag “the guest room is straight to the right from the kitchen”

I walked into the guest room and locked the door behind me. After cleaning my cuts I had trouble putting the new bandages on I need your help after all bob I said to myself as I walked out the door. Bob was watching TV. He looked at me with a worried look on his face.

“u okay girl?” He walked toward me. I just nodded and gave him the bandages “I just need some help”

“my pleasure” he took the bandages and asked me to sit down on the sofa in front of the TV. “Just relax” he sd smiling “tell me if it hurts okay” I nodded and shut my eyes knowing how much it is going to hurt.

“My left arm kinda hurts a lot please put the bandages on slowly” I said reminding him. He just kept himself busy putting the bandages on and sighed after putting the last bits on.

“has he done this to you before?” He stood up to put the scissors back in the kitchen cabinet. “what did you see in him? he nearly killed you!”

I just shrugged my shoulders “he hit me before and stuff but he never went further than that” I watched TV and turned to him when he passed me a mug of Hot Chocolate.

“you hungry? What’s taking the girls so long?” I heard Bob sigh as he started dialling numbers on his phone “Mom I’m starving and Lyn is here” he said pausing and listening to his mom talk. “aaawww man. When u guys coming back? That’s not fair!” He walked into the kitchen and then came out with some vegetables a knife and cutting board. “okay mom c u guys” He hung up and put his phone on the table sighing. He looked at the vegies on the table then looked at me. “you know what? I have no idea what to cook” He sat down at the dining table “i’m going out to get some food” He packed the vegies and took his car keys heading for the door. “Go inside the room Lock the door and Wait till I get back. He switched off the TV, lights and fan closing the door behind him. I was left alone in the dark. I headed to the guest room and closed the door. I didn’t bother turning on the lights or the fan in the room. I was freezing anyway.

I checked my Phone, it was still 8p and I had dozens of unanswered calls and more messages.

Sam: Hi Lyn I dropped by at the hostel and your boss said you went back to your parents. Hope you already took your meds. Take care…

Jane: Babe? long time no hear. I just got back from outsation. Has Gary boy called yet? Dropping by the cafe later on with Tim. cya

Bill: Where are you? I know that Guy is helping you hide from me Lyn! Let’s just see how long you can hide from me… cu around princess muuahhx

Grace: Hey meet me at Cafe Rio on Monday 9pm k… will call you soon

There were still more messages but I was too tired and soon I dozed off still holding the phone in my hands. I was sitting on the floor beside the bed and I had left the door unlocked.

“Lyn!! open the damn door!!! I know you’re inside!” I was awakened by the sound of Bill’s voice Knocking on the front door. He laughed and then continued knocking “No one’s going to help you today Lyn… hahahaha”

I felt my heart skip a beat. The banging on the door got louder and harder and eventually I heard the door break open. I stood up and tried to walk over to the guest room door to lock it but I was too tired. I couldn’t force myself. It was too late Bill already found me. He was standing in the middle of the doorway. “hahahahaha” I saw him smiling at me with the evil grin on his face “no one’s going to help you today Lyn” he started to walk toward me and put his hands around my neck choking me really hard. I tried to fight him but I wasn’t able to move I was too weak. “No one is going to help you today Lyn!” He started shaking me really hard. Crazy thoughts ran through my mind “am i going to die today?”

He shook me harder and harder, my breaths just got shorter and shorter till I thought it was really the end of me…

“Lyn!!! wake up! It’s me girl…” I suddenly heard Bob’s voice “breathe girl breathe For goodness sakes!”

I opened my eyes and the room was no longer dark. I quickly got up and tried running out the door. Bob grabbed my arms and pulled me back. “it’s me Lyn! Look at me!”  I cried and hugged him without thinking. “He was here…” I said sobbing “He tried to Kill me Bob.”

“It’s okay Lyn u were just dreaming” he tried comforting me hugging me really tight “He was never here. Trust me okay” He rubbed his hands up and down my back. I was still breathing hard and it was really hard to breathe. I pulled away from Bob and sat myself on the bed. “I’m freezing…” I paused catching my breath “I can’t breathe properly Bob” I put my head between my knees breathing out really long breaths and breathing in short breaths. It took longer than expected but I managed to gain control of my breathing again. My heart was still thumping so hard.

Bob had just gone upstairs to get some blankets and was walking into the room. “here some blankets to keep you warm. You want anything to eat?” I was going to say no but remembering that I have to take my meds I just nodded and tried getting up to go to the dining table. “whoa…” I felt my knees buckle and Bob caught me just in time before I hit the floor. “steady there Lyn” My head was throbbing and I was feeling dizzy “U okay girl?” Bob was looking at me, he helped me sit on the bed as he placed pillows behind me so i can lean back. “You feel warm” he said walking out of the room coming back with some food and a glass of water. I had already wrapped myself in the blankets he got earlier.

“can you help with the food Bob” I said softly, I could only see a blurry image of him sitting in front of me with the plate in his hand. “I don’t feel so good” I closed my eyes and leaned my head back on the pillow behind me sighing.



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