Bedrest (Chapter 21)

It was 3am and I was freezing again. I looked over at the bedside and Bob was sleeping with his head resting on the bed.

“hey Bob” i tapped him on the shoulder to wake him up. “Bob, what are you doing sleeping here?”

He got up and looked at the time stretching and yawning “you okay?” he rubbed his eyes looking at his phone to check the time. “You haven’t eaten yet you know I’ll get you some hot chocolate so you can take your meds okay” He walked out and then returned with a hot mug of chocolate.

“you poor thing” I said taking the hot chocolate from him. “go to bed already I’m fine here” I took a sip from the hot chocolate and placed it on the table next to the bed.

“no you are not fine lyn” he sighed sitting down on the chair next to the bed. “your temperature has gone up” He said scratching his head “mom and the girls aren’t home till the day after tomorrow and I don’t know what to do” He stood up and started to pace back and forth in front of me.

“Bob, calm down” i said taking another sip from the hot chocolate “I’m fine. Sit down and relax. Come here” I pointed to the chair next to the bed and asked him to sit down. “you are making me dizzy pacing back and forth like that” I said giggling.  “I’ll be fine after taking the meds okay”

He sighed and sat down. “is your arm still hurting?” I just shook my head even though it still hurt badly. I just wanted him to relax and stop being so tense. It was making me tense too.

“Bob, stop worrying about me. Just take a deep breath follow me okay” I started to breath in and out asking him to follow me and soon we were both laughing. “you feeling better now bob?” I asked him smiling and drinking more of the hot chocolate.

“I don’t know how you do it Lyn” he said smiling and taking my meds from the bag on the table “I know how much pain it is to be in your position because I went through it before and I tell you I didn’t do really well” he laughed handing me the bottles one by one with the measuring cup in the other hand.

“trust me bob, I’ve been through worse okay. I took the meds one by one and gave him the bottles as I finished each one. “there, I hate meds urrrgghh!” I saw Bob smile out of the corner of my eye as he placed the bottles back in the bag. “I have had asthma all my life Bob, and the hospital, clinic etc is like my 2nd home” I said pulling the blankets over my shoulder. “trust me it’s not easy to go through that” I sighed and smiled at him. I laid my head down on the pillow and looked at Bob who was just staring at me.

“What?” I said tapping him on the arm “why are you staring at me like that bob?” I was feeling awkward with the way he was looking at me. He didn’t answer he just smiled and shook his head sighing. He put the chair behind the door and went to the living room returning with a few of the sofa cushions and a blanket.

“I’m going to sleep on the floor” He said placing the cushions on the floor and laying down closing his eyes “just wake me up if you need anything okay”

I laid down and tried to sleep but the image of what happened last night still haunted me. Every time I tried to close my eyes I felt myself jump off the car and land on the pavement. I could still feel the pain and the words that came out of Bill’s mouth, “nobody is going to help you today Lyn” kept repeating in my head.

“Bob? are you still awake?” I called out to Bob just to check if he was still awake. He was still awake. He sat up and asked me what was wrong.

“you okay? what is it?” without asking he stood up and sat on the chair beside the bed. I looked down and sighed.

“I can’t sleep. I can’t get him off my mind, i’m scared Bob” I fiddled with my fingers. Bob sighed and took my hand.

“Look I am here Lyn, don’t worry” He pushed my hair away from my face and pulled my chin up to look at him “what do you want me to do to make you feel better lyn” he said my hand still in his. “just tell me okay”

“can you like sleep here…” i said pointing on the bed right next to me. There was a shocked expression on his face.

“really Lyn? you don’t mind sleeping next to me?” he said with a shocked look “i snore loudly you know” he said laughing.

I couldn’t help laughing as well. “I feel more comfy if someone was next to me” I said smiling. “sorry this is just how I am, just don’t do anything stupid okay.” I warned him shifting over a bit so there was enough room for him to lay down beside me. I didn’t have to ask twice he laid himself down beside me pulling the blanket over us and just closed his eyes. I cuddled closer to him to keep warm. I was actually freezing but I didn’t tell him.

“Hey you’re pushing me off the bed Lyn” Bob sat up again and started laughing asking me move over more so he can lay down properly. I sat up and moved over more giving him more space. “are you cold? i can get more blankets, just wait okay” He ran upstairs and was back with more blankets. There was a thermometer in his hand. “here I want to check your temperature” he handed me the thermometer and asked me to put it in my mouth. “i’ll be back” he left to go to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water. He took the thermometer and took a look at it. “Damn your temperature is insane Lyn!” He put the thermometer on the table next to the bed. “you don’t look like you are sick girl are you okay?” he handed me the glass of water and I took a sip and gave it back to him and asked him to lay down and sleep. I had already put the blankets over myself and as soon as he laid down I pulled his arm over my shoulder and laid right next to him with my head just leaning on his chest.

“shh just close your eyes and sleep okay” Bob whispered in my ear pulling the blanket over us with his other hand. “I’m here and I wont let him touch you” he pulled me closer and held my head with his other hand. It didn’t take me long to doze off and I fell asleep.

“Lyn? wake up it’s lunch time” I felt Bob tap my shoulder to wake me up. I stretched and yawned my head was throbbing.

“go away my head hurts!” i pushed bob’s hand away and put the pillow over my head. I fell asleep again and then I woke up feeling a cold sensation on my fore head. Bob had put a wet cloth on my head to keep my temperature down.

“hey how u feeling?” Bob helped me to sit up on the bed. Food was ready and placed on the table right next to the bed. “you need to get something to eat”

“Ohhh mannn!” I held my head in pain “My head feels like it just got knocked by a big fat hammer” I said closing my eyes with my hands over my head “aarrrgghh” I couldn’t help it but i felt like screaming at the top of my lungs my head was hurting to the point it felt like it was going to explode.

“hey how u feeling?” Bob helped me to sit up on the bed. Food was ready and placed on the table right next to the bed. “you need to get something to eat” I put my hands in front to reach out for the food but Bob just pushed them away. “I’ll help you girl, don’t worry about it okay” I couldn’t say anything I was too sore to say anything.

After what seemed like hours I finally managed to talk “what time is it bob?” I was trying to find a clock on the wall and my phone was nowhere to be seen “and where is my phone?” I looked over at Bob who was reading his messages.

“O sorry I charged it outside and it’s 4pm girl” he went outside to take my phone and handed it to me. He felt my forehead to check my temperature. “phiewph~ glad you are not so warm anymore” he said sighing as he sat himself back down on the chair.

I checked the texts and missed calls. there were so many and noticed that it was already Sunday. I needed to meet up with Grace tomorrow. I have to get better. “I need to get better bob, I have to see my Sister tomorrow. Not in this condition” I sighed and checked my left arm. It was no longer in pain but I know the wounds are not healed yet.

“let me take a look at that” He lifted my arm and looked at the bandages “does it still hurt?” I shook my head and smiled at him. “sorry for bringing u into this bob, i really appreciate you taking care of me like this” I took his hand and held it tight. “Thanks”

After freshening up and changing the bandages Bob decided that we go out and eat. I still think it wasn’t safe for me to go out because Bill still kept sending me threatening text messages. I had already called his dad and asked for help because he was scaring me and what he did to me was so unacceptable. His Dad assured that he was going to make sure that Bill doesn’t disturb me anymore and if he did to call him right away. I was feeling better after that but I was still scared to eat out. I offered to cook dinner for Bob to thank him for all his help.

“Okay girl go ahead I will just go and watch TV okay.. everything is in the fridge” He smiled and headed over to the living room to watch TV with a mug of coffee in his hand. I opened the fridge and tried to figure out what to cook for dinner and then my phone started ringing.


2 thoughts on “Bedrest (Chapter 21)

  1. Okay, lol, Now I’m going to have to read chapters 1-20. I think it’s going to take awhile. I enjoyed this chapter. You have a nice flow with your dialogue. I felt I could understand their personalities. That came through nicely. Now a little constructive criticism and an idea. The one thing that would keep you from a professional level is your lack of correct grammar – mostly your sporadic use of capitalization at beginning of sentences and the letter “i”. You do it sometimes. But that is an easy fix.

    An idea – I too love to write and I have completed the first draft of Inside The Forbidden Outside – which is creative non-fiction. True story, with story written around it. I had to write that first draft to understand what was missing and write the darn thing over. I recently found out the the University of Iowa offers “FREE” online courses in writing. I’m in one now that started May 15 to July 3. They take a subject that you can fit to what you write about and learn how to write it in fiction, non-fiction,memoir, journalism etc. The teachers have videos and there are things to read. It’s been great. There are 180 students in this class from all over the world. We read and critique each others work. They have published authors and newbies. The post I put on my blog today I am submitting to them this evening. I will get much needed suggestions or kudos from people who are following what I’m writing. I thought I would pass this on to you because you love to write,too. Good luck! Sonni p.s. Did you listen to the music? I’m an improv keyboardist. I record emotions and have 35 pieces at soundcloud.


    1. thanks for pointing that out at least I know people are really reading 🙂 I actually update everything through my phone so I don’t have the chance to edit that I thingy hehe but will do that as soon as I finish the story.
      Gosh I play guitar and piano too! I love music. Will be dropping by your blog in a bit… thanks for dropping by and thanks for the advise too…


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