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In The Dark

Have you ever heard of that song from evanescence “I’m going under”? I love that song and yeah i was in that situation last month. First of all i want to apologize to all of you for disappearing for a few weeks not updating anything and seriously I didn’t mean to do that. I was in a lot of stress and I couldn’t think of what to update here. Every time I start a post I would write a few words, delete the whole thing and then start again. It went on like that for a few days and in the end I just closed the app and decided i might do an update later on. I procrastinate a lot so later ended up today a few weeks later. I am so so so sorry guys.

First things first I want to update you guys that I have already bought my new guitar! Yes yes yes and yes! Here’s the picture of the beautiful guitar. Hahaha! It’s Pink I chose that color coz everything I have now is pink. I used to hate that color a lot but now i think it just calms me down just like when i look at the sky or the grass and etc. It’s been quite a while since I last touched a guitar so I am still getting used to it. Getting all the blisters on my fingers again and of course remembering the chords. I can’t even play the songs i wrote a few years back.

I actually didn’t bake a lot these days and i have gotten so lazy I didn’t even bother to bake anymore. I have to get rid of that laziness. Let me tell you about what happened that made me dive into the darkness for a while there. You guys know that I have issues with my other half right? Well, on the 5th he came over with my eldest boy to spend a week here. I was so happy that I could see my little boy again and of course to see him. Even though thigs weren’t going right between us I still had feelings for him. The good thing is that we spent the whole week shopping which is what we all girls like to do but… jeng jeng jeng… there is a but. I told you he had this temper right? Well i thought that we hadn’t seen each other for quite a while that he would miss me.. na ah! He was 24/7 with his phone! He even locks his phone, and another thing is that he liked to yell at me for small things like not remembering the way to the babysitter’s place. I am only human, I just sent them there once and my sister was driving. I really couldn’t remember the way. He was so impatient he starte cussing and so on. Well that emotionally disturbed me and even worse he didn’t even bother to talk to me when we were at home. He spent his time with his darling handphone. Didn’t even bother to look at me. We had fights every single day. I felt so unwanted. Well I wont tell all in details thought coz that’s for me to know and keep.

I know to some people what happened is like someting small and wouldn’t effect their lives but he was not like this last time and the drastic changes do effect the way I feel when he does that to me. Oh my gosh! I have to update the story now and there are so many other things I want to update too. I just hope I can remember them all to post them here.

Well see you in the next chapter of The Not so Romeo & Juliet Story.


No one is going to help you today (Chapter 20)

I opened my eyes and the lights were so bright I had to cover my eyes with my hands. I could hear Bob’s and David’s voice. “Is he gone?” I said trying to get up. There was a sharp pain on my left arm. “Ouch!”

“Hey, you’re finally awake” Bob hurried over to my bed side and helped me to sit up. “You had us all worried there girl”

“I’m fine” I said still holding my left arm in pain. “What if he comes again guys? I’m scared.” I said looking at both David and Bob hoping for an answer.

“You can stay over at my place for the night Lyn” Bob was the first one to answer “My mom and sisters are there so you don’t have to worry”

“If anyone comes by looking for you I’ll just say you went back to your parents place okay” David added on. I just nodded and started packing my stuff.

“Here let me help” bob helped me carry my backpack and helped me down the stairs and just before we reached the front door, I stopped bob. “Bill has this thing about stalking people he might be out there somewhere waiting for us to drive out…” I said pausing

“Great! How did you get together with this guy anyway?” He dialled a number and spoke to one of his friends then hung up. “We are going to wait for my boys to come over okay.” he took a chair from the dining table downstairs and told me to sit. “You are going to be in the same car as the boys ok Lyn. I will drive by myself with your stuff and we are going to meet up somewhere and change cars okay.

“I have a better Idea” I said checking my contact numbers list “just ask your guys to tell us if they see his car parked anywhere I could just call his dad and tell him what happened” I said looking for Bill’s dad’s number in my contact list.

“He’s nowhere to be seen Lyn let’s go” Bob unlocked his car and helped me in. He quickly drove off making sure I stayed down as low as I could so no one could see me in the car. I felt like I was a captive running for my life.

We arrived at his house pretty quickly. “stay in the car till I ask you to come out okay” I just nodded and kept laying low while he parked his car and opened the door to his house. He grabbed my bags out of his car and placed it inside. I recieved a text and read it.

“Stay in the car. I saw his car drive by I am just going to close the gate and door for a while. Will be back to get you okay.”

I held my breath and kept laying as low as I could closing my eyes and trying to keep myself calm. I don’t want my asthma to ruin everything. I heard a car pull over in front of Bob’s house. He opened the door and opened the gate to let his friends in.

“Lyn standby ok. 3 of my boys are going to open the car and help u in the house just follow them in keep covered ok”

I read the text from Bob and did as I was told. I didn’t bother to look left right or behind when the boys came by and opened the door. I got out quickly and followed them into the house. I sat down on the sofa and looked around. I heard Bob’s Sisters coming down the stairs as Bob walked into the house. “Thanks Guys” he said thanking his friends for the help “u okay girl?” he walked over to sit next to me” I just nodded.

“hey bobby we going out with mom tonight she’s meeting us out for dinner we will pack u both something to eat k.” They didn’t look surprised to see me there. “you must be Lyn” She put her hand out for a handshake  I took her hand “I’m Betty and she is Brenda just make yourself at home” she headed out toward the door “hurry up Brenda!”

I smiled at Bob “Bobby?” and giggled “that is so cute” I pinched him on the cheeks and saw him blush. His friends started laughing. “ok Bob we better get going now” his friends headed out the door too and soon we were left alone in the house.

My left arm was still hurting and I lifted my arm to check the bandages. “wow! Your arm Lyn, it’s bleeding!” he hurried over and checked my arm. “we have to change the bandages Lyn” he said pausing to get my bag. “Here…” he handed me tha bag “the guest room is straight to the right from the kitchen”

I walked into the guest room and locked the door behind me. After cleaning my cuts I had trouble putting the new bandages on I need your help after all bob I said to myself as I walked out the door. Bob was watching TV. He looked at me with a worried look on his face.

“u okay girl?” He walked toward me. I just nodded and gave him the bandages “I just need some help”

“my pleasure” he took the bandages and asked me to sit down on the sofa in front of the TV. “Just relax” he sd smiling “tell me if it hurts okay” I nodded and shut my eyes knowing how much it is going to hurt.

“My left arm kinda hurts a lot please put the bandages on slowly” I said reminding him. He just kept himself busy putting the bandages on and sighed after putting the last bits on.

“has he done this to you before?” He stood up to put the scissors back in the kitchen cabinet. “what did you see in him? he nearly killed you!”

I just shrugged my shoulders “he hit me before and stuff but he never went further than that” I watched TV and turned to him when he passed me a mug of Hot Chocolate.

“you hungry? What’s taking the girls so long?” I heard Bob sigh as he started dialling numbers on his phone “Mom I’m starving and Lyn is here” he said pausing and listening to his mom talk. “aaawww man. When u guys coming back? That’s not fair!” He walked into the kitchen and then came out with some vegetables a knife and cutting board. “okay mom c u guys” He hung up and put his phone on the table sighing. He looked at the vegies on the table then looked at me. “you know what? I have no idea what to cook” He sat down at the dining table “i’m going out to get some food” He packed the vegies and took his car keys heading for the door. “Go inside the room Lock the door and Wait till I get back. He switched off the TV, lights and fan closing the door behind him. I was left alone in the dark. I headed to the guest room and closed the door. I didn’t bother turning on the lights or the fan in the room. I was freezing anyway.

I checked my Phone, it was still 8p and I had dozens of unanswered calls and more messages.

Sam: Hi Lyn I dropped by at the hostel and your boss said you went back to your parents. Hope you already took your meds. Take care…

Jane: Babe? long time no hear. I just got back from outsation. Has Gary boy called yet? Dropping by the cafe later on with Tim. cya

Bill: Where are you? I know that Guy is helping you hide from me Lyn! Let’s just see how long you can hide from me… cu around princess muuahhx

Grace: Hey meet me at Cafe Rio on Monday 9pm k… will call you soon

There were still more messages but I was too tired and soon I dozed off still holding the phone in my hands. I was sitting on the floor beside the bed and I had left the door unlocked.

“Lyn!! open the damn door!!! I know you’re inside!” I was awakened by the sound of Bill’s voice Knocking on the front door. He laughed and then continued knocking “No one’s going to help you today Lyn… hahahaha”

I felt my heart skip a beat. The banging on the door got louder and harder and eventually I heard the door break open. I stood up and tried to walk over to the guest room door to lock it but I was too tired. I couldn’t force myself. It was too late Bill already found me. He was standing in the middle of the doorway. “hahahahaha” I saw him smiling at me with the evil grin on his face “no one’s going to help you today Lyn” he started to walk toward me and put his hands around my neck choking me really hard. I tried to fight him but I wasn’t able to move I was too weak. “No one is going to help you today Lyn!” He started shaking me really hard. Crazy thoughts ran through my mind “am i going to die today?”

He shook me harder and harder, my breaths just got shorter and shorter till I thought it was really the end of me…

“Lyn!!! wake up! It’s me girl…” I suddenly heard Bob’s voice “breathe girl breathe For goodness sakes!”

I opened my eyes and the room was no longer dark. I quickly got up and tried running out the door. Bob grabbed my arms and pulled me back. “it’s me Lyn! Look at me!”  I cried and hugged him without thinking. “He was here…” I said sobbing “He tried to Kill me Bob.”

“It’s okay Lyn u were just dreaming” he tried comforting me hugging me really tight “He was never here. Trust me okay” He rubbed his hands up and down my back. I was still breathing hard and it was really hard to breathe. I pulled away from Bob and sat myself on the bed. “I’m freezing…” I paused catching my breath “I can’t breathe properly Bob” I put my head between my knees breathing out really long breaths and breathing in short breaths. It took longer than expected but I managed to gain control of my breathing again. My heart was still thumping so hard.

Bob had just gone upstairs to get some blankets and was walking into the room. “here some blankets to keep you warm. You want anything to eat?” I was going to say no but remembering that I have to take my meds I just nodded and tried getting up to go to the dining table. “whoa…” I felt my knees buckle and Bob caught me just in time before I hit the floor. “steady there Lyn” My head was throbbing and I was feeling dizzy “U okay girl?” Bob was looking at me, he helped me sit on the bed as he placed pillows behind me so i can lean back. “You feel warm” he said walking out of the room coming back with some food and a glass of water. I had already wrapped myself in the blankets he got earlier.

“can you help with the food Bob” I said softly, I could only see a blurry image of him sitting in front of me with the plate in his hand. “I don’t feel so good” I closed my eyes and leaned my head back on the pillow behind me sighing.


It’s Time to rest Lyn (Chapter 19)

I got up hearing the sound of knocking on my door. “coming!” I said trying to get up putting my sweater on. I was freezing. I checked the time on my phone and it was already lunch time. I opened the door to see David there.

“Holy Dumbells! What happened to you?” He said in shock walking into the room to sit on my bed. I just walked over to sit next to him.

“Just an accident last night. Everyone left me behind so I had to walk back alone” I paused fiddling with my phone. “what’s up? Anything you want me to do?”

He got up from the bed and walked towards the door. “Yeah actually I just came up to check if you already made up your mind about the promotion.” He winked and started to walk out “Tell me once you get better okay. How many days you gonna take MC?”

I walked over to my bag and handed him the MC from the clinic last night “Whatever it says on the Med cert boss” I said looking right at him. He sighed and said I could take the whole week off so I could get better then walked off closing the door behind him.

There were a few missed calls on my phone from Bill, Sam, Bob and Jane. I didn’t bother to call back because I really felt tired and needed to get some more sleep. I slumped myself back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Then the call I was waiting for. Grace finally called me “Hey sorry about the chaos I created” She said when I answered the call.

“you should be. Dad is furious he is threatening to leave us!” I said trying to keep myself calm. “Everyone thought I helped you run away from home. What got into you?” I added sitting up so I could talk better.

“Can we talk later? I’ll text you my address later and we can meet up okay?” She hung up the call and I knew if I called her she wouldn’t answer so I just put my phone back on the bed and stared at the ceiling again. I guess staring at the ceiling was my favorite thing to do now that I have so many things to think about nowadays. I forgot that I had promised Sam to meet up today and my phone was ringing again.

“Hey Lyn. I’m downstairs u ready yet?” I looked out my window and I saw his car parked downstairs.

“Sam something happened last night and I don’t think I can go out. Kinda injured can you come up to my room?” I said sighing. He hung up the call and soon I heard a knock on the door. I took a deep breath before opening the door expecting the same reaction that I got from David just then.

“please don’t ask me questions okay” I said as I opened the door.

“My goodness!” He said in shock “Are you okay?” He grabbed a chair from behind my door and sat down. I walked over to my bed and sat down too.

I nodded and sighed “Long story” I paused for a few seconds “I jumped out of someone’s car last night. Don’t ask me anything yet okay I don’t feel like talking about it. I am so sore right now Sam”

Sam still had the shocked look on his face. “You really jumped out of a moving car? That’s like stunt man thing girl! You are lucky you’re still alive.” he said sighing. “you had anything to eat yet? I can go buy you some food and we can just hang out here for the rest of the afternoon.”

I just nodded and told him he could get me anything and it was fine. He left and was back again really quickly. “you taken your meds yet Lyn?” He said handing me the packed food. I shook my head puting the food on the make up table just in front of me.

“I’m just going down to get us some plates” i told him as I walked toward the door.

“No that’s fine Lyn we can eat out of the packaging” he said stopping me “you need to get some rest okay?” i shrugged and sat back down on the bed and handed him the plastic bag with the 2 packages inside. He handed me one and we started eating straight away. I didn’t feel like eating and as usual I would just play around with the food with the chopstick. He noticed I was doing that “Here open up I know you don’t want to eat but you have to” I pushed the spoon away and put some food in my mouth. I didn’t want anyone else to spoonfeed me other than Gary.

“Okay Sam I will eat” I said smiling at him. I swallowed the food without chewing and told Sam Grace had called and I was waiting for her to text me her address so we can meet up with her later on.

“I know I’m not supposed to ask but I just want to know who did this to you Lyn?” He finally said after a few minutes of silence.

“My ex did it Sam. He said he was going to send me home last night coz everyone left me behind at the cafe.” I said pausing and looking at Sam who was still waiting for me to explain more on what happened last night. “He was pissed off because I didn’t notice he was at the cafe so he was just driving off and I didn’t know where he was taking me, so I jumped out of the car” I stopped talking and waited for his response.

“Why didn’t you call me Lyn?” He said shaking his head sighing “I could have come and sent you home, and why did you still get in the car knowing his temper was something he couldn’t control?” he said sighing.

I didn’t bother answering I was too tired. I just sighed and looked down on the floor. “sorry i don’t feel like talking about that Sam” I said fiddling with my phone. I wish Gary would call me so I could tell him everything. I sighed and looked over at Sam who was also fiddling with his phone.

“Hey take your meds where did you put them?” Sam asked me suddenly after putting his phone into his pocket. I pointed to the bag behind him. He grabbed the bag and handed it to me. I took the bottles out of the bag one by one and checked the labels following the instructions on each label.

“there you happy now?” I looked at Sam who was smiling at me shaking his head.

“you are like a baby you know that Lyn?” He sd laughing. “I am going to make sure you take your meds from now on till you are better okay. I’ll call you if I have to.” His phone suddenly rang and I knew he was talking to Ryan because whenever Ryan called they would call each other this name that I don’t even know how to pronounce. Sam told Ryan what happened and Ryan said he wanted to meet up somewhere later on. I heard him say 5pm then hung up the call.

“I have to get going Lyn” he said placing his phone back into his pocket. “what’s your ex’s name anyway?” he said standing up and putting the chair back behind the door. “And what car does he drive?”

“Why you askin me this Sam?” I asked him with a confused look on my face.

“Just curious” he said walking out the door. “Hurry up tell me i have to go”

“It’s Bill and he drives a pajero, a gold colour one” I said still wondering why he wanted to know so much.

“Okay got to go Lyn will call you later okay. see ya” he waved and was off. I watched him drive off and decided to take a nap.

Before I could doze of my phone rang again. It was Bob. “Hey how you doing? taken your meds yet” I couldn’t help but laugh when he said that. “What’s so funny girl?” He said confused why i was laughing.

“Sorry, I have been hearing the same thing for like nearly 2 hours when everyone calls me…” I said to him gigling “yeah I’m fine bob and yes i have taken my meds. Where are you?”

“I’m downstairs got you something to eat here coming up in a second” I looked out my window and there he was. I just ate something with Sam and now Bob is here with more food. I opened my door before he got upstairs and he came in with a big smile on his face.

“so how r u feeling today?” He put the food on the table and the packaging from Sam’s food was still on the table. “looks like you got visitors before me there haha” He said opening up the food. “luckily i got us snacks instead of lunch hey”

“Yeah I’m kinda full now. Just need to get these bandages changed” I told him reading the instructions on the other meds on the table.

“here let me help you with that” He took the meds from my hands and started reading.”You want me to help with the dressing?” He started to take the new bandages out of the bag.

“na ah!” I shook my head and took it off his hands. “I’ll do that later Dr. Bob” I said giggling putting the bandage under my pillow.

He smiled at me and started to munch on the snacks he bought. “want some?” he handed me the box. I took the banana fritter and started eating it.

“Guess what Bob?” I said chewing on the banana fritter “My sister finally called me” I sighed and swallowed whatever was left in my mouth. “She is going to text me her address and hopefully I can meet her by tonight”

Bob smiled and pinched my nose “You are one bubbly person you know that Lyn. It’s so fun just hanging out with you” He placed the box back on the table and handed me a drink he bought. We were interrupted by the noise of horning downstairs. we both looked at each other. “It’s him” I recocginzed the sound of that horn it was from Bill’s Car I was just about to look out my window when Bob stopped me. “let me go down to take a look, please lock your door. If anything happens don’t ever come down okay”

He walked out and closed the door behind him. I heard him talking with Zack, Harry and Rico, they were heading off to work already. I looked at the time and it was 3pm. There were missed calls from Bill. I had blocked his number so I didn’t get notifications if he called in. My heart started to beat faster as I heard Bill scream out my name. “Lyn I know you are up there!” he kept pressing his horn.

“She’s not here Boss.” I heard Harry’s voice “She didn’t come home since yesterday. You want to pass a message?”

“I know she’s here” he said again “Lyn! get your butt down here!”

This time I heard Zack’s Voice “Boss don’t u understand what he said? she didn’t come home since last night” Zack also had a temper problem and he would always pick up fights with people. “If it’s something important we can pass the message to her”

I heard Bill turn off his engine getting out of the car. OMG please don’t go up here. I was praying really hard he wouldn’t go up to the room. Bob please do something. I quickly hid in the corner beside my bed where there was just enough space for me to fit in. My heart was beating so hard I couldn’t hear anything but my heart. I heard another car pull over in the driveway. “please let that be david” i said to myself.

“Hey what’s going on here” I gave a sigh of relief hearing David’s voice and I know if Bill was alone with more than 2 guys around he wasn’t brave enough to do anything stupid. “Anything I can help you with there bro” He said to Bill “you are Lyn’s Boyfriend right? She’s not here she didn’t come home. I’ll tell her you dropped by okay.” I heard Bill get in the car and drive off. Zack Harry and David were talking downstairs and I heard Bob’s voice as well. He told David what happened last night and always to keep an eye on me just in case Bill came and caused any trouble at the cafe.

I felt my breaths get shorter and it was harder for me to breathe. Soon the boys were knocking on my door. Gosh I locked the door! I tried getting up but It was so hard to get up. I wasn’t able to breathe properly and I just couldn’t move anymore. I felt myself black out and the last thing I heard were the guys calling in for me to open the door.

BOB HELP ME! (Chapter 18)

“you okay?” Sam’s voice was clear on the other line and he sounded sleepy. “I just arrived home and getting into the house. What’s up?”

I didn’t expect him to call me back so fast. “Let’s just text okay” I said not in the mood to talk. I was fiddling with the bed sheet and the corner of my pillow.

“okay, i need to get myself in the house first.” Sam answered and then hung up the call.

We texted about a lot of stuff and we only stopped texting at around 3am when I told him that he had work in the morning and he needed to rest.

Sam picked me up from the hostel just after lunch to go look for Grace and we met up with some of her friends there and asked her to text or call me urgently. Sam had reserved a place so we could have lunch together and we spent the rest of the afternoon together just hanging out. He sent me to work and then was off to meet Ryan and his boys.

It was a busy day and we were packing for the day and my phone started ringing. It was from an unknown overseas number. “omg Gary!” I quickly answered the call and it was Gary.

“Babe! how are you? I’m going crazy over here without you!” His voice was so clear and I felt so relieved to hear that voice again. I sat myself down at one of the benches nearby the bar at the cafe. “I don’t think I am able to come back that quick babe. So much to do” I heard him sigh.

“I miss you Gary BOy” I said my eyes started to fill up with tears. I was crying and I couldn’t talk. “come back here, I need you”

“please don’t cry babe, My hands are tied I can’t go back there.” He tried to comfort me.

We didn’t talk for long it was 6am there and he had to get to work. He promised to call me back soon. I got up and walked over to where the staff were gathered but they were no longer there. There was a text from Berry and they had already gone ahead without me. Great! now I had to walk home by myself. Jane, Tim and John hadn’t come by to the Cafe for some time now, have they forgotten about me? I quickly walked toward the main road hoping I could catch up with the guys. I was shocked to see Bill’s Car parked right in front of the Gate. He was waiting for me. He flashed his lights signalling for me to get in the car. I walked over to the driver’s side and signalled for him to wind the windows down.

“get in the car, I’ll send you back to the Hostel” he put the windows back up so I walked over to to the other side and got in the car.

“how did you know I was alone?” I asked him as he drove off.

“I was at the cafe the whole night Lyn, you didn’t notice me?” His face was serious and he didn’t smile at all. It was really busy and I didn’t even see him the whole night. “who were you talking too on the phone just then huh? your new boyfriend?”

I was getting annoyed but I tried to keep calm to make sure he would send me back to the hostel and not take me somewhere else. Bill had a temper problem and he would just yell scream hit me if he didn’t like what I said or did. “It was busy Bill, I think you did see me running around like crazy taking orders right?” I said trying to explain the reason why I didn’t notice he was even there. “And I was talking with Gary boy on the phone, my best friend. I thought I told you about him already.” He didn’t say a word and drove faster. I didn’t like this and started to text Bob. He lived nearby and I didn’t want to disturb Sam at this hour.

“Hey, my ex just picked me up from work sd he’s gonna send me back to the hostel but his temper is coming and I might need ur help. Will update you if i need help okay. Don’t call me.” I pressed the send button and took a deep breath. “I thought you’re sending me home Bill?” I said looking over at him after he missed the junction to the hostel. Still no answer I was really getting restless now. I didn’t care I was getting out of this car no matter what happened.

“Bill stop the car or I will jump out I don’t give a damn okay!” I screamed at him. Still no answer he just kept driving on toward town. He had locked the car from his side but I still could unlock it from my side of the car. I tried my luck again. “STOP THE CAR BILL! I’M GOING TO CALL THE COPS! STOP THE DAMN CAR!!!” I was screaming at the top of my lungs and I was terrified. His dad was a cop and I knew he wasn’t scared. I dialled the first number I could remember. It was Bob’s number he answered the call after 2 rings. “HELP!!!” that was the only thing I managed to say before Bill grabbed the phone off my hands.

“No one is gonna help you today Lyn!” He kept driving on. I didn’t care and I decided I had to take things into my own hands. I pulled hard at the lock and tried to open the door. If I was going to die today it would be better than being in the same car as Bill! A ghust of wind blew in as I opened the door grabbed my bag and my phone which was on the floor. I took a deep breath and jumped out of the moving car.

It was dark and I landed with a thump on the sidewalk and it was odd because there were no cars driving behind Bill’s Car. I had rolled a few times before I could regain control of myself. My head and arms were hurting and I don’t know how I got up but I ran in the opposite direction as fast as I could. I heard Bill’s brakes screech as I ran down the road. I know he couldn’t drive against traffic so I just kept running as fast as I could. I checked my phone and it was still on line with Bob. “Bob help!!!” I was talking and running at the same time.

“girl where are you? i am already driving out now.” He sounded really worried.

“I have no idea where I am everything is dark. I just jumped out of his car. He just wont stop driving.” I said pausing to look back just in case Bill was crazy enough to drive against traffic ” OMG Bob he is coming after me” I said panting really hard now. I crossed the road to the other side so he couldn’t run over me. I was crying and I didn’t recognize anything to find out where I was. “BOB!!” I screamed and kept running. then something caught my eye. I read out the first sign board I could see and Bob asked me to find somewhere to hide while he gets there. I couldn’t find anywere to hide so I hid behind a flower bush at the sidewalk right behind the bus stop. My heart thumping so hard it felt like it was going to jump out of my mouth. My arms and my head were hurting and I was feeling dizy. Bob was still on the line. “I’m nearly there girl just hang in there okay.” I was blacking out and I don’t know if I could hold it any longer. I can hear Bill’s voice calling out and soon I heard his car drive off. “He’s gone…” I said to bob who was still on the line I sighed and felt myself black out.

I got up to the vibrating and ringing of my phone. It was Bob. Before I could answer, the call ended and I heard footsteps coming. I held my breath and didn’t move. “Lyn?” It was Bob’s voice. “Girl it’s me. Where are you?”

I tried to get up but my body was aching too bad to move. “I’m here” I said as loudly as I can waving my arm in the air hoping he could see me. “Behind the bus stop” I added trying to get up again but it was still no use.

“O my God!” I heard Bob gasp in shock as he walked toward me. “Are you okay?” I felt my breaths getting shorter I couldn’t talk. I just shook my head and covered my face with my hands. “let’s take you to the nearest Clinic okay” He said helping me up. I couldn’t even get up he had to carry me into the car.

“How did you even get in the car with that idiot in the first place Lyn?” Bob was furious with what happened. “You should have known better.” I didn’t bother answering him because I knew I shouldn’t have went with him in the first place. My whole body was hurting and I had bandages all over my arms and knees and my head. The doctor rubbed on my cuts so hard cleaning it just then to avoid infection. My asthma was just starting and I had to use that breathing technic again to feel better. I was so tired I couldn’t focus on what Bob was actually saying. I held my head between my knees bending over. We were in the car heading back to the hostel. “Can we not go back to the hostel yet Bob?” I didn’t know what to do next.

“Sorry for raising my voice girl” Bob was looking over at me “Are you okay? you need anything?” He pulled over to the side of the road to check on me.

“no I feel like I got run over by a truck Bob.” I took a deep breath and closed my eyes leaning back on the seat. “Sorry for troubling you and thanks for helping.”

“Don’t mention it” he smiled “I’m just glad nothing worse happened. You want to go home now?”

I dug into my bag to get some cash and handed it to Bob. “I need to get something to eat” I said grinning at him. “starving…after that then we go home okay?” He nodded and drove off to the nearest opened stall to pack some food. I waited for him in the car while he packed the burger i asked for. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of Bill’s Car drive past and park just ahead of Bob’s Car. I slid myself down so he couldn’t see me and quickly sent a text to Bob.

“Bob, he’s here hurry up…”

I saw Bob turn toward me after reading the text and looked around to look for Bill’s Car. Once the burger was done he quickly walked over and got in the car. “He went over to join his friends at the table over there girl, don’t worry he didn’t see me.” He passed the plastic bag with the burger inside and drove off pushing my head down lower so no one could see me in his car. He drove the car to the 2nd beach and we parked there for a while.

“Oh My Gosh Bob” I said sighing with relief “How is it we are always at the same place at the same time?” I said opening the burger to take a bite. I wasn’t able to open the burger package my hands were hurting. “Gosh I hate it when this happens” I pushed the plastic bag back down and leaned back on the seat sighing and looking out the window. Bob grabbed the plastic bag and opened the burger for me.

“There” Bob handed me the burger “eat up tell me if you need help okay?” I started eating and then asked if he had a bottle of water in the car for me to drink. After that he sent me back to the Hostel and helped me all the way up to the room so I could rest.

The week off…

First of all I would like to apologize for not updating anything for the past few days. It’s not that I didn’t want to but a whole lot of things happened that I didn’t even get to touch my phone and update anything.

Baby Fever
First of all Adrian and Amsyar caught the fever and when I sent them over to the babysitter on Monday I didn’t expect them to be sick because they weren’t acting like they were sick and they were totally fine. Monday evening I got a text from the babysitter saying that both were having a fever and she didn’t want to look after them when they are sick. She was giving a whole lot of excuses so she didn’t need to look after them. She asked me to pick them up the next day after work. I was too tired to argue with her so I just said okay. My sister was working the morning shift so I had to ask help from someone else.

when we got there Adrian was awake by himself in front of the TV and the babysitter? She was sleeping. That was just great! If you found your kid in that situation what would you have thought? I really was happy to take them back and look after both by myself not minding to take off for the next few days for my beloved babies. I was not going to leave my kids like that NO WAY! so there I was asking someone else for help to get my kids and really I hate troubling other people. I needed to get my kids to the clinic A.S.A.P. I had to wait till my sister got back from work to take Adrian to the clinic. amsyar’s fever had gone down but Adrian just got worse. I called the office to inform that I couldn’t come if for work and left for the clinic. After that we just went home had dinner and that was it for that day.

My mom’s arrival
My mom arrived the next day and i didn’t get to go with my sister to get her at the airport because the kids were at home. Adrian got better so I went to work on the 10th but on the 11th I had just come in to work for like an hour and I had to go home because Adrian’s temperature had gone up again so there I was again going home off work. The next day I got a message from my Team Leader and she told me that I could take another day off to look after the kids. I was really grateful for that. The weekends came around and the kids got a bit better and then we sent them to the babysitter again on monday.

That was my week…
I am still updating on the next chapter for the story though so keep posted guys.

Sam’s First Move (Chapter 16)

“Hey Lyn!” I turned to see Ryan Running up the walkway from his outlet to the cafe. I had just finished setting up the Cafe and was on the way to Sandbar to open up. “I thought you are off today?” He was scratching his head as he walked beside me.

“I am” I said as i kept walking toward the bar. “Why?” Ryan was always asking me about what time I worked lately.

“There’s a football game today live on TV I know you love football let’s go and watch later after work?” It made me wonder why he is being like this. Is he asking me out? Darn I have too man boy problems already. I gave him curios look and kept walking.

“Chelsea is playing?” He said again. Before he could continue I stopped walking and turned to him. “Are you asking me out Ryan?” He grinned and kept scratching his head.

“umm actually Sam told me to ask you” I was really surprised why Sam didn’t ask me himself.

“really?” I asked as I continued walking. He followed me from behind and walked faster to catch up to me. “I’ll call him later okay Ryan” I said as I walked into the bar to unlock the chillers and check the stock. Ryan was sitting at the stool in front of the bar. “Do you want anything to drink? What time do you start work anyway?” I said turning on the hot water for the hot drinks.

“Actually I am finished and just about to leave. Yeah can you get me a teh tarik please. The way you always make it?” He was giving me that cheeky grin again. I didn’t waste time, as soon as the water boiled I made his drink and placed it on the bar in front of him. We were just talking when Berry arrived.

“sorry ma’am I’m late. The bus was so slow. Hi Ryan” She ran into the bar put her bag on the floor where we kept our bags took the broom and went ot the floor to start sweeping the sand. I just smiled and continued talking toRyan.

“I am going to send Sam a text now Ryan” I told him as i pressed the send button on my phone.

“Why can’t he just call me or something? I don’t eat people you know” Ryan actually knew that I was with Bill and he didn’t know I already broke up with him. He just smiled as he enjoyed the drink and soon he left.

Sharon arrived a few minutes after that running toward the bar because she was late. “Ma’am sorry the bus was slow” she put her bag down and ran toward Berry and helped her out with the tables.

“what is it with the busses?” I said as I cleared the sand from the sink and the floor in the bar. I walked to the back area for a smoke and automatically my mind drifted off back into time.

“How could you do this Lyn! Do you know how much I have spent for your fees and this is what you do?” My dad was furious. My discipline teacher actually called him and told him that he caught me smoking with my school uniform on at a shopping complex. I had my Head of Prefect Blazer on and this caused the school a lot of problems. Not only that he also reported that I had missed school for 3 months and only came during school parliamentary sittings because I was the Chief minister of the school Government. My Dad was working overseas at that time and he only came back once a year for a long holiday. But this time he was coming back in 2 days because the discipline teacher called him. “You are one troubled child Lyn. I wish you were never born” he hung up the call and I was left looking at the phone in dismay. Tears in my eyes I looked over at Gary who was sitting beside me on the sidwalk of the shopping mall where we hung out all the time.

“what’s wrong babe? Why are you crying?” I didn’t bother answering him. I just looked down resting my head on my arms and knees and cried my heart out. Gary was rubbing my back trying to comfort me. I didn’t feel like talking. I looked up wiped my tears and took a deep breath. “Let’s get out of here Gary boy!” I grabbed his hand and pulled him up. I could see the confusion in his face. I turned and walked away from him. “Be slow and you’ll get left behind” I said as I walked toward a bus just stopping at the bus stop in front of us.

“Hey Lyn! wait up!” I heard Gary run from behind. “where are we going?” i just keptwalking and stopped when he pulled at my bag.

“just follow and shut up okay.” i turned around and kept walking into the bus going to the beach. I heard him sigh as he followed me into the bus. I kept quiet all the way to the beach and got off on the 2nd stop where the stalls were. I walked straight to the corn and peanut stall with Gary tagging along behind me. After buying some boiled peanuts I walked over to the small huts at the park just opposite the stalls and took a seat. Gary was still running to catch up with me.

“slow down babe!” Gary was panting by the time he reached me. He sat next to me and took my backpack off my shoulders to put it on the table behind us. “what’s up? please tell me. I can’t stand looking at you like this babe.” He pulled me closer and put his arm over my shoulders and pulled my chin to make me look at him. I couldn’t talk. I just put my head on his shoulder and cried. “sshhh, tell me babe, what is it?” He gave me a hug and just held me like that. I didn’t want to talk and soon I had peanuts in my mouth and was looking at the beach watching the waves hit the sand over and over again.

“Lyn? are you okay?” Gary’s voice broke the silence “you haven’t said a word since we got here. you are getting me all worried.”

“i’m fine” i sighed putting more peanuts into my mouth. “Mr. Zainal reported me to my dad…” I paused “and now my dad wished I was never born.” I felt tears filling up my eyes again so i wiped them away and stuffed more peanuts into my mouth. “I think I’m suspended Gary boy.”

“Is your dad coming?” he asked me brushing my hair away from my eyes. I just nodded and kept eating the peanuts just looking at the beach. I reached into th plastic to find no more peanuts in the bag. I looked at Gary and smiled at him. I didn’t have to ask. “Okay wait here I’ll get more don’t go anywhere”

“Thanks babe you’re the best!” I said giving him a hug. It didn’t take long for him to come back with more peanuts. I was resting my head on the table and I saw him coming from a distance.

“Looks like it’s gonna rain babe.” he said placing the bag of peanuts on the table. I wasn’t listening as usual because I was more focused on the nuts. I kept stuffing more and more nuts into my mouth and just kept eating. Before we knew it the wind started blowing really hard and the rain came down really heavily. We were stuck in the hut and we were both soaking wet. My hair was all over the place and the peanuts were soaked too. I was freezing and kept close to Gary to keep warm.

It took about half an hour before the wind died down but the rain didn’t stop. I felt I was going to freeze to death then. I couldn’t bare the cold, if I was too cold I would get my asthma attacks. I was still okay but I was shiverring and I could see the concerned look on Gary’s face. He had seen me when I had my asthma attack and it isn’t easy to see someone sufferring I can tell you that.

“Babe you okay?” he was rubbing my arms and my back with his hands. “You are shiverring like crazy!” I just nodded and kept hugging him. I saw him grab his phone and soon he was talking to his driver. I always told him i prefer taking public transport but in this weather there was no other option. “Don’t forget to bring some towels and extra shirts.” I heard him say before hanging up. He took his sweater from his bag and handed it to me. “Here put this over yourself and take that wet shirt off” I did as I was told and I felt better having a dry sweater on instead of the wet shirt I had on just then.

His driver arrived 30 minutes later bringing some towels and umbrellas and plastic bags. Gary asked him to wait in the car while we got changed at the public toilets. I was still feeling cold after changing and I could hear my breath wheezing. “darn please don’t come” I said to myself as I walked out of the toilet. I saw Gary waiting for me with his umbrella and gave me one so we didn’t need to share an umbrella. I followed him from behind as we looked for his car and his driver.

We both sat at the back seat. I could see Gary checking on me from time to time. “You want to stay over at my place babe? Mom said she’s making steaming hot chicken soup.” The thought of staying home alone at a time like this wasn’t really what I wanted. I just nodded and didn’t say a word. I still had the towel wrapped around me and by the time we reached Gary’s house at the beach side the wheezing of my breathing caught Gary’s attention.

“Lyn? are you okay? I can hear you breathing.” he said as he opened his door to get out of his side of the car. I got out too and followed him from behind. His mom was at the door and she didn’t look surprised to see me there. “Hi Lyn, how are you?” She said taking our backpacks and putting them behind the door near the staircase leading up to the bedrooms.

“I’m fine aunty. Sorry for coming without informing. The weather was really bad just then” I said walking in after Gary. He was already sitting at the sofa watching TV. Gary’s mom told us she made us some hot chocolate and will be taking it to the living room for us. It was getting really hard for me to breath so I went to the bathroom. I locked the door behind me and put the toilet bowl cover down and sat down just trying to relax myself and stop myself from getting an asthma attack.

Soon I heard Gary knocking on the door. “Lyn? Babe is everything okay in there?” How does this guy know there was something wrong? “yup I’m fine babe will be out in a bit” I said trying to sound as okay as I could. I quickly flushed the toilet and washed my face making sure I had the cover back up before getting out.

I stepped out and surely there he was standing right outside the door just waiting for me to come out. “Everything okay babe?” I was shocked. I thought you went to watch TV” I said just giving him a nod to his answer. I sighed and walked ahead to the living room and sat myself down on the sofa.

“Guys I’m heading out to go buy stuff for dinner okay just make yourselves comfortable and don’t do anything silly okay.” Gary’s mom walked past toward the door and soon she was gone. I took a sip from the hot chocolate in front of me and watched the tv.

“i know you are not okay babe?” Gary’s was sitting right next to me and drinking his hot chocolate. He rubbed his hand up and down my back. “just tell me if you need anything okay.” I just nodded. I didn’t know what else to say. Suddenly I felt a cold thrill down my back. It was so cold I nearly dropped my mug. “Oh shit!” I didn’t realise i had said that and Gary who was sitting next to me jumped in shock too. I put my mug on the coffee table in front of me and touched the back of my neck. “OMG! I just felt something cold go down my back and it hurts like heck!” I turned to Gary who quickly looked down the back of my shirt. “Hey!” I pushed him away. “I didn’t ask you to look down my shirt Gary Boy!”

“Sorry I didn’t mean to. I was just checking coz you said it hurt! Are you okay.” I was already standing up and just pulling at the shirt so the thing could go down and out the bottom. But the pain didn’t go away. It hurt from the neck downward. I grabbed Gary’s hand and put it on the back of my neck. Gary pulled his hand away. “Damn your neck is cold like Ice.” He ran off to get some warm water and a cloth and put it on the back of my neck. It hurt so much that I was crying, I signalled Gary for my inhaler which was in my bag behind the door. He ran over to get it and was back really quick. I wasn’t supposed to use the inhaler anymore but I couldn’t help it because of the sudden shock. I felt the relief after inhaling the first puff. I had to put like 4 puffs before I was feeling okay, but the pain down my neck was so bad I couldn’t talk. Gary had run upstairs to take a thick blanket for me and he had wrapped me up like a cocoon. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“how could you laugh at a time like this Silly” Gary was giving me that annoyed look. One of his eyebrows were up and he had this frown on his face. I covered my face with the blanket and just laughed silently. I felt him pull the blanket off my face. “are you okay?” I just pulled the blanket back over my face and told him to leave me alone.

“Go away and drink your hot chocolate or watch TV or something!” I said enjoying the warmth of the blanket. The pain was still there but it was not as painful as when it just started.

The vibrating of my phone in my pocket startled me and I was still sitting at the back area staring at the beach. It was Bill he had been texting me all morning. I pressed the reject button and dialled Sam’s number.

“Hey, Ryan told me u wanted to watch the Match later on? What’s with the message passing dude? I don’t eat people okay.” I giggled waiting for him to answer.

“He really asked you?” he laughed and continued “i was just saying it to him but since he already told you, then why not?”

I don’t know why I agreed but yeah I was going to watch the match with Sam and his guys tonight.

The Return…. (Chapter 14)

It was already a week after Gary left. There was still no news from him. I was cutting a coconut order that evening when my phone suddenly started ringing. “wtf!” I nearly cut my finger off when the phone vibrated in my pocket. “It must be Gary” I thought to myself. I quickly put a straw and a spoon in the coconut and put it on the bar for Jen to take to the customer. I ran to the back area quickly took my phone out of my pocket and checked the caller ID. Unknown number but not from overseas. “who could this be?” I answered the call and to my surprise it was Bill.

“Where have you been? Why only call now?” I asked him after listening to him talk without saying a word. He said that something came up and he had to go back to his hometown because one of his friends had some issues over there. Bill was a guy with a lot of excuses. He would always put his friends first ahead of me. Everytime we planned something he would cancel it if something came up with his friends. I was still angry with him but I didn’t know if I still had any feelings for him as a boyfriend. After what he did? I didn’t know what to say anymore.

“So you decided to just disappear and not say anything to me? what do you expect me to think hey?” I ended the call and went back to work. He tried to call again but i just ignored his calls, put the phone in the cash register and locked it in there so i couldn’t hear the damn thing.

It wasn’t very busy so I decided to smoke at the back area just watching the beach where people were walking around, swimming, running around, taking photos, there were couples walking around holding hands… My thoughts suddenly went back to the times I had with Gary. “I miss you Gary boy, I hope you call me soon.” Gary had told me he might not be able to call me when he got there because he had a lot of things to take care of. I asked Tim and John the day before when they came over with Jane if Gary had contacted them and they too hadn’t heard from him yet.

I was startled by the sound of David’s voice coming from inside the bar. “what’s up Lyn? How’s your sister? you found her yet?” I just shook my head and looked out at the waves at the beach. “hey 6pm you don’t need to come over for briefing you guys do your own briefing here and text me on the updates of the briefing okay? Don’t think too much okay i have to go.” I looked at him walk back to the cafe as I myself walked back into the bar to check my phone.

At last Bill stopped calling. There were at least 20 missed calls. I didn’t care,he didn’t even care what happened to me when he left without a word. Suddenly my phone started ringing again and this time it was Sam. He had been sending me texts quite frequently these past 2 days. Berry always got excited if he sent me texts and I would always tell her that i would tell sam that she had the hots for him if she didn’t shut up. That always worked. I answered the call and he said they were going to come over to the bar later in the evening with Ryan and their friends. I told him that he can come over with his friends anytime as long as we were opened. I told him I couldn’t talk for long during working hours and we ended the call.

I could see Berry walking over from the food court. She had to come in late today because she had classes in the afternoon and of course I had to tell her that Sam just gave me a call. “What? Awww y didn’t he wait till I came? That is so unfair ma’am!” She had that unsatisfied look on her face. I laughed and walked out of the bar to signal to Jen that we were going to have briefing at the bar today. “Girls, David decided that we also have to have a Briefing over here as well even though we are just a small part of the cafe over there, he actually said we were operating on our own now! Give yourselves a pat on the shoulders!” I talked about the new management system and how I was in charge of everything at the Sand bar from now on and even though I do need to go back and forth to the cafe every now and then my main focus would be at the Sand bar. After 15 minutes we went for break. Sharon and Berry stayed at the Bar while I went with Jen to the food court.

To my surprise Bill was there. Great! now I have to face him and his lame excuses. “Ok go ahead Jen I will go with Bill you can go eat with the guys from the cafe.” I walked over to where he was sitting and sat down opposite him. “What do you want?” I glared at him just to show that I didn’t want him there. I would usually sit next to him if he came over but I didn’t feel like sitting next to him anymore. He was no longer my boyfriend. He is just another guy to me now.

“Don’t you miss me?” he said trying to grab my hand. I slapped his hand away “How dare you ask me that question Bill? What do you think I am? A doll that you can just leave behind and come back to anytime you please? Sorry but we are over!” I got up and walked towards the guys to join them for break. Before I could reach the guys he stepped in front of me and whispered in my ear “You better come with me or else!” He was grabbing my hand and pulling it toward him as he walked toward his car. I didn’t want  to cause any chaos at the food court so i just followed him.

“HEY! what was that all about?” I pulled my hand away when we got to his car. “Don’t you dare interrupt me when I am doing something Bill!” I was so angry at him that I didn’t care about the people who were walking around at the parking area. “Who the hell do you think you are telling me what to do when you just left without a word? And you come back expecting me to just fall into your arms again? Just get lost and don’t come back okay?!” I was on my tiptoe and facing him looking him right in the eye. “If you think I am scared of you, You are totally wrong Mister! You are messing with the wrong girl!” Before I knew it I saw his arm pull back and try to hit me. He had done this before but I was so used to it that I learnt to just stop his hand before it reached me.

As I lifted my arm to stop his arm from hitting me I felt something or was it someone pulling me from behind. “Hey! you don’t just simply hit girls bro! what is your problem?” I turned around to see Bob and his friends. He pulled me behind him so he could face Bill. “Just scram bro before we do anything to you! Go!”

“I am not done with you yet Lyn!”I heard Bill say as he walked to his car and drove off.

“Girl are you okay? Don’t tell me that is your boyfriend because if he is you better just dump him okay” He had his hands on my shoulders.

“I’m fine Guys. He WAS my boyfriend but not after today. I just dumped him that was why he was so mad.” I said watching Bill’s car drive off in a distance.

“Wanna join us for dinner? we were just heading off when we saw you guys here. You were pretty brave standing up against him like that? hahaha” He patted me on the head and smiled. “By the way have you found your sister yet? How’s your dad?” That question was what I didn’t want to hear from anyone right now.

“No Bob, I haven’t, I don’t know where to start looking. She just disappeared. My dad still can’t accept the fact she did that and he is still threatening to leave us” I paused as I heard his friends calling him from a distance. I told him i couldn’t join them because i was working and had to go back to work soon. I saw them get into Bob’s car and waved as he drove off. I walked back and joined the guys just in time too because they were just starting to eat. I ordered my usual wattan ho and lime drink.

After break we went back to work and just as i get to the sand bar I saw Ryan waving from the table. They already had already ordered and started drinking. I walked into the bar and got myself a glass of water. Berry was in the corner staring at Sam. I could see that twinkle in her eye. I walked over to where she stood and whispered in her ear “Berry you want me to tell him you like him?” She stood straight and walked toward the bar. I followed her from behind giggling. “I told you the floor is to check if the customers need anything and not to check out the customers” I looked at her and she nodded. “Look over there Berry someone wants to order” I pointed to Ryan’s Table. Berry hurried to the table after talking to Ryan she looked at me and called me over.

I walked over to the table and Ryan pulled my hand so he could whisper in my ear. “Hey we’re going to Shan’s tonight I know you’re getting off early. Join us.” I looked over to Sam who was sitting right next to Ryan who was fiddling with his phone at that time.

“Hey Lyn I am talking to you!” once again he pulled at my arm. I laughed. “I’ll think about it okay Ryan”. I knew Jane and the guys wont be coming tonight and I didn’t have anything else to do anyway plus it was my off day tomorrow, but I wasn’t in the mood for partying. “You guys want to order more drinks?” I tried to change the topic but then Sam started to talk.

“Please Lyn come and join us. It’ll be fun. You can bring your friends if you want. we wont eat you.” I was having second thoughts now. I need to take my mind off Gary for a while. Without thinking I walked over to the bar took a bucket of beer and walked back to the table. “Here guys this is on me and Okay I will join you guys but you have to send me back to the hostel I need to get dressed up before joining you.” I saw Ryan’s face light up as he smiled and gave Sam a high 5.

“okay, Sam will take you to the hostel later and we’ll wait for you both at Shan’s.” Ryan was smiling as he took another sip from the mug in front of him. I looked at the time and it was already half past eight. I decided it was time for me to visit David and the boys at the cafe. I signalled to Ryan and Sam that I needed to go and started walking to the Cafe slowly. Usually there would be people selling stuff on the side-walk. They would sell lights, toys and stuff that kids like to play with. The beach was full of people, and everywhere I turned there were kids running around.

“Hey Lyn!” I saw David waving at me from his table. He was sitting with his friends. “Have you decided who we gonna promote?” he said as i approached his table. O darn I forgot about that. I shook my head and signaled that I had to go over to the bar where Harry was and walked off.

“Hey buddy, can you pass me the reports for the sand bar. I need to get off early today so i want to finish it off.” Harry headed inside the office and came back with a few pieces of paper. “Maam I heard your boyfriend is back.” He looked at me with a smile.

“Wow! news travel fast” I said sighing as I read the papers and filled in the empty spots with the report details. “Yeah and FYI he is no longer my boyfriend.! I just dumped him” I looked at him with a smile. “well I have to go now. I think it’s going to be peak hours at sand bar soon. See you at the hostel later and happy working.”

Super Laziness OVERLOAD!!!!

I don’t know why my brain doesn’t seem to be working. I can’t seem to think of anything to add on to chapter 13. Maybe because I only have 1 off day this week because of the shift change. O yeah I kind of forgot to set my brain to the new shift. I was originally working the 1am-10am shift and now I am working the 9pm-6am shift… and I only had 1 off day last week which was Sunday… My kids are at home and luckily my sister was kind enough to be a babysitter. I don’t know how i would have the kids with me for only one day and then send them back the next day. I can imagine how upset Adrian would be.

I think I need some time to think of what to write next in the story. Let me just update what we did on Sunday. We actually went to pick up the kids at the babysitters really late because my sister was working the morning shift which meant that she got off work at 4.30pm. We got at the babysitters place at 5pm something. The kids just woke up from their nap and didn’t bathe yet. My sister and I were hungry, so we decided we would eat out for the night. I was sleeping the whole day so i got nothing done. No cooking, no baking, no house cleaning. Laziness alert much!!!! Oh gosh total laziness overload!!! EEerrrkkk!

We went home first to give the kids a bath and then we headed out to Paradigm Mall just nearby, and decided we would go to “THE CHICKEN RICE SHOP”. Hahahaha maybe I can do a bit of a review of the food there too. Parking at paradigm was never easy. We had to go around like more than 5 times until we got a parking spot and by the time we got out of the car the kids were restless. Amsyar was throwing a tantrum and Adrian just wanted to go out of the car. When we got to “THE CHICKEN RICE SHOP” there were already Menu’s on the table so the 2 boys got hold of the menus and started pointing to everything that was on the Menu.

We got a meal for the kids and 1 meal each for me and my sister.

This is what we ordered:
1x kids meal
Rice balls and roast chicken meal
Included a few rice balls
some fried dumplings and a small part of roasted chicken.
It also included 1 glass of soya bean

2x roasted chicken and rice

Side orders:
Kerabu mangga
pai tee

I liked everything but the Kailan. Totally not enough sauce. My sister said it looked like i was eating trees. Hahahahaha… yeah it really did feel like i was eating trees and a lot of them too. I ended up ordering extra rice because Amsyar was a big eater and so was I (Guilty).

We actually finished everything except the Kailan. I am not going to order that ever again. If any of you are planning to go and have lunch or dinner at chicken rice shop please don’t order Kailan! Not recommended! Everything else was good.

After dinner we went to Popular because my sister said she wanted to buy stationery. Refills for her markers or pens or something for her outlet. She worked at Starbucks Coffee as a person in charge so she had to do a lot of stuff too. She didn’t find what she was looking for but we just walked into a sale here! So we decided to buy something for the kids. We went to the toddlers section and let the kids wonder around there and yes they picked what they wanted of course!

After that we went home and it didn’t take long for the kids to fall asleep, tired from the travelling i guess, but overall it was a fun night anyway.

Till the next post guys!
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Flashbacks… (Chapter 13)

“Babe please take care of yourself when I am over there okay?” Gary took his bag out from under the bed and started packing his clothes. I just continued to smoke and ignored everything he said. Shot glass in one hand and cigarette in the other, I looked out the bedroom window watching the waves hit the sand. The reflection of the moon was so clear in the water. My mind drifted back to one of the prom nights during college.

I had just broken up with a guy that I was together with for 2 years just to find out he was going out with another girl 2 days before prom night. I had no date so Gary volunteered to go with me since he didn’t have a date too. I was all dressed up and we agreed to meet up at the hotel. I still remembered that look on his face when he saw me that night.

“hey babe why are u looking at me that way?” i was waving my hands in his face and he didn’t budge an inch “hey earth calling Mr. Gary Boy!!!” I had to slap him in the face before he came to his senses.

“sorry babe u just look awesome tonight” it was the first time for him to see me all dressed up like this. “bad luck for Mr. Lawrence i got u for a date tonight haha”.

we laughed it out and danced like any other couple would in a prom and i didn’t think anything out of that night at all. It was the last song of the night and it was that song from celine dion “i love you” Gary just pulled me to the dance floor and we just danced to that song. I always felt comfortable in his arms and i just let him hold me that night just to forget what my ex did to me. I cried and he comforted me like he always did.

“Earth calling Lyn! hello? ” I saw his hands waving in my face. “hey are you even listening?” Gary was already done packing.

“to tell you the truth, gary boy i have no idea what you were saying” i threw my cigarette out the window and sighed. “what time is your flight?” without waiting for an answer or listening at all to whatever gary was saying i took my shot glass and drank everything in it, put it on the table and grabbed the tequila bottle pouring another shot into the glass.

“errmmm this tastes awesome” i drank the shot poured another shot and drank again slamming the glass onto the table. I shut my eyes, my head was spinning but it felt good.

before i could pour another shot Gary took the bottle out of my hand. “slow down there babe! you have been drinking non stop since i started packing” He put his hand in front of my face. “how many fingers do you see?”

“stop it gary boy!” I slapped his hand away “I am not in the mood to play around! now give me that bottle!!!”

“Come and get it if you can. I don’t think you can even walk straight in that condition!” He was actually nagging now. Wow! I’ve never seen him like this before. “How am I supposed to go over there if i know this is how you are going to act!”

“I don’t care! just give me that ! I never wanted you to go anyway! so just shut up and don’t try to become my dad ok!” I stood up and started walking toward him to get the bottle back but the minute i stood up everything just spun out of control. I couldn’t see anything properly everything was just double of everything and I just fell over like a log. I didn’t remember what happened next. When I opened my eyes I was laying on the sofa with a wet towel over my head. I tried to get up but everything was spinning. I held my head in pain. Gary was talking but I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

“you awake already?” I heard him walk from across the room. “Here have some water to drink” He sat down beside me and gave me a glass of water. I could smell the lemon in the water. I drank a bit and immediately i felt like i wanted to puke. I ran to the bathroom locked the door and everything just poured back out. A few seconds later I heard Gary knocking on the door asking if I was ok and for me to open the door.

“Babe open the door!” He kept banging on the door and asking me to open it. I just ignored and kept sitting nearby the toilet bowl, leaning my head against the bathtub i just closed my eyes. “Babe I am seriously going to break down the door if you don’t say something Lyn! Talk to me!”

I forced myself to talk “I’m fine babe. Don’t break down the door okay.” I heard him sigh but he still kept knocking.

“Can you get up and open the door please?” His voice more relaxed this time. I flushed the toilet and washed my face at the sink before walking over to the door. I saw him standing there but I walked past him my eyes still focused on the tequilla bottle on the table I didn’t even bother to look at gary. He tried to pull my hand back but i just pushed it away and walked to the sofa and sat myself down putting the pillow over my head and started sobbing.

“Lyn…please don’t do this babe” he slowly sat down beside me on the sofa. “take a deep breath, I am still here. I don’t have much more time to spend with you. please…” His voice trailed off in silence.

I pulled the pillow away from my face and looked at his face. I threw the pillow to the side giving him a hug. “shhh It’s ok, I know how you feel. I feel the same way too. Just try to get yourself together. You’re making me all worried.” He pushed my shoulder away looking at me right in the eye. I couldn’t look him in the eye I just looked down. “babe listen I am only going there to help my dad ok. once everything is okay I will come back for you. I promise”

“promise?” i asked him just to make sure looking him right in the eyes.

“o my gosh u mean everything to me Lyn I don’t know what or how i am going to make it there without u. But u mark my words I WILL come back for you and it’s a promise” he wiped my tears away and cupped my face in both of his hands before leaning over for a kiss. I just closed my eyes and my arms automatically circled around his neck returning his kiss.

He pulled away from the kiss and walked over to the radio to turn it on. The song “i love you” by celine dion was on air… he signaled for me to come over. I got up and walked towards him. “remember this song?” he asked as he placed his arms around my waist. I nodded and just started dancing with him. “This is our song babe” he paused running his fingers through my hair as we danced along with the song “just think of me every time you hear this song ok.”

I closed my eyes as we danced through the whole song. We were just holding each other like there was no tomorrow because there was no tomorrow. Gary was leaving for good I knew that and i doubt he was ever coming back. Even though he promised he was going to come back I had a bad feeling that he was never coming back.

“Do you still remember what happened at that prom babe?” his voice suddenly broke the silence. His voice was soft almost a whisper but I heard him. “You were upset because of that Lawrence dude?” The song came to an end and he pulled my chin up for me to look at him. “I was going to tell you right then and there how I felt about you but I was worried you would tell me off…” He paused keeping his eyes on mine he just stared into my eyes which made me nervous. “I love you Lyn and I am not going to wait another minute to tell you that” There were tears in his eyes. He pulled both my hands up from his sides to kiss them.

“Gary boy please don’t make me cry.” I pulled my hands away and sat myself down on the sofa just behind me. “Lets do something fun tonight?” I didn’t want to stay here feeling sorry for ourselves. There was more to do than just cry the whole night. “why don’t we just have fun babe i hate being sad” I pulled him toward me so he could sit next to me. I wiped the tears from his cheeks and gave him a kiss. I made sure it was a long deep kiss. I didn’t want to stop there but my phone rang.

“Babe let’s go to R&B tonight and dance the night off before Gary Boy goes on the plane tomorrow!” It was Jane. I heard John and Tim’s voices in the background. “R&B it is babe. see you guys in a bit.”

I ended the call and pulled Gary to his feet. “come on babe get ready let’s go out and have some fun okay?” I pulled him toward me to give him a tight hug before going up the stairs. He ran up behind me and swept me off my feet. “Let’s go in there together” he was raising his eyebrows while looking over to the bathroom and giving me that cheeky look he always had when he wanted something.

“oh no you don’t Gary boy” I shook my head smiling at him begging him not to bring me in there. “oh yes I do” he laughed and walked toward the bathroom just focusing his eyes on mine and closed the door behind us.

We drove off to R&B that night, Jane and the guys were waiting for us outside.”what took you guys so long huh?” Tim was pushing John’s shoulders againts his and raising his eyebrows in a teasing manner.

Gary walked over to Tim to whisper in his ear. Tim started laughing and slapped Gary on the shoulders “Ok bro i get it! Chill!” Gary put his arms over Tim and John’s shoulders gave me a wink and signalled us to go inside.

I walked with Jane and we followed them in. There was a hell of a crowd that night. “You guys have been MIA babe where did you guys go?” Jane was screaming in my ear as we headed inside. “It’s like you guys went on a honeymoon or something!” She laughed as she held my hand and pulled me toward an empty table where the guys were already sitting.

The lights were blinking and the neon lights were making me dizzy. I sat down and waited for the guys to order before signalling to Gary to help me order my drink. He walked over and sat in the chair next to me and put his arm around my waist. “You want to get a bottle or just a glass? we can share.” He screamed into my ear. I didn’t know what to get so i leaned over to Jane and asked her the same question. She signaled a bottle. I looked over to the guys and they just shrugged their shoulders. “Then bottle it is” I said to Gary and just in time as well because the waiter just happened to step in front of the table where we were sitting.

we danced and drank the night away and by the time we were done everyone was wasted including Jane. We walked over to the nearest mamak place and had a hot coffee before heading back.

“what time is your flight again Gary boy?” Jane asked before heading off that night.

“Umm 1pm, make sure you guys come okay!” Gary gave that please come look.

“Then 1pm it is we’ll be there 2 hours before” Jane said as she headed back to her car and drove off. John and Tim had left earlier and Jane said that she would ask them to come too.

That night I drove back to the beach house slowly. both of us were still tipsy from the drinks and i told him if he wanted me to drive i could take over the wheel. “okay babe i never seen u drive before. Why not?”

Sorry guys there is still a continuation on this chapter but i couldn’t think of what to write… I think I updated too much today. I’ll continue on Monday I promise…