Hey welcome to the Not so Romeo & Juliet Story Blog!

My name is Reyna I love to write stories, knit, and everything else exciting. This story is not about Romeo or Juliet or anything it’s just a title i find interesting. I will update stories here every now and then and I might update long ones too.

I love writing basically because whenever I write a new story I become one with the characters and sometimes I get over excited and I feel like the story is happening to me. Sometimes that excitement is good because it gives me ideas on what to write next but sometimes it isn’t so good because I feel it too much till i feel like I don’t know what to write next untill i calm myself down. Everytime I write a new story It would be like starting a new life being someone else other than myself. A totally new person.

But… there is a big but when i write something i don’t really like writing the love lovey parts of the story if you know what i mean. The more private love hahaha… I find that hard to write so maybe when you read you might find it boring but if you have any other ways of writing it you can show me. hahaha. Hopefully i can put it in writing better.

The first story I am going to do is basically about a girl “Lyn” who had been best friends with this Guy “Gary” for years but never had any feelings for him. She had a few boyfriends along their friendship and only realized one day that she was falling for him but it was a bit too late when Gary had to leave to another country due to family issues. She eventually got together with another guy who she then marries and has kids and I am basically still writing the middle of the story now so we will see what happens as we go along.

Please do drop comments on my next posts so I can improve on the stories. I might drop other topics in between the chapters too. Kind of like advertisment breaks or something so it might not be so boring. I hope…

Now if you don’t like the story and my blog or any of my ideas please you are free to unfollow and leave. If you have nothing nice to say just please keep it to yourself and please it saves me time and effort and i wont have to block anyone or delete any comments. Put yourself in the author’s shoes. You wouldn’t like people ranting crap in your blog right? hahaha… well enough of that.

Happy reading and thanks again for dropping by!