When I was a Kid…

My dad said when I was a kid I was really talkative and I didn’t care who it was and where I was, I would talk to anyone that stood beside me or in front of me, whether I knew them or not. Hahaha that’s funny Coz when I see myself now, It’s hard for me to talk to people I don’t know, unless they start talking to me that is… My dad also said that I would follow anyone as long as they gave me something I liked… That’s true till today but I don’t follow just anyone…

I used to sing alot, ask alot of questions like a normal kid would. I was really annoying though and I wouldn’t stop asking till I thought what you said was correct “for me” and that didn’t mean that I was listening to the correct information. ERRRKKSSS… typical kid! hahaha.

There was this thing that happened back then that I would remember until today. It was celebration for Hari Raya Aidilfitri I forgot which year, we were on our way to my grandma’s place when we got involved in a car accident half way…. My cousin was killed and a few other people were badly injured. Back then they used trucks as public transport and that’s what we rammed into.

I didn’t really remember what happened, after all I was only a kid at that time. Ok Here’s the story from what I remember it to be…

I was sitting inside the pick up with my mom, sister, dad, and my grandma (my mom’s mom), the others were sitting at the back. The others were 3 of my aunts and 2 of my cousins. As usual a kid would never sit still inside the car no matter how much you nag at them, so there i was jumping about inside the car listening to my grandma nagging when all of a sudden my dad started to swing his arm from side to side trying to shoo something away from his face, he said there was a bee in the car and he was trying to push it out of his view. From the front of the car I saw a big cloud of dust form up maybe because a car was coming from the other side. I could still hear my grandma nagging before I heard screams and felt myself fly out from the front of the car. Maybe the mirrors broke that’s why I flew out.

I got up and saw that the pickup truck was facing away and I was under the  other truck’s front Tyres. What I didn’t know was I nearly got run over by that truck and my head could have been smashed to bits if it didn’t stop in time. I wasn’t  scared because I didn’t know what was happening at that time. I ran toward our pickup truck and started knocking on my dad’s side of the door. I didn’t know he was knocked out cold. He opened the door after what seemed like hours and I started to cry now afraid that they left me behind here in this place where I didn’t know anyone at all.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t know what the hell was happening at that time. All I wanted was mommy! My dad carried me and checked on the back of the pickup truck. My cousin was unconscious and my aunts were bleeding everywhere. After a while the ambulance came and I went in with my unconscious cousin on the same ambulance.

When we reached the hospital, they didn’t treat us like we had an emergency. Don’t know what their system was like back then. They asked us to fill up some forms and without that we weren’t allowed in and no treatment was given to us! Jack asses! My cousin was unconscious for goodness sakes! After what seemed like hours we finally finished all the paperwork, my cousin was taken to ICU and I had to get my head stitched up. My dad had a broken nose, my sis had a bruise on her bum and my grandma had a short amnesia… My other cousin had a cuts on her knees and that was it, my aunt broke her hand and the other 2 were fine just cuts along their necks and faces.

That afternoon we heard the bad news about my cousin. She had internal bleeding in her brain so she didn’t make it. She died halfway through the surgery. I bet that’s because of the fact we took so long to fill up the paperwork before anybody decided to do something. I really was close to her and losing her was a big thing for me. Her parents were there when the doctor told us that she was gone. I saw my uncle punch the wall and left a big crack on the wall. He is gonna hate my dad forever! That’s what was on my mind back then…

That event, will be remain in my head till the day I die. Even though I was still a kid at that time… I faced a near death situation and I hope that will never happen again….


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